No Such Thing as a Utopia?

In these 4 final chapters of “Brave New World” a lot of events transpired. To start of chapter 14, John sees his mother Linda die. The other people in the hospital, at least the younger ones, question why she looks so ugly and gross. John then starts arguing with the nurse, and she feels threatened.  Linda then dies off and John starts hysterically crying. He is surrounded by what I gathered to be very young children. To help the children try not to think about this whole ordeal, they start handing out soma to them. John starts to burst into an outrage saying phrases like “Don’t take that horrible stuff, it’s poison” (Huxley,191). He then takes all of the soma tablets and starts to throw them off the roof. This starts to stir conflict in this huge crowd thats forming and they start to rush John. Bernard and Helmholtz go to defend him. Low and behold this police type force shows up with more drugs administered by airborne machinery and water pistols with some type of anesthesia. The whole mess is taken care of and the story continues.


Out of everything that took place in these 4 chapters. That whole part just stood out. Throughout the whole novel we are told that they condition their people to be calm, happy and peaceful and not to think too much. They control this by means of soma and other pleasure practices to keep everyone very mellow. If this is what the World State was trying to achieve, then why was there this police for in the 1st place? The World State supposedly is attempting to create this utopian society in which everyone is happy and nothing bad happens. They have the idea that having individuals in society causes instability which in their minds leads to an uncivilized society. If they wanted to achieve this so bad then why do they have places such as the savage reservations and the islands?Even if they acknowledge that they exist, why do they allow the citizens from them into their society? Is that not the exact opposite of the goal of the World State? When someone goes from one type of society to another, they bring with them their ideals and traditions along with them. This is shown multiple times in the novel. Such as when Linda was stranded in the savage reservations. The traditions that the World State had are almost the exact opposite of the savage reservation. This is the same when John visits the World State. He brings all of his ideas from the reservation to the World State and this causes a huge case of instability in the World States mind. Is the police force there because the controller knows that there is no way possible that there can be a true utopian society without there being some type of variable in the situation? I think that the controller knows that no matter how hard they try, they will never achieve the perfect utopian society.


John’s Downfall

We start off the next few chapters with Jonh’s mother Linda dying. Throughout chapter 14 we witness a bit more of the differences between what is a norm for a savage and what is norm from someone from the World State.

We see John get extremely sad and frustrated with the fact that his mother is dying. In the text it states ” Undoing all their wholesome death-conditioning with to disgusting outcry-as though death were something terrible” (Huxley Pg.187). In the World State death is seen as something that is welcomed. While the savage sees it as something sad and this causes an effect on the children that are being conditioned to welcome death.

John’s mothers death has caused a big impact on him and we see this as in the following chapter he starts taking big risks. An example of this in the text is where it says ” But his mind was elsewhere-with death, with grief, and his remorse; mechanically, without consciousness of what he was doing” (Huxley Pg.189).

I feel as if his mother dying was the last straw for John. He then goes on to cause a huge commotion in public. The topic of freedom in the book comes back to play when John states he wants to free the people by throwing away soma. He says “Free, free!” (Huxley pg.193).

John was joined in this commotion by Helmholtz. We see that Bernard did think about joining his friends but didn’t want to suffer the consequences that came along with it. They were all taken to speak to the World Controller Mustapha Mond.

John has encountered someone who I feel he can finally actually have a intellectual conversation with. We see John mention God and Mond’s reply to that. John says ” But if you know about God, why don’t you tell them?” (Huxley pg.208). Mond goes on to say that God is old and that men change. They go on to talk about many different topics mainly revolving around religion, society, and being civilized.

At the end of this chapter we see Mond ask John ” you’re claiming the right to be unhappy” (Huxley Pg.215). He gives John the option to take everything that is considered being uncivilized and to live without everything that they have in the civilized world. John later says “I claim them all” (Huxley Pg.215). John has chosen to live away from this world.

The last chapter of A Brave New World shows us what John has come to and what his current living conditions are. John is fending for himself and has to provide himself with food. He also punishes himself the way they did at the Savage Reservations. He chooses to whip himself to the point that he bleeds.

People watch John as they fly over where he lives and they’re are reporters hiding trying to catch picture of how John is living so the rest of the world can see. At the end I know that everyone comes to enjoy watching John whip himself but then John sees Lenina and starts whipping her.

The last few pages in this chapter did confuse me a bit but what I do know is that John commits suicide and that everything he’s been through has brought him to his downfall.

Farewell to “hope”

Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin… I am in complete awe.

Upon reading chapter 14-18 in Brave New World, I did not expect the ending to unravel the way it did. I felt different emotions within each chapter, some ranging from confusion to disappointment to finally unsatisfied.

I initially thought that because Bernard was different from the rest of the citizens in the World State, he was the chosen one to break the caste system. I was hoping for Bernard to be the “independent” one and spread knowledge and freedom upon others. As I read the further chapters, I realized that Bernard was changing unconsciously and to be honest I do not blame him. I mean, how could he prevent himself? He is surrounded by people who believe in the caste system, are supplied with numerous amounts of soma and are conditioned in many aspects. How was Bernard to protect himself from it? He couldn’t. Bernard began to change and follow the caste system and soon his independence started fading away and he became one of “them.”

I also thought that Bernard was the main protagonist in the story but upon reading the remaining chapters, I believe John was the main character all along. Sure we were all introduced to Bernard first but the impact and predicaments that John was exposed to resembled that of an independent person. John did not believe in the caste system nor agreed with the idea of conditioning and to know how the World State’s rules and regulation affected him has made the transitioning to main character possible.

Because John belonged in another place rather than the World State, he was able to gain freedom through reading, exploring etc. With John’s character I was able to visualize and understand how the regulations in the World State can corrupt an individual. When his mother passed, I believed that it was the moment where John had completely lost himself. Of course a piece of him had deteriorated by simply losing his mother but what stood out to me is the reason why she passed on, soma. Everyone in the World State idolizes soma, it may be even an addiction to others but I believe that drug symbolizes the containment of one’s freedom.

In chapter 15 John states, “‘Don’t you even understand what manhood and freedom are?… I’ll teach you; I’ll make you be free whether you want to or not.” And pushing open a window that looked on to the inner court of the Hospital, he began to throw the little pill-boxes of soma tablets in handfuls out into the area” (Huxley 193). Soma is what keeps the civilization going. I may be wrong but I believe soma is what killed Linda, her addiction to this drug has not only separated her from reality but she couldn’t even remember her own son! Soma is what keeps everyone in order no matter what circumstances they are in and I feel the more and more the citizens in the World State consume this drug, they become addicted to it but there are even worse consequences than that; as they consume each bit of tablets of the drug, they are segregating themselves from their own freedom, their own independence and they all don’t even know it! Which is the reason why I was hoping for John to be the spokesperson, to make a change and stop this civilization. However, as the controller states about the citizens in the World State, “They practically can’t help behaving as they ought to behave. And if anything should go wrong, there’s soma” (Huxley 199). Soma will always keep things in “check” and controlled at all times. If John was free before and was consumed by soma or even the state’s rules and regulation, then where is the hope for it ever ending? – There isn’t any hope, at least not anymore.

John Visiting His Mother

John Visit his mother in the hospital because she is ill and is going to die anytime soon. There is a nurse who escorts John to the room Linda was in and for some reason the nurse was blushing at John and I have no Idea why. To proof that the nurse was blushing at John it says it right here in the text, “Still blushing, she led the way down the ward.” That quote tells us that while the nurse showed John the direction to Linda room she blushed at him.


When the nurse ask John If he was ill is because he seemed upset that his mother was going to die and she isn’t use to seeing people care for others like John dud. In the text that proves that the nurse feel this way it says, “she was not accustomed to this kind of thing in visitors”(181). Also after the passage describe John pale face representing that he was upset, the nurse asked if he was ill because of his face expression. She probably knew that he was upset about the news of his mother. John showed a sense of care for his mother and the nurse never saw that happen before. The nurse herself probably don’t even show love/care for others so when seeing John react this way she was confused. The reason for the nurse not caring for others is because the World State did not raise people to care for one another but the reason John feel that way is cause he was living in the Savage Reservation.


I notice as John was looking at his mother in this ill state on the bed he wanted to cry because she was not in good condition. In the book it says, “He felt the hot tears welling up behind his eyelids as he recalled the words and Linda’s voice as she repeated them”(182). The quote basically talks about how John remembers all the good times he had with his mother in the past. He remembers all the things and begin to cry as he keep remembering because it hurts him emotionally. Linda is very ill and what shows that in the book is when the author tells us that ever time Linda seem to wake up she falls right back to sleep illustrating that she drained out of energy and cant do anything for herself. John had to watch his mother and take in pain on how bad it looks to see his mother in this condition.


The part that shocked me was the death of Linda because from the beginning of the story I would have never figure out that she was going to die after she got introduced to the story from the section of the Savage Reservation. It was clearly stated that Linda was dead because after John ran to the nurse he told her that he think he have killed her even though it was not his fault because she was already ill. I guess he said that because he was with her when she was alive then suddenly she died and feel it was his fault for some odd reason. Here is a quote that proves my point on the death of Linda, “by the time they were at the end of the ward Linda was dead.” It is sad to hear the character Linda had to die because we all can relate to John when his loved one died.


The most shocking part for John visit to see Linda was after she died and he was weeping.  John was upset and shocked that his mother was really dead. He probably couldn’t believe it when he first ran to the nurse for help. John probably thought by calling the nurse she can help bring her back to life but she couldn’t. The book says that John say his mother dead and was in silence for a second then fell to his knees and start crying with hands over his face. John must think oh my what just happen and what am I going to do now with no mother alive. As he was crying loud he brought attention to him in the ward and the condition kids that are condition by the world state is seeing him crying but wonder why he is crying. The nurse notice this crying which shows he cared for a mother the kids never had was a bad look and can decondition the kids so she taps him on the shoulders saying, “Can’t you behave?” in a low angry voice. The nurse wants John to stop because it is a bad example for the kids that are condition in the World State mindset don’t need to be expose to this kind of behavior from John so she tried stopping him. Before he stopped she try to distract the kids by offering them chocolate and it was successful. A few kids got to get near John and asked him if Linda was dead but he did not answer to them because I am guessing he was mad and also know that it was bad for them to know what was going on so he pushed the kid out the way then walks away.

Anti Climatic – John’s Last Fight

After the rising tension coming into chapter 14 to 18, the book just ends on a low note. You would think with all the excitement and drama with Bernard and the director, the ending would end with a bang but no, it ends flat and disappointing. Characters who had major character developments revert back to their old ways and you can’t hope to feel that you’ve “lost” after reading the end of the book. Firstly I want to talk about John. In chapters 14-15, we can see him struggling with the World State’s ways and his fight to end their ways. At this point, John is the only one who is fighting against the World State now. We can see any hope he had in the World State vanish when his mother Linda dies after an overdose of soma. He is also angry at the World State because of what the World State turned had turned his mother into. She went so overboard with the soma, she did not even recognize John until after long moments of yelling from John. Now that he sees what the soma does to the people of the World State, he is even more furious and motivated to change their ways.

I think part of the reason for John’s outburst at the hospital is not only caused by his mothers death but also because of the children there not understanding what death meant to someone. Death to those twins at the hospital meant nothing to them. Naturally even if you did not know someone that they died, you would feel a bit sorrow but these kids have been conditioned to not have these feelings. On page 184, we can see their conditioning where John says, “What are these filthy little brats doing here at all? It’s disgraceful! Disgraceful? but what do you mean? They’re being death conditioned.” They also have no guilt of making fun of John’s mother which also shows their inability to see or have love.

John is so enraged that he tries to convince these Delta twins to stop taking soma and to choose freedom instead. I think John was trying to help them see what he was finally seeing, that the World State is messed up and is depressing. This part also leads into my discussion about Bernard’s character development. After John chucks the twins soma out the window, they engage in a fight. Helmholtz and Bernard just arrived and we can see that Helmholtz is not hesitant to help out John. Bernard on the other hand is hesitant. You would think after all hes been through that he would help John out. After all that talk about changing the World State, he decides not to help. However he did feel some shame because of his indecisiveness. On page 193 we can see Bernard’s struggle with himself on the bottom of the page, “Hesitant on the fringes of the battle. They’re done for, said Bernard and urged by a sudden impulse, ran forward to help them, then thought better of itand halted, then ashamed, stepped forward again and was standing in an agony of humiliated indecision.” The reason why I’m angry at this is because the story had set up for Bernard’s incredible character development, his confidence, his ability to see what he has done wrong but it all falls flat right here. The way I see it is that, if he had chosen to help out John and Helmholtz, it would signify his desire to fight against the World States ways. If he chose not to, that means he has given up to the World State and has accepted it’s ways.

At the end of the story I think it’s very anti climatic. Reason because we do not learn of the other characters and John’s disappointing end. I think readers always want the characters the win at the end but in the case we can see it as a failure because nothing about the World State was changed. Nothing was changed, 18 chapters and the World State continues to be the overwhelming power that controls everybody. Everyone’s efforts to change the World State, down the drain. If I had the chance to ask Aldous Huxley anything, I would ask Huxley why he chose to have the characters “lose”, their battle against the World State.

The Savage’s Last experience in the World State

It’s crazy that I finished reading this book already. It was an unusually book to read, I wouldn’t have guessed I would have read a book like this one. Reading the last chapters were good. I felt as if our main character which was Bernard is not the main character anymore, now I feel that John is the main character. Some things occurred, and I honestly didn’t expect the ending to be the way it did. Throughout the last chapters we saw the death of Linda, Johns reactions to it,the experience John had before he also killed himself.

As I was saying before, the main character ended up being John. This whole time I expected Bernard to be the one mainly getting focused on but, by the end of the book, Bernard ended up being another simple side character. And all the attention was given to John. and it all started when his Mother was dying slowly . We see that As soon as John received the news that his mother was about to die he went to the hospital. In this scenery, they show us the way a person from the savage reservation acts and the way a individual from the world state acts. “Oh, look,look!” ‘They spoke in low, scared voices.’ “Whatever is the matter with her? Why is she so fat? (Huxley, 183)” for us this would be really rude, for a kid to walk up to a person that is about to die and start asking random question of her appearance. But in this book, this is normal and of course John being all sad and for him to hear this from a child, he’s going to get angry and because of this I guess he hit a child and The nurse got mad at him. “The Savage’s voice was trembling with indignation. ‘What are these filthy brats doing here at all? It’s disgraceful’ (Huxley, 184)” this was what John told her and instead of trying to quietly take the kids away she started arguing to him that he was interfering with their conditioning. “They’re being death-conditioned (Huxley, 187) meaning they were Showing the children at young age that Death wasn’t a sad thing, but a non emotional thing. But when they saw the way John got when he noticed Linda wasn’t responding to him, he reacted hysterically and started weeping his mothers death. “The nurse stood irresolute, looking now at the kneeling figure by the bed ( the scandalous exhibition!) and now (poor children!) at the twins who had stopped their hunting of the zipper and were staring from the other end of the ward, (Huxley, 187) ” the nurse instead of understanding the reacting John ahead taken , she felt bad for the children that had witness this.

Before Linda died there was a sort of fight going on between John and Linda, ” Her lips moved. ‘Pope’ she whispered again, and it was as though he had had a pailful of ordure thrown in his face. (Huxley, 185)” this was really sad. It gave me pity for John, not only was he the only one there for Linda, but She didn’t even notice it he was. He got angry at this because out of all people, the only name she kept repeating was Pope’s name. But when she noticed who he really was, it was too late She had passed away.  After this John got even more bad news, Bernard and Helmhontz where being send to two different islands , and when he wanted to go as well, the controller denied it, and told him he wanted to continue with the “experiment”. Now it seemed as if everything close to John was slipping out of his hands slowly. He decided to isolate himself and for some reason, he felt as he wasn’t wordy of living, as the author said : “but who was he to be pampered  with daily and hourly sight of loveliness? Who was he to be living in the visible presence of God? All he deserved to live in was some filthy sty, some blind hole in the ground. (Huxley, 219)” he later started to whip himself and some reporters started to asked him why he did it, he didn’t want anyone near him , and later one it got worse, more people decided to come and asked for the whip. And what happens later one is that it’s turns into a whole orgy-porgy thing and many saw this as a fun thing to do, but John was doing it to punish himself and the others turned it into this whole other thing. The next day….. He wasn’t happy with what was left in his mind and he hanged himself up. Such tragedy to see what happen to this innocent and curious guy. There were other points throughout the chapters but I felt these were points I got more Intrigued by.

The Savage Unleashed !

The ending of Brave New Worlds didn’t meet my expectation. I actually thought there was going to be more to the story. Aldous Huxley opens up chapter 14 with the leading of Linda death. In which John was sad and furious. Sad because his mother was dying and furious at the same time because of group of khaki twins were making fun of his mom while she was laying in bed dying. ” What ever is the matter with her? Why is she so fat?” Pg 183 said the twins. They made these rude comments because they have never seen a women in the condition she’s in. She was old , taut skinned and not like one of them. But John was also upset for the fact that his mother kept calling him Pope. Which made him mad because how could his own mother not recognize her own son. But the sad ending of chapter 14 was the death of linda in which i believe she died of all the soma she had taken.

In the state of mind that John was in he was upset and had run into two Delta twins who were about to take soma. ” Listen, I Beg of you , Lend Me Your Ears,  Don’t take that horrible stuff its Poison, its Poison”  Pg 192 John tries his best to explain to the twins that soma doesn’t allow them to be themselves. He felt that his mother linda was a slave to the soma, and he felt that his duty was to make others feel freedom by making them to refuse taking the soma. By doing this John causes a fight in where Bernard and Helmholtz rush to help john and i believe end up getting arrested . But One thing that amazed me about the fight was that the policeman sprayed soma vapour into the air with machines so that the others listening to john rebel about the soma would forget about it . This just shows me how control the society really is. Its like they have a game plan for almost everything that goes down.

I have to say from chapter 16-17 the story just dropped. I barely understood what was doing on. I under stood that John, Bernard And Helmholtz were taken to Mustapha Mond , who was the Resident world controller for the Western Europe. John was shocked and fascinated the Mond had read Shakespeare. Its like they both had the same idea . but were pursuing it differently. John wanted freedom for every one and insisted why weren’t others allowed to read old things. Mond explains by saying ” Beauty’s Attractive , and we don’t want people to be attracted to old things.” Pg 198 In Which Mond felt like if people were all equal the society wouldn’t function and have the same order it has now. I Remember reading and John tells Mond why doesn’t he make every one an Alpha . Mond explains that Alphas would eventually bump head together. Each one would want to control. In which that case there would be no order. Then there was this whole talk about Religion and why the world state didn’t want to believe in god and Mond response was the same because it was old. I knew he still believed in it because he pulled out a bible to john explaining to him that he was had the same idea of freedom. After all this Mond decides to vanish all 3 from the world state but he actually tells john that he’s doing them a favor by placing them into a different society.

The ending of this story was not as i expected . i expected john to go back and fight try to change the world state in a way he pictured freedom. For himself and for his mother. But John completely isolates himself by moving into a light house. i really didn’t understand why john whipped himself and why others would want him to wipe them. i was so unclear with that part . But later on i read that John ended up in an orgy porgy. which was something he wasn’t into to he didn’t believe in that he went by Shakespeare way of love. ”  Oh my god , my god ” Pg 230 shocked by what had just happened john was found by the first arrivals ” Further side of the room they could see the bottom of the staircase that led up to the higher floors ; under the crowns of the arch dangled a pair of feet.” Pg 231 John had hanged himself. which was the worst ending ever.

Mustapha Mond, History and Society

The ending of this story did not leave me very satisfied, there were a couple of parts which confused me which I had to read more than once especially everything John went through and the last two chapters. Although I finally found answers to the few lingering questions I had picked up while reading the book, such as the rumors of Mustapha Mond having a room which contained historical artifacts.

Early on in the book we are told of rumors that Mustapha Mond possibly having a room which contained prohibited material from the past such as bibles and other literature, yet it was rumor which is never entirely verified or rejected. My question was finally answered on chapters 16 and 17 “room and was unlocking a large safe set into the wall between the bookshelves” (Huxley 206); “A whole collection of pornographic old books. God in the safe and Ford on the shelves” (Huxley 207). These quotes proved the rumors to be true of Mond having a collection of old books just for his own amusement and pleasure. From this point Mond and John The Savage begin to connect in a more intimate level, they share a love of old literature such as Shakespeare and both agree his work to be exceptional. Mond agreed his approval of Shakespeare explicitly “Of course it is, the Controller agreed [Othello]”, when John said that Othello was better than the feelies. This not only shows Mond’s respect towards old literature but also we see a small internal conflict which he creates and approves the rules which society follows such as the prohibition of novel ideas such as the paper sent to him for approval on the middle of page 162. Yet he internally admires and is intrigued by the past and its literature and there was also a part in which he himself has issues on approving and disapproving laws and concepts which will be handed to the citizens.

Through these chapters we also learn a lot more about Mond’s personal life such as what are the responsibilities as a controller in the World Sate, and evens Mond’s desire to go to the island and live with the people who had a sense of individuality. This desire he has goes against a major rule in society which was against solitude and free thinking. This made me think of Mond as a hypocrite since he has the responsibility to make the rules and as his title states, control society yet he has an internal desire of being different and having the freedom to do as he wants and this was shown on the third paragraph on page 204 where Mond explains why being on the island was good.

Questions about how society is controlled and very restricted the reasons for which citizens do not know or taught of old literature or history. Historical items are not released to the public due to the fear of it destabilizing the society which has been built to go against all the norms and issues faced in the past such as civil wars and uproars “Every change is a menace to stability…even science must sometimes be treated as a possible enemy.” (Huxley 202). As it was mentioned right from the first sentence in the first chapter “World States motto, Community, Identity, Stability” (Huxley 15) so anything affecting stability is a huge problem, such as the mention of God or even Shakespeare’s work. “Knowledge was the highest good, truth the supreme value; all the rest was secondary and subordinate” (Huxley 205) also shows how at one point everything was completely different to what the society followed now.


As we finally reach the last few chapters 14- 18 of the end of the book “Brave New World” I am stuck with the question of whether pride and belief is really worth it sometimes. Its a concept in which I know everyone values but to the extent in which john actually commits suicide I think would be a little too much (page 234). As much as I liked how he didn’t just give into desire it made me feel like hes a bit extreme with the inner conflict he has from traveling from two different worlds which is the reservation and world state. I felt he held onto his values too much although it is understandable when it came to Lenina and soma.

With 18 the final Chapter we see how much john really struggles where hes actually at the point of being driven almost mental and even self abuse by locking himself in a secluded lighthouse and whipping himself (page 227). This chapter gave me alot of mixed feelings of the kind of extremist john is. As much as it is understood he did not like nor understood the values of world state I think there could have been better options for him. and his lust and desire for Lenina made it almost impossible for him to think right. I felt like his values were too righteousness when it came to her. Although I highly respect him in the sense whee is able to hold on to his vales where most would have just did it like Bernard even though he would tell himself no.

I feel John’s biggest conflict with him self was with the loss of Linda he realized that he didn’t really have no one else to turn to even though we know she wasn’t much of a mother to him. But one thing we knew was john still love her very much especially when she dies in chapter 14 (page 182).

As much as it contradicts the idea of why world state is bad it in a sense did prove relationships and attachments are bad because in the end it was attachments which led to the dead of john he couldn’t handle the way things were turning and it made him feel horrible so he killed himself. But if tables were turned in the world state of mind John would have lived. he would have just done everything and had no pain and went on with it. he would have had no attachments to anyone then again we would know there would have been no story. But in a sense the world states theory would have worked because it would have caused john to have no pain or all the confusion with desire for Lenina.

This book was still very confusing till the end although it did take a few tries to understand with all the new vocabularies it did turn out to be a spectacular story. It showed many possibilities of what different societies could view each other just because of differences and what one considered savage might actually be normal towards another.

Bernards True Self

The final chapters of Brave New World were interesting, except the last chapter, which left me wondering why Huxley didn’t give more closure concerning the characters. Bernard and the Controller were the characters that stood out the most to me.

Bernard is already known as the outcast of his society, but throughout the chapters he keeps going back and forth between wanting to be accepted, and wanting nothing to do with their way of life. When John was throwing away the peoples soma and got into a fight, Bernard was torn on whether he should help him or not. “…thought better of it and halted; then, ashamed, stepped forward again” (193). Bernard does not know where he belongs concerning his place in society, and is continually torn on this subject. However, by the end of the book, Bernard’s true colors are shown. When him, John and Helmholtz are in the Controllers office about the incident, Bernard turns on them and begs to be taken back.      ” ‘You cant send me. I haven’t done anything. It was the others’…He pointed accusingly to Helmholtz and the Savage” (203). Bernard wants to be accepted and will do anything to prevent himself from being sent away.

Johns end was a surprising twist for me. I wasn’t expecting him to commit suicide. I thought he was going to make it through, but the ways of the World State were too much for him. Their way of life was too different from what he grew up in, and it soon broke him down. He desperately wanted someone to understand and tried to help the others who basically relied on drugs to make them ‘happy’.  When John was throwing away the people’s soma I actually imagined that Bernard could have been the one in his place. In earlier chapters, Bernard refuses to take soma and tries to convince Lenina as well. I thought Bernard’s character would develop into something more, as I had thought Bernard would be the one to try and change society. However, in the end all he did was talk and refused to take action. He was never going to do anything, but I had been convinced that he would.

What surprised me the most was the understanding the Controller had about their situation. I expected someone in his position to be the most rigid out of everyone in their society. He is a Controller, therefore he is supposed to believe and uphold their ways more than anyone else. However, his conversation with John and Helmholtz prove that he himself has questioned the ways of the World State. He too wanted to change it but it was impossible. He admits he isn’t happy. Something everyone in the society is convinced that they are. ” ‘That’s how I paid. By choosing to serve happiness. Other people’s – not mine’ ” (205). The Controller has just done something that is unheard of in their society. Admit he isn’t happy. In a world were people are trained to love what they have to do and are given whatever else they want to assure their ‘happiness’, the Controller has just gone against everything. Brave New World was an interesting read, but the last chapter left me wanting more on the characters and their fate, especially John.