Hi i’m Brittany, Nice to meet you

imageHi guys, Im Brittany, you can call me Britt for short.  I’m an upper sophomore at City Tech.  My major is Law & Paralegal studies.  Eventually, I plan on going away to Law School and becoming a Lawyer, but for now i’m content with getting my Bachelors Degree and settling down as a Paralegal.  I’m in no rush.  Before I go to Law School, I hope to travel the world. Some of the places I would like to travel to are Spain, Japan, India and Italy.  I’m fascinated with the Japanese culture, as well as Italian culture.  I love the food!  I’m a Netflix addict and I am obsessed with my sorority (Alpha Sigma Sorority Inc.)  I joined my sorority my first semester of my Freshman year of college at St. Francis college.  I would have to say that joining a sorority helped me to better understand myself and my capabilities.  Also it helped me to understand others.  My goal in City Tech is to teach others about the benefits of joining a Greek Organization, and open the eyes of students who believe that Greek Life is all fun and games, or what they see on television in movies and shows.

The photo I included is a picture of some of my sisters who attend Brooklyn College, Hunter College, John Jay College, St. Francis College and City Tech.

My strengths as a writer would have to be the fact that I can write easily.  If I am given a topic to write about I can sit down and come up with a piece of writing almost instantly.  If I write down my thoughts I can easily display them on paper.  Most of the time I know what i’m going to write as soon as I get a topic.  My weakness in writing would have to be the fact that I don’t like free writing.  If I’m not given a topic to write about, my brain becomes stuck.

My weakness as a reader is poetry.  If I read a poem, I never understand anything.  For the most part, I can piece things together and try to understand what I am reading.

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