The insane outcome..

Reading chapter 14-18 ending “brave new world” was not my anticipated outcome at all. The ending showed the true character in the male main characters. It was sad that johns mother Linda died which was expected but the way the nurse reacted to johns emotions was disgusting on page 187 when she tells him “can’t you behave?” Since this can mess up the death conditioning of the children, rather than take the children out the room and let him grieve in peace. To make matters worse she let the kids watch him and ask if she is dead as if it was really amusing to see. I was surprised that John did not harm the children who stayed to make fun and point at his dead mother.

The savage in rage of this society and the death of his mother makes him speak out against the world state on page 192 when he says “I come to bring you freedom”. He wants to undo the conditioning of this society since he sees that nobody is truly free, they have no emotions. I find john to be brave enough to throw away everyone’s supply of poison soma to state a point. The people of this weird society can function fine without the drug that makes you happy and cuts your life duration down tremendously. I thought it was interesting that he sorta did get through to the people which caused a team to break up the savages attempt by brain washing the people again and giving them a fresh supply of soma. I was hoping that his speech and destruction of the toxic pills would wake most of the citizens up permanently.

I was really disgusted by Benards behavior, he turned out to be a coward which I did not believe would happen since he was on the same level as the Savage and Helmholtz. I believe that after his party that everyone bashed him in his face with insults permanently shut down his will to fight and be strong as He once was to threaten society. Helmholtz and the Savage proven themselves to be stronger than Benard. On page 197 the three meet the controller. Who tells them the reason they don’t allow books such as Shakespeare to be read by citizens is because “it’s old:that’s the chief reason”. The controllers reasons for the way society is set up seems odd but makes sense to the Savage in certain aspects.

Meeting the controller showed that he is really relaxed and not crazy as the world state is since he is one of the select few of people that is allowed to think for themselves and not have to take soma. I found it interesting how towards the end of the book after the savages talk with the controller he later on thinks about Lenina which causes him to go mad and beat himself. Although the savage is in pain the citizens watch him in excitement as he suffers since it’s something new to them. The ending of this story was weird and confusing and I lost interest in the last chapter. My question is will this society ever change its view on suffering instead of using soma to block the pain and emotions?

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