Brave New World Film 1980 response

The Brave New World film we watched in class played out a little different from the book when it came to many things. It was still a good movie but not perfect because nothing is perfect. I do feel the film could have been better. Film is kind of a low production compare to the movies that are shown in the movie theater so I can understand how this movie was not the best. Reading a book can seem to be good because you are using your imagination to fill in the missing pieces and it can be anything. It can be anything you picture in your mind because there are no images to tell you what is and what it not. Watching a movie tells you what is true and don’t give you the ability to imagine things.


The part of the movie that first made me think what was going to happen next is the beginning before the movie actually start. There was a clip of the film where they show a continue ride through the train tunnel. It seem like the train was moving through the tunnel but it was the actually camera showing the view as if a train going to different train stops. This view the camera has set up was interesting for me because I did not know when it was going to end. This scene of the tunnel with the sound playing in the background felt like it would never stop and there was unlimited time giving it a futuristic feel for the theme. A futuristic theme for a society with powerful technology. In the book Brave New World their society was all about technology so when seeing this part it made me think all about technology.


The only thing that show things uniformed in the movie was the scene with all the lower caste system people working together wearing uniforms. I think it was good that they did this because if they did not then the feeling for how powerful the World State is would decrease. There was a lady voice playing over a loud speaking saying “ending is better than mending, new things are being than old things”. This quote is basically saying if something turns old throw it away and get a new one. They believe in only using what is new. The voice seem to be a tool in order to control the people working in a uniformed fashion. No one look like they had any control of what they were doing. All these people looked like robots who have no freedom of thoughts. People were working as one unit with uniforms to feel identical but were not identical face wise.


Bernard and Lenina goes to the Savage Reservation and meets Linda and John. The way they got there was funny because the helicopter crashed and it was funny because of the way the person filmed the movie. Also this part was something that was not in the book but was quiet interesting. After crashing they ran into some so called thugs we would call it now a days in modern society. Those thugs were trying to mess or kill Bernard and lenina. It was funny acting that made me giggle and was definitely fun to watch. When a boy came and save them both from the thugs he brought them to his house for safety. When John mother said to Bernard that they are the most civilized people she has seen in a long time clues started to pop in my head that the lady was Linda. As Linda begun to speak more and more I was hundred percent sure that it was her and the boy was John.


One of the most passionate and interesting part of the movie is what John says before he dies by falling off the cliff. John ran away from the World State into a abandon light house so he can escape from the rules of society. As he stays there he got a plenty visitors who were from news channels. Reporters from the TV news channels came to ask question about why he left probably. John got to escape from a few day by day but finally he could not escape anymore. He asked the news reporters what do they want from him? They did not answer and he begun to say ” I want freedom, love, and pain because they don’t value these things. John want all the things they don’t have. His tone of voice mad these words powerful in meaning and it touched me. John was near a cliff because he was backing up from all the news reporters who have been chasing him, then he suddenly fell. Everyone looked down the cliff and John was dead. It was surprising to see him die that way in the film. Everyone laugh because they were happy he died. They were all condition by genetics to have no feelings so when he died they laughed and laughed showing no sense of care for another being.


I think over all the movie was fun to watch because it is always fun to watch how a movie will try to interpret the same thing in a book. Things could have been directed a little more different but due to whoever made it, so this is the way it came out. There are plenty ideas I have that would make the movie way better as in terms of showing how powerful the World State suppose to be. I would of try to make people identical looking because reading the book that was the imagination I got out of it.




Brave new world 1980

Watching Brave new world 1998 film was interesting to watch since many things had been changed from the book as most movies usually do. The characters appearance seemed to be different to me especially john and his mother. John was suppose to be a blonde with beautiful eyes causing the people of the workd state to drool over him and all want the chance to sleep with him. Johns mother happened to be really skinny instead of being fat and horrible to look at according to the book. 

The chemistry between Lenina and John seemed to be better in the move rather than the book since Lenina wasn’t as slutty and persistent to sleep with john as she did in the book. I liked that she was reserved and didn’t enjoy sleeping around like the other females did with no care in the world. John didn’t attack her and yell at her like he did in the book which made the film less dramatic for the most part. 

I wonder why Helmholtz wasn’t involved in this film. I think it would have been interesting to see Bernard and John sorta fight over Hemholtz’s attention and friendship. Bernard seemed to be popular with everyone in this society which was weird to see since he is suppose to be an odd ball from the rest. The only person who seemed to hate him was DHC with a passion since he couldn’t control showing his jealousy towards Bernard’s happiness…… It was to the point that he took the time to brain wash a lower class worker to come and try to take Bernard’s life which was pretty insane since it back fired on DHC causing him to lose his job and have it handed down to Bernard.

The scene where john dies was pretty much the same as the book with the reporters and amusement of his insane outburst which made the citizen happy especially after his death. I will never understand how they can find death to be a good thing and natural births to be the complete opposite that is just strange and unusual behavoir. Watching the movie made this so called perfect society actually look worse to me than the book did since everything just made no sense at all. It also showed that the system was built with many flaws since each child from each rank had just one child that didn’t take to well to the brainwashing causing there to be a chance of future rebellion against this society which could be a great thing to help wake up the citizens in order to give them a chance to live the way they want to and not the way they are made to

I thought the movie was pretty good for the most part it did keep my attention but I felt that it was rushe’d film and didn’t cover the any parts of Bernard and Leninas trip which bought them to John and Linda’s presence. This makes me want to watch the later Brave new world movie now in order to compare the two films from the novel .

Brave New… Straight to the point!

This is the first time ever that I read a novel to then watch a film based on the novel. Yes, this even includes Twilight and such ha!

To be honest, I really felt that the film was going to be super boring because it’s based on a novel, and the film was produced in 1998 with no special effects and stuff haha but I was sincerely shocked at how great it was! Yes, there was a lot of missing details that were left out in the film such as several important characters like Helmholtz etc. But I felt that it is important to capture the overall aspect of the novel, specifically the message the author was trying to portray overall instead of focusing on every single detail. So of course, several events and characters did not make it to the film but I think because of these changes it really helped the viewers, like myself, understand and feel what life is like in the World State from the perspective of the characters, rather than focus on the character’s dilemmas.

There are two reasons why I appreciated this version of the movie (although I cannot speak for the other version of the Brave New World film because I have yet to see it). First, I really enjoyed the directors interpretation of the ending of the film. In the novel, it ends at the moment where John decides to commit suicide, however, in the film, it showed the “family” that consisted of Bernard and Lenina and of course, a child. Because of the restrictions that the citizens of the World State endured, the ending brought hope of the chances of citizens to live a “regular” life like individuals. I feel that this decision helped me explore the idea of “what if” such as, what if Linda and John didn’t pass away? What if they remain alive and continue to spread awareness of life in the Reservation? How would things change? If a film builds a lot of questions in the end, I personally believe it is a great film (because people keep talking about it).

Secondly, I LOVE how the ending revealed the young boy who added earplugs in order to distract himself from being conditioned to what the World State wanted. When the scene occurred, I instantly thought about Bernard, which in the novel and film portrays him as the hope of the World State because he is different from the rest. I found it refreshing how this young boy decides to seclude himself from the World State and try to mold what the community wants him to be.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film regardless of the differences it has according to the novel. Yes it is true that perhaps the readers are not too fond of the differences of the novel to the film, but we have to remember that there are so many details that cannot be covered in a two-hour film. Plus, if the film had every-single-detail of the novel, then why would we read the novel in the first place? If all the details are revealed? That is why I believe it is better for a film and novel to be slightly different from one another in order for the consumer to enjoy both pieces.


Brave New World v2.0

The movie adaptation of Brave New World was very different from the book. In the book there were a lot of key factors that were not included in the movie. One of the major differences was that there was not a lot of detail in the story prior to Lenina and Bernard going to the reservation.  I feel as if the 1st 100 pages of so of the novel were summed up in the 1st 20 minutes of the movie. There was not a whole lot of detail as to what was going on and the dialoge was not that deep so we can gather an understanding of what was going on. If I did not read the book prior I would not have known what was going on.

In those 100 pages there was a lot of character development for Bernard and Lenina. In the movie Bernard seems like different person. In the book, Bernard is a sort of outcast and doesn’t fit in well. In the movie he is your normal Alpha. In the book Bernard is shown as someone who has ideas different than the World State. That is not depicted even in the slightest in the movie. When Bernard and Lenina go to the reservation, they crashed into it instead of just landing and wanting to stay.

One other point that was made clear in the book and not in the movie was the worship of Ford. Now this isn’t really a huge issue as far as the plot is concerned but it was made such a  big deal in the book that I almost expected to see some adaptation of it in the movie. One major thing that was left out in the movie was the character of Helmholtz. In the book he is a big role in the whole storyline. He and Bernard talk quite often in the book. He is there at Bernards side during the soma riot. I think that maybe one of the 2 guys we see Bernard socializing with in the beginning is Helmholtz but it is never referenced too.

Another difference was the riot scene. The director made this more so of John just throwing soma on the floor, everyone jumping after it and then some type of security getting a hold of John.  In the movie this is a much more elaborate scene. John throws the soma off of a balcony and this ensues the public becoming rowdy and start attacking John. Then the peace robot came out giving out soma and restoring peace. The movie depiction did not seem like a riot at all, just a temper tantrum.

There was another major plot point that was changed in the movie. In the novel, Linda was a citizen of the World State and got abandoned by the Director in the reservation. In the movie Linda was born on the reservation and was introduced to the World State by the DHC and he got her pregnant. It really did not make a lot of sense. Unless the DHC brought her soma and stuff along those lines how does Linda know so much about it?

Brave new disappointment

I’m usually not a fan of turning a novel into a book and this movie just proved why and then some. They strayed so far away from the book I couldn’t believe this movie was based on the book we read in class. It’s like they took the central ideas of the novel and then made something completely new. This new version is a total disappointment.

First off I’m disappointed in the characters of Bernard and Lenina. Let’s start off with Bernard. I’m upset that deviated away from the book and made Bernard Mr Popular. That took away one of the core plots and storyline from the novel. They didn’t give him none of the physical attributes that he had in the book which took away him being an outcast in the society which is a core point in the novel. It would be nice to see how he compared to all the other alpha plus males. Since Bernard is an outcast it drives him, I believe, to bring John and Linda back so he can seek his revenge on the director and which ultimately causes his downfall in the end. Bernard being popular leaves no need for one of the pivotal characters I believe, Helmholtz to be in the movie. They just completely removed him. Helmholtz is what keeps Bernard grounded and he shows that not everyone in the World State is perfect. That Bernard isn’t the only one with flaws. I don’t like that made him and Lenina the main characters in the movie. Unlike the movie in the novel it’s several different story-lines that are intertwined but yet separate and it makes the story that much better.

Lenina’s portrayal in the movie was another disappointment. I like the fact that in the novel she was weak minded and couldn’t understand nothing outside of the realm of her conditioning.  I like the fact that when free thinking people like Bernard and John tried to explain something to her, or get her to get in tap with her emotions she just couldn’t understand. It brought conflicts in the book and it made for a great read. In the movie she seemed so sassy and able and willing to convert to the free thinking ways of John. That made the scene with her altercation with John inside his apartment not necessary in the movie and I would have loved to see that scene played out on a film. I think that was good part in the book because it showed the love between John and Lenina but because they are from two different worlds they can’t understand each other and they can’t jump over that hurdle and it proves to be difficult to be with each other. They also just completely changed her job, they switched her from a nurse in the conditioning center to a teacher.

They also removed Henry Foster and all the people at the reservation. The controller was also a disappointment. He seemed so much wiser and worldlier in the book. He understood Bernard, Helmholtz and John. He knew they weren’t outsiders but they were just free thinkers who knew it was more out there than the conditioning and that made him appear to be more of a person of high regard. In the movie he just seemed to be the big boss, no one special. The fact that Bernard was popular and wasn’t an outcast took away from some many other characters.

Different From The Novel

The 1998 movie version of the novel Brave New World is very different than what I expected. There were many parts from novel that were either left out or completely changed.

What surprised me the most was how Bernard was not considered the main character. The movie mainly focused on Lenina and how she changed after she met John. This was shocking, because in the novel Lenina did not change and never saw the world from John’s perspective. They changed her character, which in turn added a new conflict. Lenina became someone who didn’t follow the ways of the state. This is shown when she is teaching a class of students about the past. She begins talking about heroes, only to rethink what she’s saying. She goes against what the textbook says, adding her own ideas and thoughts on the subject matter. There was even a moment where she didn’t take soma. People in this society are trained to take soma whenever something unpleasant happens, but she threw all of her soma on the floor. Instead of getting rid of the unpleasant feelings she decided to deal with it. For the first time ever, she felt soma wouldn’t solve her problem. Lenina’s character was changed into something completely different, ending with her understanding the way of life John had been trying to explain to her throughout the movie.

Bernard didn’t seem like an outsider to me. Instead, he seemed to fit into society. He wasn’t anything the novel described him to be. Before we watched the movie, I pictured Bernard as an awkward character who didn’t fit in among the other alphas mentally and physically. I thought I would be able to tell who Bernard was just by comparing him physically to another alpha near him. This however was not the case, and Bernard didn’t seem to add any real conflict to the story. Bernard was more like a side character, while Lenina and John were the main focus.

The fact that John didn’t commit suicide does change his character. In the novel, John decided to kill himself so he could finally be alone in a world where his ways were considered primitive and savage. It was a way for him to make a decision for himself without anyone else trying to control him. In the movie, his death was accidental. This makes me wonder about how John would have dealt with the situation if he hadn’t fallen off the cliff. In the movie he did want to be alone, but when he was running away from everyone near the cliff I wasn’t given the impression he would kill himself. It seemed more like he just wanted to get away from everyone.

The fact that the character Helmholtz wasn’t in the movie disappointed me. His character was one of the more interesting ones and showed just how one could move away from the teachings of the state. However, considering his role in the novel it did make sense to not add him in the movie. If Bernard wasn’t considered the main character and didn’t have a different view from the state, Helmholtz wouldn’t really serve his purpose of being Bernard’s way of connecting with someone who understood him.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel more than the movie. Too much was changed and it took away from some points made.

Brave New Ending?

Watching the 1998  movie version of Brave New world we see a new plot almost with all the tweaks they did. But it did help understand the book as a story a lot better how things were. The movie in a sense  sugar coated the actual book be cause they took out a lot of the events which were  considered tragic and what made it set as a dytopias They ended it with a happy ended which I though was nice but weird since reading all about dystopias we are used to the tragic endings which no one wins, They did make the story more like-able as there was less of what set one state apart from the savage world. They did take out the core of the society though like fordism. which really in a sense made everyone almost seem expendable  They did make high emphasis on the part which everyone belonged to everyone though which was the core of the story which the individual was looked down upon.

Things they kept still was how people interacted with each other like the causal sex no attachment, the high use of Soma every time a character feels stressed out they would turn to the drug to erase it. Bernard in the movie still in a way kept to his character by barely eating it but he had his own agenda in the movie which he just did what ever he wanted. He made things to just go his way. He was never really a loner in the movie as he acted as one with the society compared to the book. Parts of the movie they changed are such as how John was really treat by Linda. In the book we know she hated john almost because of her background of being born from one state but in the movie she actually like him a lot but it was because they made it so she was actually born from the savage world. They made it so John is a lot less hated. The movie also took out the character of Helmholtz whom I though was important as he was the fundamental reason Bernard was able to see his change but to make up for it we did not really see the change in Bernard it was more of a change in Lenina.

The most important thing I though that changed in the movie which was really different  from the book was defiantly the ending. They did not just end it with the death of John (which i though was weird that they changed the way he died too) They ended it with a happy ending in which Bernard and Lenina have their child and actually raised the baby together as a family and as parents which as we all know is highly looked down upon in the society of world state but this was what made the movie less tragic and i liked it more.This made me realize that it really was pretty much a story of its own.


Brave New World 1998

While I was reading Brave New World I pictured it to be different from the movie. The book had a lot of details that made it easier to create imagery. One major difference from my interpretation and the 1998 movie version was the hatchery, I thought it would look like today’s hospitals bright and white but in the movie it was extremely dark. I expected the room to be all white and bright, the test tubes were just how I thought they’d be. The movie was very dark as far as lighting goes, which I thought since “everyone belongs to everyone else,” everything would be out in the open so a lot of light would be needed. The dark light in the movie to me seemed as though they were trying to hide something, whereas, if there were to be more light it would emphasize the “freeness” they claimed to have.

I think Helmholtz not being in the movie wasn’t a good idea, only because it would have been nice to see the bond he had with Bernard and John. The friendship and attachment the three men had to one another would have made the movie stronger. Bernard could have been made to look more of an outcast because I feel as though he blended in with everyone else around him and in the book everyone looked at him because of his weird appearance.  Lenina in the movie looked modern yet plain, in the movie she only wore green but was high fashioned. I think the reason why the director might have done this was to make it more realistic and appealing to the audience so that they might be able to relate. I did like the window’s however, the way one was able to change what they wanted to see based on their mood. Although I did like the windows, I wondered why would they want to see these pleasant images. They live in such a “perfect world” they should want to see it all the time and not see something else. I did like how they showed the conditioning of the kids, which was very similar to how I pictured it to be.

I didn’t understand why the director made a big emphasizes on that one particular child. At one point I thought that was Bernard when he was younger and the movie was him in the future but then I ruled it out. Maybe the director did it to be a cliffhanger and/or to show that there would always be someone different just like Bernard no matter how hard you try not to have someone like him in the society. Also, Linda wasn’t that bad looking, I pictured her to be extremely fat, horrible teeth, her hair I think did look bad in the movie. The reservation looked more like the city, maybe an hour away from the World State, not a helicopter ride away. I pictured to be jungle like, maybe a forest, because I remember the details describing it mentioning a lot of green. Also in a conversation john and Bernard were having in the reservation john pointed to a mountain, and he also talked about learning how to make pottery by a lake which none were shown in the movie. If the director would have depicted the reservation how it was in the movie maybe the differences would have been easier to see to a person who has never read the book. Had I not read the book I would have thought john was just from a low class neighborhood and the World State was a high class neighborhood.

The movie ‘Brave New World’

I like the movie “Brave New World” which was made in 1998.  It helped me to understand the themes of the novel, more than I had previously. However, the movie has and missed a few of the main points that the author expresses in his writing.  The movie has a happy ending, Lenina and Bernard escape from the sterile, perfectly controlled world and make the decision to keep a baby and raise their own child.  It is a subtle change that inspires more sympathy for the movie characters then the sympathy created for the book characters.

John creates conflict in the movie between savages and civilization and his persona is slightly different in the movie. Further, John plays a more significant and deeper role in the movie. However, he is not the main character. Conversely, the book ends when he kills himself.

In the movie, John’s character has a profound influence on Lenina.  She starts to view his relationship with Bernard differently, and realizes that the civilization creates artificial happiness and that traditional family attachment is much more important. In the movie she comments,“ Screen with mother  was beautiful”.  Then Linda and John make her feel needed. She is struggling to fight her need for escapism. She even rejects to take soma, when in the book her character was never able to exhibit that strength.  In essence, she still has some connection with John, but not the same way as in the book. In the book,  Lenina and John fall in love with each other. In the movie, Lenina likes John, she observes and admires his behavior and she desires to have a physical connection with John, only because it’s her duty as a citizen.  However, she and Bernard have always had a special relationship and sympathy for each other, as John observes several times in the movie, that something is going on between them.  Society makes them suppress this feeling as it does not fit into the sterilized notion of relationship and reproduction prevalent in society.The movie doesn’t have the characters of Helmotz and Ford, they are completely omitted. It makes the role that Bernard plays even more important in the movie.  Also, it contributes to creating even more conflict between The Director and Bernard.

I like the scene with the children, as it signifies the hope of a new generation and that societal progress will depend on them. The movie begins with kids, and it also ends with a scene where one kid elects to listen to the dystopian propaganda. The propaganda that promotes the artificial world designed to numb people into happiness.  It creates a view civilization of as a flawed creation and happy place and these kid will be the protagonist of the system. The scene in the center of death was very painful and scary, in the way that make you view and understand that this society, has no reaction and any real human emotion. They teach young children that death is happy. When John sees Linda in the center of death and has a break down , people are incapable of understanding his emotions .This scene is very similar with the book.   It contrasts the different value system between the “civilization” world and “savage” world.

Where did the book’s version go?


While watching the movie of 1998 Brave new world, I was left a bit confused. I was rather disappointed with what came out of the movie. The book was a beautiful piece of writing, why change any of the book’s story if it was good how it was. Throughout the movie many scenes were left out, and many of those scenes were the ones I wanted to see. I felt they miss the whole point of the book and saw the story in a really weak way. At one point in the film I was lost with what was happening, I would question myself: did I forget this part in the book? It was confusing. The movie had it’s good moments but I just really wasn’t liking the cut out parts of it.

For starters, the setting lacked imagination. In the book the World State was a futuristic setting, it made the reader wonder how the place would look. When the film displayed the World State, I questioned myself asking if that really was the World State. When I saw this part of the film I was very disappointed, I had high expectations of it. I was curious to see how the reservation looked like as well. When the reservation came up, I was confused, I thought the reservation was very ancient, and when they displayed the reservation it looked too much of a modern world to be seen as a savage reservation.

Another disappointment for me was not seeing the introduction before they met John. In the book there’s a scenery where a kid is whipping himself in a ceremony. After that they meet John would explains to them he would of liked to be the one getting whipped. In the movie it didn’t happen that way. In the film Bernard and Lenina are attack by some savages and John appears to get them out of there. My heart sank when I notice they did not involve this, it was an important scene, it had a big meaning in the book so I was sadden. I was worried for the ending.

In the film there was a scene where it just took me by surprise. Half way into the film, a guy was conditioned to kill Bernard! It got me by surprise observing this event occur because in the book there wasn’t any mentioning of a man attempting to kill Bernard. That wasn’t needed In the film, maybe they were trying to display that not everyone was ok in the World State. This guy was shown to be weird in the World State. But I felt this part wasn’t as important as other scenes that should have been there. At the end the guy failed at killing him and attempted to kill himself instead. Although it has a big meaning what he did, I don’t get where they got the idea to make up this.

Another important scene where it really hit me hard was the killing of John. In the book John wants to be isolated in a light house and he starts to whip himself. Photographers go looking for him doing this action and they like it. At the end John can’t handle all the stress he has and needs up hanging himself. In the film… Personally I didn’t want to finish watching it. It had miss the whole point! They displayed him on top of a building walking around freaking out, he later climbs down and is chased by a mob of people. They end up cornering him at the edge of cliff and he ends up falling accidentally to his death. This is how the film should have a least ended but no, they continue with the story. At the end Lenina has a sex with Bernard and she ends getting pregnant and now has to leave the World state. Bernard decides to sneak her out and age decides to stay. He later on regrets leaving Lenina with the baby alone and decides to leave the World State to be with his family. They changed the ending from a tragic ending which was in the book to a happy ending in the film.