Getting to know Laurie Battaglia

Hello everyone! My name is Laurie Battaglia and I am a Junior here at City Tech. I am majoring in Hospitality Management. I am focusing on managing hotels and event planning. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and love it here. I am amazed by the city we live in although society has changed completely over the years. I have two sisters that I look up to. One sister is a graduate from City Tech and majored in Hospitality Management as well but her focus was being a pastry chef. Her dreams came true right after she graduated so I have hope for myself. I enjoy food, not just eating it but making it as well. I love helping people and I love volunteering for many different things. I love kids and sometimes wonder why I didn’t want to become a teacher but I guess you need a lot of patience for that. Being apart of the Hospitality Department is an amazing feeling. The second floor of City Tech is a great place to do. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and the classes are all very interesting, especially the culinary and pastry classes. I really enjoy what I do and I cannot wait to graduate so I could finally start my dream job. As of right now I work in a clothing store in park slope and I really enjoy what I do because I am still working with people. Ever since I was little, I loved interacting with others. My father worked for North West Airline which eventually went bankrupt but he is my idol. Everything about him and his work ethic is amazing. My life long dream is to either work in Hawaii or work for an airline just like my dad. I enjoy reading books, but only if they interest me. I also enjoy school but I am eager to graduate within the next year and a half. I hope we all have a great semester!

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