Here’s the syllabus and schedule grid for you to download as a Word doc. It’s also available in the course Google Drive. 

Briefly, here are some things to know as we get started:

This is a synchronous class, meaning it meets MW 10-11:40. If you have problems with having a reliable internet connection, please let me know asap so we can see if it’s possible to move you into an asynchronous section (no required real-time meetings).

This is a Portfolio-based class. That means you’ll be doing drafts of major assignments for interim grades which will be finalized when you submit your Final Revisions at the end of the term as part of a Final Portfolio.

I take issues of accessibility and diversity seriously, so if you feel like you’re having a problem during the term, even if it’s coming from me, please let me know so we can make it more comfortable for you.

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