Reflection Video Games Resident Evil – Freddie Feria

The presentation on Resident Evil has been very nostalgic and enjoyable. I very much liked going through the memories of the game and finding more about it. I watched gameplay when I was at a young age and felt the horror that the developers were trying to give the player. I did not understand the story but I did feel the vibes the game was giving. Fast forward to today, now learning about the game’s development and the time it took creating it. I never really understood how much time it took to get the fear factor on point. A game of its time. The series has done great things for the horror genre, and working on the presentation I wanted to showcase the impact of the game and it’s “origin.” The idea coming from a game older and much different in the situation. It feels as if the idea of the story is very horrifying and capable of being used in different scenarios. Even the fact that the game had the liberty of being portrayed as a movie. It makes the name more prestigious and I’ve watched almost all the movies and seen most of the gameplay. The series, in my opinion, is one of my top favorites. I respect the time it took to make it and have the right idea of making the game. It was work that took time and dedication and the pay off was successful. This presentation was one of my favorites to do.

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