Brave New World Novel>Brave New World Movie 1998

The 1998 movie of Brave New World has so many differences from the Brave New World Novel.  Some of the major factors of the Brave New World novel were excluded from the 1998 movie.  There are some similarities between the novel and the movie, but the differences outweigh the similarities.

One of the major differences between the Brave New World novel and the Brave New World 1998 movie is the exclusion of the praise of “Ford.” ¬†In the novel, the characters worshipped Ford. ¬†The praise of Ford is equivalent to our religion today. ¬†Ford was looked at as a God. ¬†In the novel, the characters went to services in which they danced and had orgy porgys in worship of Ford. ¬†They crossed their arms in a T formation, which symbolized the model T to be a cross. ¬†In the Brave New World movie, Ford was not mentioned once! ¬†This was a surprise to me because the novel focused so much on Ford. ¬†The movie showed the characters at work, using the assembly line to create products, but the word Ford was not mentioned.

Another difference between the Brave New World novel and the Brave New World movie is, in the movie, some of the main characters were excluded. ¬†For example, the character Mustapha Mond. ¬†In the novel, Mustapha Mond was Bernard’s best friend. ¬†They were similar in ways that they both thought outside the norms of the One State. ¬†In the novel, Mustapha had Bernard’s back, as well as John’s, and in the end Mustapha was sent to an island with Bernard because of a riot that John had caused. ¬†In the movie, Mustapha Mond did not exist. ¬†In the movie, a new character was introduced to us. ¬†This character was included into the movie to liven it up. ¬†His goal was to kill Bernard. ¬†The Controller gave this character the mission to kill Bernard after he decided to go against the norms of not working efficiently in his assembly line. ¬†In the end, this character ended up dying before he completed his mission of killing Bernard. ¬†He tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a ¬†window, but the window was an electronic image on the wall of Bernard’s apartment and shattered once he ran into it.

Bernard’s image is a huge difference between the novel and the 1998 movie. ¬†In the novel, Bernard was looked at as an outcast to the One State. ¬†He was physically and mentally different from the individuals of the One State. ¬†He was described as being too short and scrawny for an Alpha. ¬†In the movie, Bernard fit in with society! ¬†This is one thing that I did ¬†not appreciate about the movie. ¬†One of the main points of the Brave New World novel was Bernard’s differences from the One State. ¬†In the novel, Bernard was the one to stand up and question the ideas of the One State. ¬†In the movie, Bernard was “cool.” ¬†People liked him, and he looked like the other smooth individuals of the One State. ¬†His relationship with Lenina was stronger in the movie then it was in the novel. ¬†In the movie, Lenina and Bernard showed more affection towards each other. ¬†They had sex earlier on in the movie, compared to the long time it took them to sleep together in the novel.

I feel that if the director of the Brave New World movie would have stuck to the same exact story line of the novel, the movie would have been more popular. ¬†The major attributes of the novel would have made the movie more interesting. ¬†I feel like the movie was more of a romance film. ¬†In the end Bernard and Lenina live happily ever after, while John fell off a cliff instead of committing suicide. ¬†I feel like the suicide made a statement. ¬†John could not handle the pressure of conforming to the One State’s ways. ¬†In the movie, John’s death was more of an accident. ¬†I enjoyed the book more than I enjoyed the movie.


A light to City Tech’s community

City Tech’s 33rd annual Literary Arts Festival was…different. ¬†When I first arrived to the festival, I was surprised to see that there was a bunch of people in attendance. ¬†I wasn’t expecting to see so many people there, especially being that I myself haven’t heard about the festival before it being announced in class.

The festival began with an introduction video taken by students of City Tech.  The students introduced a woman by the name of Caroline Hellman, who is one of the Literature professors that helped put together the festival and commended her for her work and dedication.  The night continued with literary and musical performances from City Tech alumni, including Rafeal Molina who graduated from City Tech in 2010, special guests including a poet by the name of Cornelius Eady (and his band), City Tech staff, and many others.

During the Literary Arts Festival there were some performances that stood out to me. ¬†There was a poem from a City Tech student by the name of Latoya Scarboro that I loved. ¬†The title of the poem is “Where I’m From.” ¬†I enjoyed this poem because it was personal. ¬†Latoya spoke about her journey through life. ¬†When she was younger she grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn. ¬†After her mother passed away she ended up moving to Flatbush, Brooklyn. ¬†As a student of City Tech, she struggled with the battles of having two sons. ¬†One with autism and the other with Sickle Cell disease. ¬†This touched me because at the end of her poem she said that these obstacles have pushed her and motivates her to finish school and get her Bachelors degree. ¬†I don’t even know Latoya, and I was proud of her. ¬†I know the struggle of dealing with family members with Sickle Cell disease. ¬†I also know what it’s like to deal with an individual with Autism. ¬†Neither one of these diseases are easy to deal with. ¬†College itself is not easy to deal with, and yet Latoya continues to push herself to finish college.

The next performance that I enjoyed was the performance by Cornelius Eady and his band. ¬†I enjoyed his poems because they were more like the poems you would here at a poetry slam or a paint and poetry event. ¬†You can paint an image in your head while listening to Cornelius’s poems. ¬†When Cornelius spoke, the audience was silent.

Cornelius Eady performed poems with and without his band. ¬†One of the poems he recited that I enjoyed was named “Aretha Franklin’s Hat at the Inauguration.” ¬†I enjoyed this poem because it was comical in some ways with the references to Aretha’s hat to a “church hat” and “testimony hat.” ¬†These words put the image of my grandmother and all her friends in my head. ¬†These older women wear the craziest looking hats to church and some how think that the hats are attractive. ¬†I also enjoyed this poem because the poem itself was not only about Aretha Franklin’s hat at the Inauguration of President Obama, but the poem was basically all about Aretha and her music. ¬†The poems that Cornelius performed with his band were entertaining and unique, I have never heard poetry like that before.

I also learned about Cornelius Eady himself during the Literary Arts Festival.  I learned that Mr. Eady published 7 volumes of poetry called Hard Headed Weather.  Ealy also created a non for profit organization for African American poets.

If I had to sit through another Literary Arts Festival I would do it again. ¬†Even though it wasn’t completely what I expected it to be, it was worth my time. ¬†I’m glad to see that the students and staff of City Tech can come together and do something positive for the school and the community.

Plot Twist…

What a turn to the story! ¬†The last couple of chapters of Brave New World lead us to a plot twist. ¬†I believed that the story would end in the change of civilization. ¬†When John, Bernard, Helmholtz, and Mustapha Mond were conversing after John’s outburst about how Mond believed in what John believed, I thought there was going to be a happy ending. ¬†But, in all reality, the ending of this story was pretty sad. ¬†The story of Brave New World ends in John’s downfall, which baffles me because I believed that out of all of the characters in this story, John was the strongest. ¬†After seeing Bernard’s change, I thought that John would be the one to change society and get through to The Controllers. ¬†When John escaped to the lighthouse, I though he would be a happier person, maybe find the woman he wanted and go against civilization and conceive a child. ¬†I even had hope of him running into Lenina and them living happily ever after. ¬†But I was wrong, John ended up taking his own life, not being able to bear the chaotic scene that occurred at the light house with the whipping of Lenina, and the crowd of people, and the helicopters.

In chapters 14-18 we learn a lot about the characters of Brave New World.  We find out that Bernard is a coward, especially in the chapter where John, Helmholtz and himself were taken to Mustapha Mond after John went completely insane at the Park lane Hospital for the Dying.  To me, John was never fully sane, maybe this is because of his upbringing at the reservation.  Once his mother died, he became even crazier.  His anger elevated.  The simplest things would tick him off.  For example, when John was at the Park lane Hospital of the dying, before his mother passed away, he attacked the nurse.  He also pushed toddlers around and while explaining to the people of London that they are not truly free, he threw a fit and ended up starting a riot between the classes.

John hit the fan when he escaped to the lighthouse. ¬†He used mustard and hot water to turn his insides and make himself sick. ¬†He also whipped himself. ¬†Chapter 18 states “Three Delta-Minus workers from one of the Puttenham Bokanovsky Groups happened to be driving to El-stead and, at the top of the hill, were astonished to see a young man standing outside the abandoned lighthouse stripped to the waist and hitting himself with a whip of knotted cords.” ¬†After this event, John began to receive visits from reporters. ¬†He also threw himself into a bush of thorns to get the image of Lenina out of his head. ¬†Chapter 18 states “At the edge of the heath stood a clump of hoary juniper bushes. ¬†He flung himself against them, he embraced, not the smooth body of his desires, but an armful of green spikes.” ¬†John must have had a high tolerance of pain. ¬†You would think one would pass out from all of this self torture or at least stop hurting themselves. ¬†This also proves the insanity of John.

The whipping incident was the beginning to John’s downfall. ¬†And in the end John ended up hanging himself from all the terrorization he was receiving from “the outsiders.” ¬†If he continued living the way he was, he most likely would have been brought back to the London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre and be put under the eyes of everyone like an animal in a cage.

The New Bernardo

After returning to London from his trip to the reservation, Bernard became a brand new person.  Now that he had brought John and Linda to London with him, Bernard gained a new reputation from the people who once treated him so poorly.

In the beginning of chapter 11, Huxley states “Bernard now found himself, for the first time in his life, treated merely normally, but as a person of outstanding importance. ¬†There was no more talk of the alcohol in his blood-surrogate, no gibes at his personal appearance. ¬†Henry Foster went out of his way to be friendly; Benito Hoover made him a present of six packets of sex- hormone chewing gum; the Assistant Predestinator came out and cadged almost abjectly for an invitation to one of Bernard’s evening parties. ¬†As for the women, Bernard had only to hint at the possibility of an invitation, and he could have whichever of them he liked.”¬†John and Linda had made Bernard popular amongst the castes of the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. ¬†Before the trip to the reservation, Bernard focused his eyes on Lenina. ¬†He didn’t like the fact that other men treated her like a piece of meat. ¬†But now, Bernard can have any girl in London that he wants because of his success of bringing John and Linda to the London. ¬†Bernard also gained a new reputation with the Controllers, including Mustapha Mond.

The things that Bernard once believed in, he no longer sees important in chapters 10-13. For example, before Bernard traveled to the reservation, he did not believe in the use of Soma to create happiness. ¬†Yes, he took soma occasionally, but within chapters 10-13, you can tell that Bernard has become more accustomed to taking soma. ¬†He takes it for the hell of it now. ¬†Bernard now enjoys the world that he lives in and doesn’t even think to complain about the things he once was concerned with, including conditioning and hypnopedia. ¬†he doesn’t have time for this anymore. ¬†Now all he cares about is showing John off to the people of London. No one pays mind to Linda, John’s mother. ¬†Bernard actually approves of the fact that Linda is given as much soma as she wants, even though this will end in her early death.

Bernard also gave up his friendship with his close friend Helmholtz because he believed that Helmholtz was jealous of his success. ¬†In chapter 11, Bernard boasted to Helmholtz about his new success with women. ¬†He states, “And I had six girls last week; one on Monday, two on Tuesday, two more on Friday, and one on Saturday. ¬†And if I’d have the time or the inclination, there were at least a dozen more who were only too anxious…” ¬†Helmholtz could only shake his head once he heard this. ¬†Bernard accused Helmholtz of being envious and told himself “never would he speak to Helmholtz again.” ¬†Luckily, in the future, Bernard is able to win back Helmoltz’s friendship, but once that happens he is the one who becomes jealous because Helmholtz took liking to John.

But one thing about Bernard that stayed the same was his nasty attitude. ¬† Whenever Helmholtz and John were around each other, they would share conversations that Bernard ¬†commented negatively to. ¬†He replied with his “acts of vengeance” until Helmholtz was fed up and told him not to comment negatively again.


Brave New World Chapters 6-9

In chapters 6-9 of Brave New World, we were exposed to a whole new side to the book.  When Lenina and Bernard travel outside of the Conditioning Centre in London, to a reservation in New Mexico.  When exploring New Mexico, Lenina and Bernard encountered the Indian culture and met a new group of people that were able to expose them to a new world.

I enjoyed chapters 6 through 9 more than the first five chapters of Brave New World.  I feel like the first five chapters of the book are less entertaining than chapters 6 through 9.  The story line of chapters 6 through 9 is on one track instead of here and there like the first five chapters.  I enjoyed the story of John and Linda.  Learning the background of the two new characters and the different life they lived from Lenina and Benard was more interesting than the life in the conditioning centre.

John differs from the other characters of his world while Bernard differs from the characters in his world. ¬†John seeks acceptance in his world, and in this way he can connect to Bernard. ¬†In chapters 6-9 we are also introduced to Bernard’s world. ¬†Although it was a bit confusing to understand, I was able to understand Bernard a little more. ¬†Bernard is the type of person who wants to step outside of the box and not go by the rules of the world he lives in. ¬†He doesn’t want to consume soma all the time, he feels belittled by his superiors, and all he wants to do is be different. ¬†But, while he was trying to be himself, he was threatened by the Director to be transferred to a sub-centre in Iceland.

In chapter 6, you can easily tell the difference between Bernard and Lenina. ¬†Lenina is so used to the condition life style that she has been living in, while Bernard wants to break free of the conditioned lifestyle. ¬†In chapter 6, Bernard states “Yes, ‘Everybody’s happy nowadays.’ We begin giving the children that at five. ¬†But wouldn’t you like to be free to be happy in some other way, Lenina? ¬†In your own way, for example; not in everybody else’s way.” ¬†After this statement Lenina replies with “I don’t know what you mean.” ¬†In these statements, we can clearly see that Bernard thinks differently from the people in his world. He feels differently as well. ¬†Bernard would probably be able to live easier if he had a friend like John in his life that he can connect with. ¬†Bernard does have Helmholtz, but Helmholtz pities Bernard. ¬†When Bernard speaks, Helmholtz either zones off or continues to speak about himself. ¬†But, Bernard may think of John as a savage now being that he caught John running out of his hotel room. ¬†Hopefully, John is able to explain himself, and Bernard still decides to take him to London with him and Lenina. ¬†If John travels back to London with Lenina and Bernard, it may benefit both John and Bernard. ¬†John may be able to explore a new world and hopefully be accepted by society, or Bernard can show that life outside of conditioning is beneficial.

Brave New World

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is oddly entertaining. ¬†This book is interesting because it gives us an insight to a world that we do not live in. ¬†This “utopia” to some may be a “distopia” to others. ¬†To me, this world is a distopia. ¬†The world that these characters live in is messed up. ¬†We no longer create beings through intercourse, but now we create beings in labs. ¬†I call these things beings because they cannot be considered human in my eyes. ¬†This new way of development called Bokanovskifying creates beings by the multiple. ¬†Not just one or two beings, but thousands of identical beings categorized by classes (using Greek terminology, which to me is weird because the narrator points out the fact that many languages such as French, German, and Polish are instinct.) ¬†When reading about this Bokanovski group of beings, I asked myself, what is wrong with diversity? ¬†Is there any diversity in this world that these characters live in? ¬†The narrator points out the fact that there are multiple races (African American for example.) ¬†So what is this issue of diversity if technically diversity exists in this world?

While reading Brave New World, I can make a text to text comparison.  This book reminds me of The Hunger Games in multiple ways.  These books are similar in the fact that in both stories, people are divided by class.  In Brave New World, the people are divided using Greek terminology such as Alpha, Betas, and Gammas, while in The Hunger Games, the people are divided into districts.  Another comparison can be the fact that there is one group of individuals ruling the people of the world.  In Brave New World, this individual is the DHC, while in The Hunger Games, this leading individual is President Snow.  These leaders are even similar in the fact that they dress in their white suits.

While reading Brave New World, I also made the connection of these generated beings to the Aryan race. ¬†To me, it seems like the DHC is creating a group of alike individuals who have “no flaws.” ¬†The beings that are being created are conditioned to the liking of the DHC. ¬†In chapter 2, the Delta babies (all dressed in Khaki) were conditioned to form a fear of books and flowers. ¬†The narrator states “you can’t have lower-caste people wasting the Community’s time over books.” ¬†Also, the narrator states ” a love of nature keeps no factories busy.” ¬†Today, people are conditioned to read books and educate themselves and to go outdoors and not stay in front of the television.

In some ways, the characters in Brave New World are similar to the people in our world. ¬†For example, in Brave New World, the scientists in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre inject the embryos with typhoids and sleeping sickness to “immunize the fish against the future man’s disease.” ¬†Today, we do the dame thing. ¬†At a young age, we immunize humans so they will not be effected by the diseases of the world.

Brave New World is a story originally published in the early 1900s, and in some ways predicted the future (the time period we are in now) and will probably predict events that will occur hundreds of years from now.

My Utopia

In my ideal world, it would be warm all year round. ¬†Not too hot and not too cold, the type of weather we call “hoodie season.” ¬†People would strive off of peace, happiness and love. ¬†There would be no war, it would be a complete hippy town. ¬†The people in my utopia would still go to school and get an education, but instead of tuition being thousands of dollars, tuition would be affordable to everyone. ¬†There would be a cure to every disease known to man, and everyone would have equal rights. ¬†There would be more then enough time in a day for me to be able to go to school, go to work, hang out with friends, and have alone time. ¬†There would be no poverty and no economic differences between people. ¬†The people would not be rich, but then again the people will not have to struggle with financial issues. ¬†There would be no murderers and people would only die from natural causes (excluding the curable diseases.)

In my ideal world, there will be tunnels connecting my house to my friends houses so therefore we would always be able to hang out whenever we want. ¬†We would kick back and listen to the songs of The Weeknd, because his music always puts me in a euphoric mood. ¬†I’d be able to wake up when I want to, arrive to school when I want, and also work. ¬†I would own my own business and work for myself.

In my utopia there will be art museums on every corner and they would all be free. ¬†Jazz music would play in the museums and the dinner would be free. ¬†My wardrobe would be amazing because I would be able to virtually shop and my clothes would appear in front of me with the push of a button. ¬†I would drive a nice car and not have to worry about traffic all the time, and when I feel like taking public transportation, MTA would be free. ¬†No more monthly metro cards! ¬†Flights to travel the world would also be free in my utopia. ¬†I would be able to get out of bed and hop on a plane to Italy without worrying how I would pay for the ticket. ¬†I would live in the most amazing condo that oversees the city and I would have the cutest little dog to keep me company. ¬†I’d have a machine to do all my cooking and cleaning so all I would ever have to worry about is being happy and enjoying myself. ¬†My utopia would be a place where everyone got a long and everyone would be happy. ¬†They would strive off of making others happy and making the world a better place.

Here’s a link to The Weeknd’s Youtube channel if you want to check his music out (:

The Machine Stops

The Machine Stops by E.M. Foster was an interesting read. ¬†In a way it foreshadowed the future. ¬†The Machine Stops basically showed the reader the way life will be in the future, especially with the fact that society depends so much on technology. ¬†One today can’t go a day without using some sort of technology, whether it is a cell phone, a television, or a computer.

In The Machine Stops, Foster used a lot of imagery to allow the reader to picture the machine.  This machine that the characters lived in was some sort of underground contraption that shielded the people of the world.  The protagonist of The Machine Stops, Vashti was so consumed with life in her machine that it physically sickened her when trying to leave it.  She even worshiped the machine manual and was in denial whenever her son, Kuno brought her obsession to her attention.  This relates to the world we live in today.  We consume ourselves with technology, and at the rate that technology is advancing, maybe some day in the future we will be living in underground machines like Vashti.

There is a comparison that can be made between the lives of the characters to life today. ¬†In The Machine Stops, people no longer saw the use in traveling to different places and being on earth. ¬†Like E.M Foster explained, if everywhere is the same, what’s the point of traveling? ¬†I personally feel like in todays day and age, people take what we have for granted. ¬†Not enough people go out and see the hidden wonders of the world. ¬†We use the world as our personal garbage can and end up with problems such as Global Warming. ¬†One day we may just end up having to wear masks to walk around on earth and we may get stuck underground and be “isolated” as the characters of The Machine Stops.

The world that the characters of the short story lived in was not much of a Utopia to me. ¬†It can be considered a Utopia to people like Vashti being that she was born into that world where the sun isn’t needed and the earth isn’t important. ¬†Living in the world we live in today and reading The Machine Stops, I could only hope we don’t end up in a world where we are isolated from others and have to talk to our friends and family through a machine. ¬†(Even though we already do that, for example Oovoo and FaceTime) ¬†We use modern technology to ease our lives, so we should focus today on the wonders that are before us, outside of modern technology and learnt o appreciate whats before us.

Le Guin

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas is written by Ursula Le Guin. ¬†In this piece, Le Guin describes Omelas as a whole, a long with the Festival of Omelas and the people of Omelas. ¬†Le Guin describes the Festival of Omelas to be such a vibrant event. ¬†She goes on about how the festival contained “a shimmering of gong and tambourine,” dance and singing. ¬†She even included the horses of Omelas who had manes that were “braided with streamers of silver, gold, and green.” ¬†To me, it is significant that Le Guin described the horses. ¬†Horses are usually a symbol of strength. ¬†When I think of a horse I think of a horse running free. ¬†When I think of the colors silver, gold and green, I think of good luck and high status. ¬†While Le Guin continued on about how happy a place Omelas was with their “joyous clanging of bells,” all I could think about is the fact that Omelas may not be as happy as Le Guin explains it to be.

After all the talk about Omelas and its happiness, Le Guin introduces us to a child. ¬†Neither ¬†boy or girl was specified. ¬†This child is held in the basement under “one of the most beautiful public buildings of Omelas.” ¬†The child is held against its will. ¬†Malnourished and abused physically ¬†and mentally, the child cries out for help only until he can not cry out anymore and begins to “eeh-ahh.”

I find it weird that this boy is being trapped under Omelas in misery, while everyone else in Omelas gets to live in happiness. ¬†Le Guin states that without the boy, Omelas wouldn’t be the “happy” place that it is. ¬†If one was to set the boy free, Omelas loses its happiness.

I don’t understad how Le Guin can consider Omelas to be such a happy place when in actual reality, the fact that an entire city has to depend on the misery of one child is not happy at all. ¬†It’s sad. ¬†The people of Omelas are trapped behind their fear of unhappiness hoping that one day this boy can be set free.

The ones who walk away from Omelas are the happiest people in my eyes. ¬†They walk away from the idea of living in such a “happy” place and decide to enter a place with less happiness. ¬†Probably a place that does not have to depend on one boy to keep the whole city happy. ¬†The place they travel to may not be as happy as Omelas, but the people who travel out of Omelas seem to be content with that.

Hi i’m Brittany, Nice to meet you

imageHi guys, Im Brittany, you can call me Britt for short. ¬†I’m an upper sophomore at City Tech. ¬†My major is Law & Paralegal studies. ¬†Eventually, I plan on going away to Law School and becoming a Lawyer, but for now i’m content with getting my Bachelors Degree and settling down as a Paralegal. ¬†I’m in no rush. ¬†Before I go to Law School, I hope to travel the world. Some of the places I would like to travel to are Spain, Japan, India and Italy. ¬†I’m fascinated with the Japanese culture, as well as Italian culture. ¬†I love the food! ¬†I’m a Netflix addict and I am obsessed with my sorority (Alpha Sigma Sorority Inc.) ¬†I joined my sorority my first semester of my Freshman year of college at St. Francis college. ¬†I would have to say that joining a sorority helped me to better understand myself and my capabilities. ¬†Also it helped me to understand others. ¬†My goal in City Tech is to teach others about the benefits of joining a Greek Organization, and open the eyes of students who believe that Greek Life is all fun and games, or what they see on television in movies and shows.

The photo I included is a picture of some of my sisters who attend Brooklyn College, Hunter College, John Jay College, St. Francis College and City Tech.

My strengths as a writer would have to be the fact that I can write easily. ¬†If I am given a topic to write about I can sit down and come up with a piece of writing almost instantly. ¬†If I write down my thoughts I can easily display them on paper. ¬†Most of the time I know what i’m going to write as soon as I get a topic. ¬†My weakness in writing would have to be the fact that I don’t like free writing. ¬†If I’m not given a topic to write about, my brain becomes stuck.

My weakness as a reader is poetry.  If I read a poem, I never understand anything.  For the most part, I can piece things together and try to understand what I am reading.