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As soon as Brave New World movie from 1980 started I LOVED it! It was exactly how I had pictured it. The fact that they wore uniforms with there cast system was identity and community which is what they live by. The Hatchery was similar to what I thought it would be. I think for it being made in the 80’s and the book being advanced, they did a pretty good job. I could only imagine what could be done with the book if it were to be made today. Yes, it was longer but I think it need to be that way because it needed to show every major detail.

I like how they showed the Thomkin and Linda part even though that wasn’t talked about in detail in the book let alone happen in the very beginning. While I was watching the movie in the beginning I really thought it had jumped to the part where Lelina and Bernard were visiting the Reservation. The Reservation looked similar to how I thought it would just a little more dirty and it was completely different from the World State, unlike the 1998 version.

I did like the fact that they showed how Bernard got too much alcohol while being made in the Hatchery because that showed the possibility of what may have caused him to be so different from everyone else. I think the babies coming out of plastic bags filled with air was funny because it’s supposed to resemble a womb and the babies can also be “aborted” which just means to stop processing it. They showed him being different while he was growing up and in the book they didn’t do that, they just showed him being different as an adult. When Linda finally gave birth to John, he looked like I thought he would and he resembled those in the World State. Bernard as an adult doesn’t look that different. He looks like he got shocked because of the way his hair looks and when he walks he trips which I think is to show he got to much alcohol. He also, looks pale and a little fragile.

John looked different then I expected, I thought he had long hair, he does however, still look more like those in the World State then those in the Reservation.

When he takes them to go meet Linda her reaction was just like I thought it would be. She connected more with Lelina because they were both beta’s. when the come from the reservation to the World State it showed how different John was from Bernard.

This movie had more of the important scenes which I liked because it made more sense it didn’t leave people wondering. I think the party scene where everyone goes to see John they should have gotten dressed up, still with the same idea of sameness but more party like. This scene however does show how everyone truly feels about him, it’s captured perfectly in this part of the movie,which is something the 1998 one doesn’t. The friendship between Helmholtz, Bernard and John is captured very well. When they were discussing the poetry, and Bernard runs out it shows how he’s jealous of their friendship.
The scene with John and Lelina where he is explaining his views on marriage shows the difference between the two worlds. It shows how he feels and how she feels and how the two are nothing alike and neither one of them understand the others views. This isn’t shown in the other movie which I think is what makes the savage such a complex character. When John is talking to Linda on her death bed it shows the bond between a mother and her son, which nobody in the World State has.

I absolutely love the 1980’s version, it showed everything it needed to and went by the book even though it was long. It had the same ending like the book unlike the other movie. I don’t think this movie needed to be remade. The 1998 movie wasn’t worth it, it was worse then the original one. if there was to be a remake done today I think it should follow exactly like this one except the technology would be the only thing I would change and it would make it far better and actually seem to be in the future. For the time period it was made it was ahead of it time I think. I don’t think I would change anything.

Brave New World Novel>Brave New World Movie 1998

The 1998 movie of Brave New World has so many differences from the Brave New World Novel.  Some of the major factors of the Brave New World novel were excluded from the 1998 movie.  There are some similarities between the novel and the movie, but the differences outweigh the similarities.

One of the major differences between the Brave New World novel and the Brave New World 1998 movie is the exclusion of the praise of “Ford.”  In the novel, the characters worshipped Ford.  The praise of Ford is equivalent to our religion today.  Ford was looked at as a God.  In the novel, the characters went to services in which they danced and had orgy porgys in worship of Ford.  They crossed their arms in a T formation, which symbolized the model T to be a cross.  In the Brave New World movie, Ford was not mentioned once!  This was a surprise to me because the novel focused so much on Ford.  The movie showed the characters at work, using the assembly line to create products, but the word Ford was not mentioned.

Another difference between the Brave New World novel and the Brave New World movie is, in the movie, some of the main characters were excluded.  For example, the character Mustapha Mond.  In the novel, Mustapha Mond was Bernard’s best friend.  They were similar in ways that they both thought outside the norms of the One State.  In the novel, Mustapha had Bernard’s back, as well as John’s, and in the end Mustapha was sent to an island with Bernard because of a riot that John had caused.  In the movie, Mustapha Mond did not exist.  In the movie, a new character was introduced to us.  This character was included into the movie to liven it up.  His goal was to kill Bernard.  The Controller gave this character the mission to kill Bernard after he decided to go against the norms of not working efficiently in his assembly line.  In the end, this character ended up dying before he completed his mission of killing Bernard.  He tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a  window, but the window was an electronic image on the wall of Bernard’s apartment and shattered once he ran into it.

Bernard’s image is a huge difference between the novel and the 1998 movie.  In the novel, Bernard was looked at as an outcast to the One State.  He was physically and mentally different from the individuals of the One State.  He was described as being too short and scrawny for an Alpha.  In the movie, Bernard fit in with society!  This is one thing that I did  not appreciate about the movie.  One of the main points of the Brave New World novel was Bernard’s differences from the One State.  In the novel, Bernard was the one to stand up and question the ideas of the One State.  In the movie, Bernard was “cool.”  People liked him, and he looked like the other smooth individuals of the One State.  His relationship with Lenina was stronger in the movie then it was in the novel.  In the movie, Lenina and Bernard showed more affection towards each other.  They had sex earlier on in the movie, compared to the long time it took them to sleep together in the novel.

I feel that if the director of the Brave New World movie would have stuck to the same exact story line of the novel, the movie would have been more popular.  The major attributes of the novel would have made the movie more interesting.  I feel like the movie was more of a romance film.  In the end Bernard and Lenina live happily ever after, while John fell off a cliff instead of committing suicide.  I feel like the suicide made a statement.  John could not handle the pressure of conforming to the One State’s ways.  In the movie, John’s death was more of an accident.  I enjoyed the book more than I enjoyed the movie.


Brave New World 1998

While I was reading Brave New World I pictured it to be different from the movie. The book had a lot of details that made it easier to create imagery. One major difference from my interpretation and the 1998 movie version was the hatchery, I thought it would look like today’s hospitals bright and white but in the movie it was extremely dark. I expected the room to be all white and bright, the test tubes were just how I thought they’d be. The movie was very dark as far as lighting goes, which I thought since “everyone belongs to everyone else,” everything would be out in the open so a lot of light would be needed. The dark light in the movie to me seemed as though they were trying to hide something, whereas, if there were to be more light it would emphasize the “freeness” they claimed to have.

I think Helmholtz not being in the movie wasn’t a good idea, only because it would have been nice to see the bond he had with Bernard and John. The friendship and attachment the three men had to one another would have made the movie stronger. Bernard could have been made to look more of an outcast because I feel as though he blended in with everyone else around him and in the book everyone looked at him because of his weird appearance.  Lenina in the movie looked modern yet plain, in the movie she only wore green but was high fashioned. I think the reason why the director might have done this was to make it more realistic and appealing to the audience so that they might be able to relate. I did like the window’s however, the way one was able to change what they wanted to see based on their mood. Although I did like the windows, I wondered why would they want to see these pleasant images. They live in such a “perfect world” they should want to see it all the time and not see something else. I did like how they showed the conditioning of the kids, which was very similar to how I pictured it to be.

I didn’t understand why the director made a big emphasizes on that one particular child. At one point I thought that was Bernard when he was younger and the movie was him in the future but then I ruled it out. Maybe the director did it to be a cliffhanger and/or to show that there would always be someone different just like Bernard no matter how hard you try not to have someone like him in the society. Also, Linda wasn’t that bad looking, I pictured her to be extremely fat, horrible teeth, her hair I think did look bad in the movie. The reservation looked more like the city, maybe an hour away from the World State, not a helicopter ride away. I pictured to be jungle like, maybe a forest, because I remember the details describing it mentioning a lot of green. Also in a conversation john and Bernard were having in the reservation john pointed to a mountain, and he also talked about learning how to make pottery by a lake which none were shown in the movie. If the director would have depicted the reservation how it was in the movie maybe the differences would have been easier to see to a person who has never read the book. Had I not read the book I would have thought john was just from a low class neighborhood and the World State was a high class neighborhood.


D-503 seems to be obsessed with I-330. Most of his entries have turned about her in one way or another. What i dont understand is, if I-330 feels the same way, because of the letter he received from her. That part confused me alot with the pink slip, and then O-90 waiting for him where he lives.

D-503 seems to be a rebel in many ways in the beginning of our assigned readings in his diary entry titled “Through the Glass I Am Dead Corridor” he kind of questions his happiness “And a question stirred within me : What if he, this yellow-eyed creature, in his disorderly, filthy mound of leaves, in his uncomputed life, is happier than we are?”. Although D-503 still seems to be loyal to One State, and believes there is no other place like One State. We see this constant “what if” throughout out the reading, but strangely it only happens when he feels some type of way due to I-330. Its almost as if being unable to be with I-330 has made him feel. Not necessarily good, but he feels now, he feels desperate for her he wants her really bad. D-503 keeps bringing up the idea of a soul i form of a question mark. He thinks of himself as sic because he dreams and feels. I believe that just like in every place good or bad there will always be that person who just doesn’t’ fit just like Bernard. Maybe D-503 isn’t exactly like Bernard but he is getting to the point where he seems to be and also feels different than everyone else. He is catching strong feelings and believes to be gaining the sensation of having a soul. We also see D-503 following her orders of the pink coupon. He does it a couple of times and yet she does not even appear to give him an explanation. I-330 has never really showed him a very big interest but D-503 seems to be giving up his sanity for the way she makes him feel or as he calls it ” the incident of the closet, my temporary death, and so on.” pg 118. I-330 seems to be different, very different to the point where she is full of secrets and reveals this when she talks to D-503 on page 134.

To be honest this novel has been really hard to understand. There are some things that are pretty straight forward which are very clear to understand, but other event really confuse so I am not really sure if what i am reading is the correct interpretation of the text. There are a couple of parts in the text where children are brought up. These parts especially in his entry novel “The Infinitesimal of The Third Order A Scowling Glance Over the Parapet”. In this entry O-90 is D-503 home and she asked him for a child after the letter he had send her. I am really anxious to actually discuss the novel tomorrow in class. Its really hard to read and like something that keeps confusing you. His constant back and forth of not even finishing the sentence drives me insane.


The first diary entries of the book “We” by Yeveny Zamyatin we really confusing , until the third entry. When D-503 explains a little more in depth of what is taking place in the novel.  Although some of the entries were hard to understand i did catch on to a few similarities from “Brave New World.” One of the first ones i was able to see was the fact that where D-503 lives is called “One State” while in brave new world it was called “World State”. The world state probably has a very big meaning to these name to these place. When i wen further on to looking up the definition of the actual word “State” , the definition was “the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time” (google). It made a lot of sense that these places had incorporated the word within there name, because of the setting and also how each book created there settings.

Another things i also found similar to World State is how in One State they also have assemblies where they sing  and kind of get together. Just how in world state they had those gathering where they would take soma and have orgys. In One State they also worship one thing as a whole. In World State it was Ford, and here its math and music; but mostly math. The word savage is very commonly use through the diary entries of D-503. One State’s setting in located away from earth and everything that they there refer to savage is mostly people in the old times.

What i find strange about this place is how they are all sort of like robots and are numbered instead of named, how we would find normal. Although this seems like a very strict and tight run society, they also seem to have a bit more freedom than World State. This society is definitely more controlled because here they all wake up, eat, go out and got to sleep at the same time.  The way they use time is more of a at 21, or at 22 etc. This is military time, which can be seen as a symbol of strictness just like in the military everyone awakes, eats, and goes to sleep all at the same time without other options.

It seems like in every utopian theme book or story the idea of sex being very common is never lost. We are able to experience this agin in this story with the Sexual Department pg 22. The characters of this novel seem to have more knowledge of life and our current life than the characters of Brave New World, who seemed ignorant to everything except World State.

There are still many ideas from the book that i don’t seem to quite understand like when D-503 talks about the X in the eyes of I-330. But in general its very easy to see what many believe a utopia is like. Technology a lot of rules or at least strictly run, and  equality.

What is your ID number ? ” for I am you and you are I”

In the reading “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin take you back to the reading Brave New World these two story are very similar when it come to the values states. They both lived by a code which determine how the people are allowed to live their day to day lives. In the reading “We” goes by the One State and in Brave New World they value the world state. in these two reading happiness seem to be define as a bad thing , but when one has happiness it allows them to feel a since of comfort for self. I think in both reading ignorance seem to be a big factor because if anyone has any knowledge of what’s right they are punish or executed. as I begin to read ” We ” I got a since of someone who is trying to get there thought out though telling his story though a journal entries describe his version of how happiness can be if only D-503 seem to be the one who is carrying us though the story line. in his first entry he is telling us about the ship he build to ” soar the cosmic space” he stated from the first entry describing his detail of how the machines is going to operate on an another planet. he stated from (pg1) one thousand years ago your heroic ancestors subdued the entire terrestrial globe to the power of the one state. Yours will be a still more glorious feet: you will integrate the infinite equation of the universe with the aid of the fire breathing electric glass integral. he feel that once he leave the one state in the ship he build he will be able to live like other figure on other planets, he feels that him and his ship is going to bring happiness to those who want to accept it. my understanding of what is going on so far is that D-503 is obsess with getting his machine out of the one state and into space. in his third entry he start to explain to us the reader how he need to express himself clearly cause he wants us to  understand what the integral will bring to those who are not so sure. he is also informing us while reading his entry to be prepare to be taking for loop. as the story goes along D-503 meet I-330 now I-330 seem to be a little bit different from the other numbers. in entry six I-330 take D-503 to the ancient house where her grandmother stays form what it seem like D-503 doesn’t like her , but somehow he will stop at nothing to prove her wrong when it come to the one states rules. while in the house D-503 say to I-330 ” trying to be original” , but don’t you” what does he mean by she trying to be original? is this his way of saying trying to be human or what consider human , but I-330  stop him and start to stated the one state code ” to be original is to be in someway distinct from other hence, original is to violate equality, and that which in the language of the ancients was called ” was called being banal” in other words no one should be wishy- washy. I–330 seem to be the rebel the one who is against the one state just like Bernard in brave new world they both had their own idea of how they want things. I think they are to rebel  because they want to know how it feel to live a little and not have to follow rules. she even goes as far as sneaking the “soma” to D-503. the soma in this story is nicotine or alcohol. I-330 is trying to get everyone addicted to the soma. in brave new world soma was allowed to take it what kept everyone happy. once D-530 start to realize that he had to go cause it was time for all number to be at their assigned location once he reach strange things start to come over him ,D-503 realize that he has been drug. I can say that this story is a little better read then the first story just why is everyone label as a number


Ending didn’t meet my expectation

After finally finishing the book, I found it over all to be disappointing. I felt as though it took forever to get to the point, the chapters in between were pretty good, the last few chapters fell short.

I am very disappointed when Linda dies. I think her death was provoked with all the soma that was being given to her. In my previous blog I spoke about how the doctor moderately told John how it could possibly kill her. I believe she died of an overdose and not of old age or any type of disease, true she didn’t have soma before her return to the New World but she did have the alcohol. To me it seemed the soma gave her the same affects as the alcohol did because she said “Pope! Oh I do so like it, I do”(pg 185) to John. Her death might not have seem to affect the story much because at this point she was always on holiday and no one seemed to pay her any attention. I believe her death is important because I feel it affected John in a very strong way although it might not say that in the story. In the New World death was normal and nothing to be sad about, but where John was from it was a life changing moment. No one had a bond like the one he had with Linda because having a mother wasn’t something someone had.

The stunt the savaged pulled while the workers were about to get soma after their shift was over, to me I think was because of his mothers death. I think he believes that so much soma is what killed her and he wanted to put a stop to it. If Linda were still alive I think she would have been able to stop him, to me she was able to better explain things to him as to why things were the way they were. She did this best because she knew how to compare it to things that he was used to for him to better understand, but she wasn’t there this time to talk him out of it.

The fact the Helmholtz helped “And suddenly there was Helmholtz at his side-‘Good old Helmholtz!’ also punching-‘Men at last!’- and in the interval also throwing the poison out by handfuls through the open window”(pg193), he savage was important, because yes John wasn’t fro this world but it proved that even people who were from this world can have different thoughts and rebel because they aren’t as happy as everyone thinks they should be. I would have thought that Bernard would have helped them instead of being a coward. “’Send me to an island?’ He jumped up, ran across the room, and stood gesticulating in front of the Controller. ’You can’t send me. I haven’t done anything it was the others. I swear it was the others. He pointed accusingly to Helmholtz and the Savage (pg203).The reason I say this is because he was always viewed as an outsider, so maybe he could have used this as a way to get revenge or prove a point to everyone. Another reason as to why I think he should have helped was because he was the one who brought the savage into this New World, so I feel as though he should take some sort of blame, being that the savage isn’t accustomed to what’s right and wrong and because he doesn’t think like the rest do. Helmholtz was his only friend even before his new found popularity, he never judged Bernard, or denied him of a friendship when he was in trouble so for Bernard to throw him under the bus like that shows he was never really his friend to begin with.

I didn’t like the way the story ended John to me was such a strong character and had such strong views that with the right help could have changed the New World for better. I think that instead of Helmholtz leaving to another island he should have went with John only because of the strong friendship they had built. Had they went of together I think they could have made some changes and the story wouldn’t have ended up John’s downfall. I really wonder why Huxley ended the story this way.

The insane outcome..

Reading chapter 14-18 ending “brave new world” was not my anticipated outcome at all. The ending showed the true character in the male main characters. It was sad that johns mother Linda died which was expected but the way the nurse reacted to johns emotions was disgusting on page 187 when she tells him “can’t you behave?” Since this can mess up the death conditioning of the children, rather than take the children out the room and let him grieve in peace. To make matters worse she let the kids watch him and ask if she is dead as if it was really amusing to see. I was surprised that John did not harm the children who stayed to make fun and point at his dead mother.

The savage in rage of this society and the death of his mother makes him speak out against the world state on page 192 when he says “I come to bring you freedom”. He wants to undo the conditioning of this society since he sees that nobody is truly free, they have no emotions. I find john to be brave enough to throw away everyone’s supply of poison soma to state a point. The people of this weird society can function fine without the drug that makes you happy and cuts your life duration down tremendously. I thought it was interesting that he sorta did get through to the people which caused a team to break up the savages attempt by brain washing the people again and giving them a fresh supply of soma. I was hoping that his speech and destruction of the toxic pills would wake most of the citizens up permanently.

I was really disgusted by Benards behavior, he turned out to be a coward which I did not believe would happen since he was on the same level as the Savage and Helmholtz. I believe that after his party that everyone bashed him in his face with insults permanently shut down his will to fight and be strong as He once was to threaten society. Helmholtz and the Savage proven themselves to be stronger than Benard. On page 197 the three meet the controller. Who tells them the reason they don’t allow books such as Shakespeare to be read by citizens is because “it’s old:that’s the chief reason”. The controllers reasons for the way society is set up seems odd but makes sense to the Savage in certain aspects.

Meeting the controller showed that he is really relaxed and not crazy as the world state is since he is one of the select few of people that is allowed to think for themselves and not have to take soma. I found it interesting how towards the end of the book after the savages talk with the controller he later on thinks about Lenina which causes him to go mad and beat himself. Although the savage is in pain the citizens watch him in excitement as he suffers since it’s something new to them. The ending of this story was weird and confusing and I lost interest in the last chapter. My question is will this society ever change its view on suffering instead of using soma to block the pain and emotions?

The Soma Addiction

In these next chapters soma plays a major role because the people of the World’s State always want to escape every situation that is negative or enhance a situation like sex. Soma is like a temporary holiday that depends on how many grammes that they take. The more the grammes of the soma the longer the holiday but taking a lot of it could cause the holiday to be permanent and they might not wake up. Linda is an example of what soma does to the people of the World state who stop taking soma for years and then comes back to the World state and tries to make up for all the years from withdrawal.

When the Director resigns after being humiliated by Linda, Bernard and John, Linda seems that the only thing she cares about is soma and how much she can get it. Linda went to Dr. Shaw and got about 20 grammes of soma per day because of the years she spent raising John in Malpais. The doctor also states that Linda may not last through either the coming days or how long she takes that soma; “Which will finish her off in a month or two, the doctor confided to Bernard. One day the Respiratory Centre will be paralyzed. No more breathing. Finished. And a good thing too. But we can’t”.(pg.143) John is the only that really cares about Linda because that is his mother and the people in the World’s state do not see Linda as the Beta that she is, but as a Savage.

Lenina is becoming very reliable like Linda was on soma because she was just like Lenina when she was in the World’s state. Lenina mainly uses soma for sexual encounters or when she was in Malpais just seeing how the people lived she could not take it and just took a few grammes of soma. When Lenina was talking to Fanny about liking John and how soma would brighter her day by the World’s State soma motto:”Hug me till you drug me, honey; Kiss me till I’m in a coma: Hug me, honey, snuggly bunny; Love’s as good as soma.” Lenina’s soma addiction backfired on her when she tried to talk to John which she deeply likes because before meeting John one day she took some soma to calm her nerves and let her loosen up but she loosened up too much. John pushed her away and called her a whore because he didn’t know she took soma or I think it brought back flashbacks of his mother sleeping with men because that’s the way they grew up in the World’s state. Hopefully this soma drug can go away, because it seems like it is ruining everyone’s lives instead of making it better.

The Start of Lenina’s Downfall?

In the few chapters we read this week, I feel that Lenina’s character got more complex. She seems to have some emotional issues and believes that taking all that soma is going to cure her. Seems as if almost every single time something emotionally stressful pops up she takes a decent amount of soma. In example, in chapter 12 when John is supposed to come down to this concert, Lenina got very depressed over it and went to bed. She then states “ I’d better take a couple grammes of soma” (Huxley, 163).  There are many other points in the novel where she had taken soma to calm her nerves.

Lenina and Bernard also seem to have a new social status of some sorts as being known to take back the savages from the reservation. Lenina being a beta, finds herself in the company of some very good company. “By a number of important people, The Resident World Controller’s second security, the Ford Chief Justice, and the Deputy-Governor of the bank of Europe”. By how she talks abou them, they seem to be very important political figures. I imagine them to hold the same social status as maybe Senators and Congressmen. She now has this image in her head that she is this important person in society.

Even though Lenina seems important at this point in the book, there is one character that doesn’t see her as someone of significance. This character is John. Lenina tries multiple times to get with him. However, John constantly rejects her. The society has conditioned their citizens to have the mentality that if you desire someone, you can have them. John was raised in the reservation so he does not hold the same values as Lenina. Even after being rejected multiple times, Lenina still tries to get with John. Even after a few dates, John still rejects her. Lenina also shows some emotion toward John. “In a few minutes, I shall be seeing him, talking to him, telling him (for she had come with her mind made up) that I like him – more than anybody I’ve ever known.” Earlier in the book, she was criticizing Benard for having these emotional feelings. Now she is being a hypocrite and having these emotional feelings of her own. I believe that this is actually more deeper than Bernards because she was almost about to act on it. I thought a while about why she would have these types of feelings. I somewhat think that maybe because John has a different mindset than the rest of society, she is attracted to him in the sense that he won’t find it repulsive that she thinks like that.

The World State conditions people that they belong to one another. John rejecting her is the exact opposite of that and Lenina’s mind does not know how to cope with this. I think that all of these new feelings are starting to overwhelm her. Her mindset is now being all screwed up between her newly founded social status and John rejecting her time after time again. The World State has trained everyone to take soma when they are feeling stressed or having strange thoughts. Lenina is having all of these stresses and emotions that she never felt before and the only way she knows how to cope with them is through having a lot of soma. I have a feeling this is going to catch up to her very quickly