• InDesign with images and graphics imported from Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Size: 24″x36″ vertical format
  • Margins: .5”
  • Bleed: .125″
  • Save finals as a single pdf.


The main content for your pop up exhibit should be displayed within these three posters. This is the space where you tell the story of your exhibit through text and imagery. If your exhibit will include artifacts, this is the space where you can explain the meaning or history of those artifacts. The structure of the posters should be as follows:

  • Poster 1 should be an introductory panel. This should summarize your project (think thesis statement).  has many text panels; they usually have images as well as text; sometimes there’s very little text.
  • Poster 2 & 3 should be designed using one of the Visual Explanations discussed in >>Lecture 2:
    • Diagram
    • Dissection or Cutaway
    • Geographic
    • Timeline
    • Flowchart


Keep in mind the size of the poster is fairly large. You need to figure out in advance what size type will be comfortable to read. You should print samples, make a test printout of your body copy (you can tile the print if you don’t have access to a large scale printer). Text across your entire project should be similar to the whole. Carefully make consistent type choices with regard to your point size, leading, tracking, alignment and column with. Be sure to choose a classic typeface that is readable!



Save into class DropBox Folder: >>Assignment 4- Design of Three Poster Panels