“Writers make sure that the form is appropriate to the subject and the audience.
Form, or genre, is the vehicle which carries meaning to the reader, but form cannot
be selected until the writer has adequate information to discover its significance
and an audience which needs or wants that meaning.” (Paragraph 16)

This quote is easily one of my favorite points when becoming a writer because the first thing a writer must think about when creating a message or meaning is the audience that they are catering to. The writer must also understand said audience and develop a story around it to provide for them. The writer also must have enough information to create a coherent and meaningful piece. They craft their piece in a way to make the audience understand the message and the significance of the piece. This point for me highlights what I seek to achieve when writing my own pieces as I want to establish an audience and try to appeal to them above everyone else and the reason I feel like this is a strong idea is because when you know what audience you are catering to, you have an idea specifically for them. Essentially, you can focus on what that audience wants without needing to worry about appealing to a general audience.