Writing is  not as easy as we think it is. Writing takes a lot of practice and effort. “ when professional writer completes a first draft they usually feel that they are at the start of a writing process”.  I totally agree with this statement that Donald M. Murray stated. He also said most of the students when they finish their first draft they think their job is done. But they are totally wrong. In order to construct a nice piece of writing it has to go through a step by step process. That’s when the first draft comes, that’s the first step to construct  a good writing. After the first draft the writer can have a good idea of what he’s going to write. That’s when the writer can look through his work and see if there’s any grammatical mistake or if there’s any errors. First draft is a well effective approach towards a well constructed writing. When my professor gives me a writing assignment the first thing I do is write the first draft. The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect it can contain mistakes, misspelling, grammatical error, or lack of information.  As long as the first draft is written that’s when I go back and read the entire writing. It helps me improve my writing and fix all the issues within the writing. After reading Donald M. Murray’s the makers eyes I learned about some of the effective approach towards a well professional writing.