Brave New World (Chapters 6-9)

In my opinion these chapters were way more interesting then the previous ones.Throughout them there is a lot of action, but it is straightforward, which makes the book more enjoyable. There are few important characters in these chapters. Bernard, Lenina, John and Linda (John’s mother). They all meet at New Mexican Reservation, where most of the action takes place.

In chapter 6 we can find out a lot about difference between Bernard and Lenina, when they go out on a date. He wanted to spent time walking and talking, in a place away from others. She didn’t like that idea, because for her it was incomprehensible, and “… that seemed a very odd way of spending an afternoon” (Huxley 89).  This shows the difference between the way both of them think. Bernard in my opinion seems to think in a similar way to us, while Lenina is living her “proper” life.
There is one more important situation that takes place in this chapter. Bernard talks to a Director, about traveling to Mexico, and Director tells a story that happen about twenty-five years ago, when he was at similar age as Bernard, and went to same place. He went with a women, which got lost.

As we read in the next chapters, we can find another conflict of the book, when Bernard and Linda meet a white man, and he explains that his mother ,Linda wasn’t from the reservation. This leads us to a story that Director told Bernard. She is the woman that got lost, and we can find that out by these words “Having young ones like an animal … If it hadn’t been for you, I might have gone to the Inspector, I might have got away. But not with a baby. That would have been too shameful” (Huxley 119). For me this proofs, that she is the woman, that went on a trip with Director twenty-five years ago. In addition, she were acting like a person from World State, because she was sleeping with other man.
In chapter 9, Bernard wants John and Linda to come back to London.  It seems like no one ever knew that Director might have a son (John). This seems like some sort of a payback to Director, by Bernard for telling that he might be moved to Iceland.

In  the beginning I didn’t like the book, but these chapters made it more interesting. Finally these chapters were less confusing for me then the previous ones, and now I am already waiting to find out what Bernard is planning towards Director.

Brave New World 6-9

I am not sure how off i can be in my comparison. But i was thinking that Huxley name Bernard Marx with a purpose to kind of relate to the famous philosopher Karl Max, who was a big sociolist. Karl Max’s theory of class struggle, is similar to the classes they have in this society. Where some are less than others, they work more and get less. Then they have the superior class like the Betas and Alphas. Who even look better. In this society you are pretty much marked by the class you are chosen to be in. The famous Karl Marx always struggles in accepting this way of society lived around him. Just how Bernard lives, some what frustrated in his society and the way everything is handled.

The moment John and Bernard met in the story is probably the climax of the book. Because all this time Bernard has felt lost in this society. Feeling like he has no control. He feels like everyone is so brainwashed in the way things are designed in World State, that no one will ever see what he see’s and he will always be the outcast. But once he meets John everything changes because now he had something against the Director so he is not sent to iceland. This is probably when there is going to be more of a downhill of events occurring. Now things will be more in conflict since a member of the society had the experience of being a mother, and has probably experienced emotions and attachment, which are all things World State has tried to get rid of. The idea of having not real emotions towards each other or attachments has allowed them to prevent many conflicts, and have more control of there society.  John and Bernard have similar problems. They have many things in common ,but the main thing is that neither one fits in where they live. John is seen as an outcast in the reservation because of his mother promiscuous behaviors and her natural  way of being.SInce she really isn’t from their she is use to World State ideology of life.   Bernard is seen as an outcast because of his looks, and also because he is somewhat a rebellious.

The fact that Huxley Allows us to view both side World State and the reservation. We can see that the ideals ways of life are really created by how your are raised to be. The people from the reservation will always see John and his mother as outsiders. Her ideals of life are frown upon. Especially the idea of her sleeping with so many different men in the reservation. While in World State this is considered normal. When things like these are presented the idea of utopia being accomplished is to proved to be impossible. Not everyone agrees with the way World State runs their society. Since being a mother in this society was frown upon and now Linda is going to be a big conflict in her society. She is going to be a reason why many others might start to have questions.

Brave New World Chapters 6-9 Reading Response #4

It was kind of difficult for me to read these three chapters. It had a lot going on. To me it didn’t really seem to stay on topic with what the author wanted the reader to get from it. Hence making It difficult for me to understand. Nevertheless, whatever I did understand, I  did enjoy.

The more I read this story, the more it reminds me of the short story The Machine Stops. The character in Brave New World Bernard Marx, reminds me so much of Kuno from The Machine Stops. To me they both have similar mind sets. They both feel as though they are different. They believe that the world that they live in isn’t right. They wish to have their own thoughts and feelings about things, and not be like everyone else. They want to follow their heart and do what they feel is right, not what they are told or “conditioned” to think.

In chapter 6 (part one) the author reveals that Bernard has some internal conflict with himself. He struggles with what he wants to do, and what his society thinks of him. Everyone knows that he isn’t like everyone else. In the beginning of the chapter the character Lenina described him as odd. Her friend Franny explanation for Bernard being different was “alcohol in his blood-surrogate” (pg.88).   There’s certain things that people like doing, but Bernard rather do something else. For example, he would rather sit alone with Lenina all night to talk, instead of playing electro-magnetic golf.  “It makes me feel as though I were more me, if you see what I mean. More on my own, not so completely part of something else. Not just a cell in the social body” (pg.90). This quote means to me that Bernard wants to have his own thoughts and opinions. He wants to do what he thinks is fun, not what someone of higher authority tells him what’s fun. He wants to be his own individual, not slump together with others. “But wouldn’t you like to be free to be happy in some other way Lenina? In your own way, for example; not in everyone else’s way” (pg.90). He wants to do what makes him happy, not what he is told should make him happy. At this point Lenina is in shock at his statement. She states “why don’t you take soma when you have these dreadful ideas of yours. You’d forget all about them. And instead of being miserable, you’d be jolly” (pg.91). At this point Bernard gives in and takes the soma. I think he did it to make her stop complaining and to seem like everyone else.

There are also some similarities among the characters Lenina from Brave New World, and Vashti from The Machine Stops. They both come off to me as people who follow the rules and someone who wouldn’t dare to be different. They both follow societies thoughts on what’s right and wrong (in a sense). Both Lenina and Vashti think that someone having their own idea isn’t normal.

||Brave New World 6-9||

As i continued reading Brave New World. I started to get more interested in it . In these few chapters we got to know a little bit more about Bernard. We also are introduce to John and Linda. In Chapter 6  the author explains to us what Bernard wants and what he is looking for. He try to explain to Lenina that he wants to be his own man, be able to do what he wants and do it on his own. Bernard Says ” More on my own not so completely a part of something else, not just a cell in the social body” Pg 90. Lenina is shocked of Bernard’s wants, and is surprise to hear it because it goes against everything she believes in. She believes that every one should work for everyone else , she feels like every one should follow there role in the caste system. After the little argument Bernard had with Lenina he ends up swallowing 4 tablets of soma he ends up having having sex with Lenina. In which he regrets the next day because he felt as if it was to soon. Later in that chapter We learned a little about the Director ; when Bernard approaches him with the idea of visiting the New Mexican Reservation. He explains that he was just like Bernard , that he had the same idea of wondering how life was out side the world state. So the director tells Bernard about Linda a beta in which he had a moment with and had lost her in the reservation. Also in this Chapter the Director calls out Bernard and tells him that he’s been getting reports of his behavior out of work in which he doesn’t like so he threatens Bernard by telling him he will transfer him to a Sub Centre in Iceland. I like the character Bernard for a bunch of reasons. One in which he’s sort of a little rebel going against the director and doing what he wants. Another is because he has that ambition of wanting freedom. In the Next few Chapters Lenina ends up going with Bernard to the reservation and she’s disgusted by the life style in which they lived in.” But how can people live like this “”These people have never heard of Our Ford” pg 105 Lenina explains that the life style in which the indians live by isn’t civil.The only part that really interested me while reading was when john was introduce , an indian who spoked perfect english and who seemed to be different from the others by his complexion. I got more into the story when john started telling Bernard and Lenina about the story about his mother Linda and how she had came from the World state long ago , with a young man who was his father. As Smart as Bernard is he ends up putting the pieces together and realizes that the director had told his the exact same story so he knew that john was the Director son. Bernard with the thought of being sent to Iceland tells John ” i Wonder if you’d like to come back to london with us” pg 129 . John an indian who always wanted to see the world state was trilled to go but Bernard first would have to get permission.

Brave New World Chapters 6-9

I feel that even though these three chapters were short they shed a lot of light on everything. I’ll start with if you didn’t realize that Bernard was different from the previous chapters then you can really tell now. Bernard is a whole different person compared to other Alphas. We also find out Bernard’s occupation which is an Alpha-Plus Psychologist. We also realize the Lenina is kind of indecisive on whether she should go on this trip with Bernard. She ends up deciding based on the fact that it’ll be a week in the west. The book states “The prospect off lying West again, and for a whole week, was very inviting” (Huxley pg.87). We can also depict how different Bernard and Lenina are from there trip. They both like very different things. Lenina wants to go out where the crowd is and Bernard rather go on a walk with Lenina. Which shows us that Bernard isn’t much like everyone else who would rather go where the crowd goes. Lenina is definitely against Bernard’s thought as she says ” And how can you talk like that about not wanting to be a part of the social body” (Huxley pg.90).

In these chapters we also learn about a new person that the Director knew in the past. He has a talk with Bernard and tells him the story about a Beta-Minus girl that he went on a trip with to the savage reservation and how she got lost. The Director seemed to have an attachment to this girl he says “It upset me very much at the time. More than it ought to have done, I dare say” (Huxley pg.95). Bernard was also threatened by the Director to be moved to Iceland. As he sees Bernard’s behavior going against everything they have been taught. Soon we meet two new characters in the book John and Linda. Bernard and Lenina come across these characters in the savage reservations. John and Linda were different from everyone else in the savage reservations. It says “He had seen, for the first time in his life, the face of a girl whose cheeks were not the color of chocolate or dog skin” (Huxley pg.111). Clearly him and his mom where the only other two people who were this color and that is why they discriminated against him within the reservations as well. The woman Linda clearly did not belong as she says ” Just think of it: me, A beta-having a baby: put yourself in my place” (Huxley pg.113). We can then conclude after reading these chapters that the woman was the same person the Director was telling Bernard about. The woman who got lost on the trip. Now the character John is this woman’s son and she does not understand how she could have possibly had a child because she states that she followed all the drills. If this is her son then the only explanation to being the father of her child is the Director. That’s when I was like wow this story is getting crazy. In the last chapter we see that Bernard goes through all the trouble to bring the two characters back to the World State. He goes through Mustafa Mond to provide him with a pass to bring them back with him. I feel that Bernard will get into worse trouble with the Director after doing this. As he was already threatened with being moved.

Brave New World Chapter 6 – 9

It is clear now that Lenina takes soma to make her feel better when things are going bad at the moment. Almost every time the story talks about soma being taken it is swallowed by Lenina. To prove that there is a part in chapter 7 where her and Bernard was on the mountain in Malpais. She didn’t like the place because it seem so different from things she seen in the World State. In the World State things are perfect and people are old but not as old they are in Malpais. Lenina said this in the text ” We ought not to have come here.” She wanted to leave and probably go back to the World State. I think Lenina was really disgust by how the old indian man was compare to the old people in the World State. After seeing how old the Indian guy was she reached into her pocket for soma but she didn’t have it so I am sure she was even more upset about that. The emphasize on how old the guy Lenina saw was incredibly old. I am sure the poor conditions on this civilization contributed to the way the old guy looked in Lenina eyes because they aren’t as evolved as the World State where they have technology to make people more healthier looking and also a clean environment. Another thing she didn’t like at Malpais was a woman breast feeding her baby. She is not used to seeing that because the World State don’t allow that, humans are produced by machine and it raised without a mother. Lenina don’t know what it is to have a mother or to be one. She probably thinks that seeing this scene is bad for her eyes and is not opened to keep looking so she looks away. Lenina really don’t like this place because she begs Bernard to leave and in the text it says “Lets go away,”she begged. “I don’t like it.” Basically there was a tour guide person showing Bernard and Lenina around the Pueblo of Malpais and as they are being toured around, they see how the people there live compare to the way they normal live in the World State. The true reason Lenina does not like this place Pueblo of Malpais is because it is described as being not civilized, and has dirty conditions. In the text Bernard tells Lenina that the people here at Malpais is not civilized. Bernard said “But these people have never heard of Our Ford, and they aren’t civilized. The proof I have from the text that states that the people at this place Bernard and Lenina visit is dirty says this in the text ” The dirt, to start with, the piles of rubbish, the dust, the dogs, the flies”. The description to me says that the place is dirty like nothing they have seen since they are used to cleanliness in the World State. Right after that quote in the next sentence emphasize how stink it was by the action of Lenina. The text says “Her face wrinkled up into a grimace of disgust. She held her handkerchief to her nose”. This particular part in the story shows you that Lenina did not respond quiet well to the environment condition.


Another part I want to touch on in these chapters i read is that part when Bernard was talking about freedom. He spoke to Lenina about being free. Lenina did not comprehend anything he was saying. Bernand said everyone is happy now adays but would like to be happy in some other way besides what is happiness for him in the World State. He wants to feel a different type of happiness through freedom to do anything he want. Part of Bernand knows that the way he is living in the World State isn’t the way he want to live. He feels happy but not as happy as you think. Here what Bernand said from the story in the book, “what would it be like if i would, if i were free – not enslaved by my conditioning.” That quote from the text to me means that Bernard feels like a slave because he notice that maybe everyone is being controlled by the society he is in and rather be different. Due to the so called accident that fanny which is Lenina friend sat that alcohol got into Bernard blood surrogate so that is the reason for him being different from all the people in the World State that wants to do something not close to the policy they follow. I do srongly believe the accident cause Bernard to explore and act different in the way the Director would not be pleased. Him being free means that he want to try new things besides working in the World State and seeing repetition of activity he is involved in.


I kind of feel like Bernard in this story when it speaks about freedom. I know we have more freedom in our society to do what we want to do but we are still limited to certain things especially because of financial problems or because of the rules and regulation. We still have to do what society wants us to do, for example, we have to go to school or go find a job. There is nothing wrong with both of them but there is certainly more aspect to what society want us to do that I will not talk about. In order for society to be civilized and go on and to grow is that one or more system must be in higher power to control what is right and what is wrong. The government in our world has high power and control things for us to follow and if we don’t follow then their will be consequences. It is not like I want to do bad things so lets get rid of all the rules but there is specific things you have to do in order to receive other things which sometimes are not fair. Just for you to know is that I sometimes feel like Bernard even though my conditioning for where society wants me to act or not do certain things is not bad as him.

Brave New World CH 6-9 Response – Allen R

I think these chapters are finally where the plot actually starts moving and gets interesting for me. We now see Bernard in a troubling situation where he might potentially be exiled to Iceland because of his actions. I also thought it was really cool to see someone rebel against this society and the director like how Bernard did. As Bernard asks permission to go into the Reservation, the Director recalls a time when he went there and met a moment but lost her. Bernard says you must have had a terrible shock and i think it is here where Bernard takes a jab at him.  I also think this is also a part where we see a hint of the director’s weakness. In page 95 the directors says, “Don’t imagine, that I’d had any indecorous relation wit the girl. Nothing emotional, nothing long drawn, It was all perfectly healthy and normal. Furious with himself for having given away a discreditable secret, he vented his rage on Bernard.” Perhaps the director still has some “emotion” left in him or in other words, his old self before this society came to be. This part also makes me question if Bernard will use this information against the Director is some kind of rebellion. In these chapters, the soma was talked about a lot. During their trip to the Reservation, Lenina keeps urging Bernard to take some soma to calm himself down. It seems that soma is very important to this new society, like a new drug that calms you down. It calms Bernard down to the point where he is comfortable enough to have sex with Lenina. There was also a point in these chapters where Bernard learning a part of the Directors past may have backfired on him. He calls Helmholtz only to find out that the director stayed true to his words of sending him to Iceland. In page 100, you can see how depressed Bernard turns in a instant, from feeling rebellious, to scared. In the middle of the page it says, “What? He’s looking out for some one to take my place? Bernard’s voice was agonized. So it’s actually decided? Did he mention Iceland? You say he did? Ford! Iceland… He hung up on the receiver and turned back to Lenina. His face was pale, his expression utterly dejected.” You can see how slowly his feelings change from being anxious, to being scared.

I thought it got really interesting when Bernard finds the little boy John in the Reservation. He learns that his father is really the Director in the world State. I think this is a crucial moment in the book because it seems like no one else knows about the Director having a son and in this time, is a disgrace. It also seems like Bernard plans to take John back to the World State in order to disgrace the director. To me it seems like this is revenge for Bernard for being exiled to Iceland by the director. It is also introduced again in these chapters where having babies naturally is seen as inhumane. Linda, John’s mother, did not want to go back to the world state because she felt disgraced for having a baby.

Brave New World Chapters 6-9

In chapters 6-9 of Brave New World, we were exposed to a whole new side to the book.  When Lenina and Bernard travel outside of the Conditioning Centre in London, to a reservation in New Mexico.  When exploring New Mexico, Lenina and Bernard encountered the Indian culture and met a new group of people that were able to expose them to a new world.

I enjoyed chapters 6 through 9 more than the first five chapters of Brave New World.  I feel like the first five chapters of the book are less entertaining than chapters 6 through 9.  The story line of chapters 6 through 9 is on one track instead of here and there like the first five chapters.  I enjoyed the story of John and Linda.  Learning the background of the two new characters and the different life they lived from Lenina and Benard was more interesting than the life in the conditioning centre.

John differs from the other characters of his world while Bernard differs from the characters in his world.  John seeks acceptance in his world, and in this way he can connect to Bernard.  In chapters 6-9 we are also introduced to Bernard’s world.  Although it was a bit confusing to understand, I was able to understand Bernard a little more.  Bernard is the type of person who wants to step outside of the box and not go by the rules of the world he lives in.  He doesn’t want to consume soma all the time, he feels belittled by his superiors, and all he wants to do is be different.  But, while he was trying to be himself, he was threatened by the Director to be transferred to a sub-centre in Iceland.

In chapter 6, you can easily tell the difference between Bernard and Lenina.  Lenina is so used to the condition life style that she has been living in, while Bernard wants to break free of the conditioned lifestyle.  In chapter 6, Bernard states “Yes, ‘Everybody’s happy nowadays.’ We begin giving the children that at five.  But wouldn’t you like to be free to be happy in some other way, Lenina?  In your own way, for example; not in everybody else’s way.”  After this statement Lenina replies with “I don’t know what you mean.”  In these statements, we can clearly see that Bernard thinks differently from the people in his world. He feels differently as well.  Bernard would probably be able to live easier if he had a friend like John in his life that he can connect with.  Bernard does have Helmholtz, but Helmholtz pities Bernard.  When Bernard speaks, Helmholtz either zones off or continues to speak about himself.  But, Bernard may think of John as a savage now being that he caught John running out of his hotel room.  Hopefully, John is able to explain himself, and Bernard still decides to take him to London with him and Lenina.  If John travels back to London with Lenina and Bernard, it may benefit both John and Bernard.  John may be able to explore a new world and hopefully be accepted by society, or Bernard can show that life outside of conditioning is beneficial.

Blog # 4: Brave New World (Chapters 6-9)

Lots of progression so far between Bernard and Lenina and a lot of interesting traits that I picked up during these 4 chapters. Mostly Bernard’s introversion and his disinterest in taking a soma to calm himself down. I connected a bit more with Bernard’s introversion and the fact that he likes to be alone and more calm rather than be with a lot of people. I understood where he came from but what I didn’t understand was the way he went about things like staying in the helicopter in mid air while Lenina was feeling uncomfortable. I also found out that Lenina may or may not have some type of addiction to somas whenever she gets anxious. For example, the time she was walking in the reservation and saw the old half naked old Indian man climbing down the ladder or when Bernard was talking with the Warden. I think while she might be sweet and sometimes cautious about Bernard, she may have a dark secret about her that’s not known right now.

“”But I do,” he insisted. “It makes me feel as though…” he hesitated, searching for words with which to express himself, “as though I were more me, if you see what I mean. More on my own, no so completely a part of something else. No just a cell in the social body. Doesn’t it make you feel like that, Lenina?” (Huxley 90)

Chapters 6 through 9 had a lot of developments going on and especially a lot of great imagery but what stood out to me the most was Bernard. The part in chapter 6 when Bernard is in the Director’s office and the Director tells Bernard about the girl he went on a reservation with that had gone missing and the Director warning Bernard about transferring him to Iceland. Suddenly, Bernard’s attitude changes coming out his office as if he took great joy in hearing displeasure in others because he constantly over thinks things and likes to isolate himself.

I think Bernard is made to look selfish with the way he handles himself with Lenina. Especially when she tries to calm him and pleasure him with love, he’s just too frustrated with life and makes the worst out of situations. I think he’s taken things for granted, and being introverted will not help live his life.

Lenina, while trying to witty, caring, and loving, she seems to not welcome any type of situation where it’s real and it’s life and she handles her situation by taking somas. It’s not until chapter 7 where she’s with the young Indian man that she starts to calm down and look at things differently while not on somas. Often times Bernard tends to emotionally hurt Lenina by his attitude towards everything unless she calms him down and encourages him to take somas. Lenina and Bernard both have contrasts but both compare with each other in that both have faults and are not as perfect as they were created/or thought to be. Bernard tends to take things seriously while Lenina tries to make light of the situation. It’s an interesting dynamic between the two.

Chapters 6-9 blog

Throughout these few chapters, a lot of events occurred.  We 1st get to see the inner workings of Bernards mind and why he seemed so different than anyone else. He expresses a lot of his views which seem normal to us but radical and very different from the normal in the society under the World State.  Benard states to Lenina that he doesn’t want to be a cell of a social body  (Huxley 90). He also says how he wants to experience what passion is.(Huxley 92).In their society this is very strange under the ideology that everyone belongs to everyone. Bernard wants to know what it feels like to be in love is what I gathered from it. I don’t think he wants the physical end of it because that is so common. The emotional part of a relationship is pretty much forbidden and he yearns for it.


The story continues with Benard trying to convince Lenina to come with him on this retreat. At 1st I assumed that  this was maybe a vacation type thing mentioned earlier in the book when a character went to New Mexico. Turns out they were going to a “savage reservation”. A permit is required to visit these places. Benard owns a permit to visit savage resorts and he needs the DHC to sign off on one. When Bernard approaches him, the director starts telling a story about his past in which he traveled to a savage resort with a girl he knew. As i was reading this i was almost in disbelief in the newly revealed side of the director. Its as if he had feelings for this girl he took. I feel like he was choking up and getting emotional telling the story. Being that these emotions are prohibited i would have never thought the director would have had this side. Then after Bernard asks a question about his story, the director retorts with ” don’t imagine that I’d have and indecorus relation with this girl”  (Huxley 95). I wonder if the director is hiding something. I remember the professor in class saying that the Controller had a collection of poetry and literature from today. I’m thinking maybe the director dabbled into that and started having different ideals.

In the novel, a savage reservation is almost the same as an indian reservation today. the citizens are described being of dark colored skin, wearing animal skins and ragged clothes. A short while after they arrive, a new character is introduced named Linda. Linda used to be a beta – .  Linda tells lenina all of these stories about her transition from one lifestyle of one extreme to the exact opposite. Almost every value system of a society under the World State is the exact opposite in the savage reservation. The author also describes these violent and bloody acts of violence that are committed against Linda. With hearing all of these stories Lenina is shocked and downs 6 grammes of soma as soon as she can. Only reason i could think of that could explain the authors reasoning behind this is to show the drastic differences between the 2 societies. I’m assuming that this sets the ground for future events in further chapters.