Writing here and there and everywhere

LN Draft – YongYu Chen

I’m exhausted

Because I cannot fall asleep always

My mind is chaotic

Meditation helps me a lot

I am trying

I am trying to maintain my normal status mentally

I am trying to maintain all progresses of every things that I am doing

Feel so good that I know how to adjust myself

Feel so lucky that i did it

Think of the origin of all these chaos

Why am i so tired

Have I thought a lot

There is an adage in Chinese

“Stay in peace”

“Think of danger”

I always want to make things perfect

But I am not competent

But I did not fail

But I did not get the best outcome

But I did not get the worst one

Too many demands to self

Because of constellation

I finally have my consciousness open

I finally be aware of what I should spend time on

My family

My study

My job

No matter with being a son or breadwinner

Life is roller coaster

Life is many flavors

Life is intangible

Big ups and downs

I am always confused

It is like a math that I never ever solve

What is the meaning

Go to school

Go to workplace

Even go home

Learn to accept these

Learn to understand what these want to tell and teach you

Everything existing comes with reasons

Do what you think

But think before you do

Turn your brainstorm mode on

But remember to take rest

Manage time

Fine to be lazy but after accomplish all

Be grateful

Be respectful

Be polite

All these life experience help me grew


  1. Valentina Agnes

    It is like a math that I never ever solve
    That line stood out to me because I am curious. Did you happen to ever solve that math problem?

    • YongYu Chen

      Perhaps I should say that life is like a multiple steps math problem and I’m still in procedure

  2. Abigail Branch

    Everything existing comes with reasons caught my eye because it made me relate to the fact that I always question why do things happen or come to be in life?

    • YongYu Chen

      just try to accept the things happened on you and try to understand what it wanna tell you. Let’s mention a worst example, the pandemic. It’s warning us that how crucial the life is

  3. Yuong Huao Ng L. ERMHS19

    I totally stood out of all the words that you said, It feel like I’m on the same position as you, where works make you exhausted. Also I totally agree with all of your words specially at the where you said that all made yourself grew up.
    Question is this based in your high school experience?

    • YongYu Chen

      Yes, or based on the life i immigrated here. Because after few days i landed on USA, i attend high school in new york immediately and start working since first day of high school

  4. Manesa

    “I am trying to maintain my normal status mentally“ i really love this quote from you !!! The fact that i know exactly what you mean and feel . I understand things we do for ourselves is for us to better ourselves but sometimes there’s things that kind of stops us or makes us overthink .

  5. Jacquelyn Blain

    Amazing poem and some wonderful comments from classmates. I’m going to make a suggestion based on something Nevena asked about on Slack, and that is to add a short paragraph after the poem that gives us some context. What you’ve said in reply to these comments would be perfect — when you immigrated, had to start working right away, this is mostly about high school, etc. I think that would help your workshop partners make more sense of the poem (although I think it’s great already).

    I don’t know if you’re at all worried about grammar issues. Frankly, I don’t really care because this is very much you, and I don’t want to interfere with that. So don’t worry about it; just add that short paragraph when you do your draft for the Google Drive folder, and you’re good to go!

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