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You are now entering the Gothic world of New York, where the dead lie below the streets that that you walk on. Explore places both new and familiar and find the Gothic within them. We will show you what has been hiding in plain sight.

But beware, what has been seen cannot be unseen. . .

Gothic NYC Map

One thought on “Gothic Portal

  1. Fareena Mohamed
    November 14, 2019

    When I first looked into Bran’s Castle, it gave me a sense of uneasiness, because it is was built many years ago. It made me feel as if there are more to it than what meets the eye. It has intricate structures and hidden tunnels that made me wonder what they were used for, hundreds of years ago. At sundown, it looks so much like a haunted space, as the dark foggy clouds overshadows gloomy castle, it made me felt almost like a grim uneasy feeling. The way it is structured, it stands alone on many boulders on top of a mountain and is surrounded by lots of trees almost like a forest. I was very surprised with how many windows and the amount of light that is seen inside the castle. Also, there’s a wishing well located in the inner courtyard with a cross on it which stood out to me the most because what is that used for? The castle also cages in a tunnel that leads to the outside of it. It makes me wonder why such a thing was even built and also was it used for sneaking in or sneaking out of the castle? I learned in gothic spaces, the same literary elements reappear and is shaped into a different way. I’ve never took in consideration the way a building is built or even the amount of light that can shine through is a type of “gothic element”.

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