American Horror Story “Point of View”

We decided to do our presentation of “American Horror Story: ‘Hotel’ , Season 5, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

The scene of the lobby  was actually modeled from a hotel called Cicada. Images were captured using a different angles and 3D images. The cameras used were  “25 mm Panavision and Arri cameras, assorted lenses (including Panavision and Angenieux), Kodak film.”  The details put together, along with decor to create a fantastic look on a black drop back to give different effects. This has an epitome of a Gothic yet modern decor to catch the audience.The scene where lady gaga is in the hallway, Goi took shot of the long hallway dark yet frightening and uncanny. we can compare such long hallways to the description of Bran Castle  mentioned “Dark passage…”(page 28,”Dracula.”)  Showing the Gothic effects of dark hallways with the guy on the ladder with make up. His style of dress and make seems dark. His appearance creepy and represent that of a vampire. 

The scene creates a dark imagery and the small wall lanterns at each door resembles candles being lit instead of actual light. The columns of each door way is that of the 1800 British style house with columns of different color. Also carpet was introduced in those times esp in castles as a sign of royalty, blood bath and representation of blood the vampires crave.

My personal role in the project was the point of view, of the scenes, camera settings, effects and decor. I focused on the reason scenes were modified to give different effects and the representation of how the show is related to the novel Count Dracula. The decor of the hotel in AHS is appealing to the guests with Gothic yet chic style.The slides for the headings and embedded the videos that were chosen for the areas, we focused on. I added finishing touches to make it more appealing and has  Gothic theme to grasp the viewers mind.

The most rewarding part of the presentation was the fact that I get to use my knowledge and talent to present what we learnt  to use the same knowledge and tools to create such an effect. 



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