Blogging Grading Rubric



Blog Post Grade


Grade Criteria

*Please refer to the full guidelines (under “OpenLab Composing” on our course site) for more detailed guidelines about expectations.


3 Excellent (100/100) The post is (or exceeds) the correct length (minimum 500 words), was submitted on time, and follows all guidelines/expectations (for blogging in general, and for that particular post, if there were additional instructions/prompts).The post shows a clear/competent understanding of the text(s)/issues, but moves beyond mere summary to critical engagement/response with them in the context of the overall themes of the course.  It extends class/online discussions by its excellent analysis, and offers compelling, insightful, and developed claims and evidence.The post is structured logically/coherently, with multiple paragraphs, each with one main idea (which is fully developed) and topic sentences that reflect that focus. While multiple ideas/points may be discussed, there is a unifying theme/argument to the post, showing how all the various points fit together.

The post is virtually error free, at the sentence-level, having been carefully proofread/edited. Texts/ideas are cited completely/correctly (in MLA style).

2 Satisfactory (80/100) The blog post is the required length and on-topic, but offers too much summary and too little analysis. It has some good points and potential, but it does not push these ideas further to show why/how they are significant in the context of their overall response, and the overall themes of the course.

The blog post is structured relatively well, but has some ideas jumbled together, sentence-level errors, and/or incorrect (or missing) citations that interfere with its clarity/persuasiveness.

1 Unsatisfactory (60/100) The blog post is submitted on time but is underdeveloped, either because it does not meet the minimum length requirement and/or does not critically/completely engage with the text(s)/assignment. It presents a great deal of summary of the texts ideas and/or the professor/classmates’ ideas (either in class or on the blog), and/or only responds tangentially/superficially/generally.

It is not structured effectively, with many ideas jumbled together, no clear argument/topic sentences, incorrect/ineffective use of evidence/summary/paraphrase/citation. There are many sentence-level errors.

0 No credit (0/100) The blog post was either not submitted, submitted after the deadline, very short (just a few sentences), irrelevant/off-topic, and/or doesn’t follow the assignment instructions.