Where did the book’s version go?


While watching the movie of 1998 Brave new world, I was left a bit confused. I was rather disappointed with what came out of the movie. The book was a beautiful piece of writing, why change any of the book’s story if it was good how it was. Throughout the movie many scenes were left out, and many of those scenes were the ones I wanted to see. I felt they miss the whole point of the book and saw the story in a really weak way. At one point in the film I was lost with what was happening, I would question myself: did I forget this part in the book? It was confusing. The movie had it’s good moments but I just really wasn’t liking the cut out parts of it.

For starters, the setting lacked imagination. In the book the World State was a futuristic setting, it made the reader wonder how the place would look. When the film displayed the World State, I questioned myself asking if that really was the World State. When I saw this part of the film I was very disappointed, I had high expectations of it. I was curious to see how the reservation looked like as well. When the reservation came up, I was confused, I thought the reservation was very ancient, and when they displayed the reservation it looked too much of a modern world to be seen as a savage reservation.

Another disappointment for me was not seeing the introduction before they met John. In the book there’s a scenery where a kid is whipping himself in a ceremony. After that they meet John would explains to them he would of liked to be the one getting whipped. In the movie it didn’t happen that way. In the film Bernard and Lenina are attack by some savages and John appears to get them out of there. My heart sank when I notice they did not involve this, it was an important scene, it had a big meaning in the book so I was sadden. I was worried for the ending.

In the film there was a scene where it just took me by surprise. Half way into the film, a guy was conditioned to kill Bernard! It got me by surprise observing this event occur because in the book there wasn’t any mentioning of a man attempting to kill Bernard. That wasn’t needed In the film, maybe they were trying to display that not everyone was ok in the World State. This guy was shown to be weird in the World State. But I felt this part wasn’t as important as other scenes that should have been there. At the end the guy failed at killing him and attempted to kill himself instead. Although it has a big meaning what he did, I don’t get where they got the idea to make up this.

Another important scene where it really hit me hard was the killing of John. In the book John wants to be isolated in a light house and he starts to whip himself. Photographers go looking for him doing this action and they like it. At the end John can’t handle all the stress he has and needs up hanging himself. In the film… Personally I didn’t want to finish watching it. It had miss the whole point! They displayed him on top of a building walking around freaking out, he later climbs down and is chased by a mob of people. They end up cornering him at the edge of cliff and he ends up falling accidentally to his death. This is how the film should have a least ended but no, they continue with the story. At the end Lenina has a sex with Bernard and she ends getting pregnant and now has to leave the World state. Bernard decides to sneak her out and age decides to stay. He later on regrets leaving Lenina with the baby alone and decides to leave the World State to be with his family. They changed the ending from a tragic ending which was in the book to a happy ending in the film.


D-503 ‘s sickness cured

Throughout the last entries we were told to read, the story got really good. We are also introduced to what is call “the Great Operation”. No one knew at first what it was but we find out what it is, and it’s interesting the way they announce this news. At the beginning of these chapters D-503 is demonstrating that he is  all for I-330, but the decision he takes at the end was unexpected. Throughout the last chapters the Decision that D-503 makes is influenced fully by the truth behind I-330 and her plans.

The entries  begins with I-330 and U coming into D-503’s room, I-330 came in asking D-503 if he had given U permission to guard him from her. U persisted it is her duty, D-503 orders her out and she leaves. After this I-330 tells him that all auditoriums are closed as medics set up tables in them, she didn’t know what or why they were doing this but we soon find out, what was going on. “REJOICE! For henceforth you shall be perfect! Until this day, your own creations—machines—were more perfect than you(179)”. It was called the Great Operation. They made it seem that the machines were prefect and that humans had the opportunity to be just like them. “Prefect” the way how they made the announcement sound as if the citizens of the One state were sick. It was such an interesting way they used it, it got me thinking towards the end of how important this quote was. “historians of the One State ask for retirement so that they need not record disgraceful events. But this is not your fault—you are sick. The name of this sickness is IMAGINATION……This is the last barricade on our way to happiness.Rejoice, then: this barricade has already been blown up.The road is open”(179).  This was basically the solutions to all the rebels that were trying to go against the Benefactor. This was the “cure” for the citizens of the One State. It was a solution for the Benefactor. It’s funny how the citizens were also fooled by they thought was a cure. “Run upstairs! They’ll cure you, they’ll stuff you full of rich, fat happiness, and, sated, you will doze off peacefully, snoring in perfect unison”(207).

At the beginning of the entries 28-30 we see that D-503 is with the rebellious group. It’s seems as if he has cleared up his mind of what he thought was right and now is all for I-330. The love he has for I-330 was what made him go against what he once believed was right and do things he normally wouldn’t do. “I must kill U. Kill her, and then go to the other and say, “Now you believe?”… killing is somehow messy, primitive. Crushing her skull with something—it gives me a strange sensation of something sickeningly sweet in the mouth(205)”. He was basically going to kill her to please I-330. It’s crazy how far D-503 went since the beginning of the book. At the end of the book, D-503 is crushed to hear the news that the only reason why I-330 looked for him was because he was the engineer of the the integral. “There we were tied to the tables and subjected to the Great Operation. On, the following day, I, D-503, went to the Benefactor and told him everything I knew about the enemies of happiness. How could it have seemed so difficult before? Incredible. The only explanation I can think of is my former sickness (the soul)(232)”. Although this quote was long, I felt this quote was of great significance because it demonstrated the real truth behind the “Great Operation”, this was the solution for the Benefactor for all those who tried to rebel against the One State. They had no more individuality, no more soul. They were walking zombies, not living life.


The Influences D-503 got in his life

The Book WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin was a curious book to read, especially focusing on the main character, which was D-503, notice, how the main characters name is a number instead of being a name. In the One State, D-503 is the engineer of building the integral (spaceship), which the one state will be using to introduce other planets of their way of living. D-503 lives in the One State, ruled by the Benefactor. He has a high position in the One state and is asked to record Journals of he way of living. While reading this book you have to notice the main character’s way of seeing things. The way his mentality is changed. D-503 being introduced to a girl named I-330 causes him to question his way of living, causing him to intend to betray of One State.

Claim 1

I-330 makes D-503 fall for her, making him discover a feeling he had never encountered before by consuming something that is not allowed in the One State.

“a mouthful of fiery poison flowed into me- then more, and more…I broke away from the earth….rushed down, down, along an unknown, uncalculated orbit…it has never occurred to me before..(56)”.

Claim 2

On unanimity Day I-330 caused uproar by voting Against the Benefactor with a group of people causing a side of D-503 to wake up.

“Who is against?’…It took one hundredth of a second: I saw thousands of hands swing up-“against”-and drop. I saw the pale, cross-marked face of I-330, her raised hand. Darkness fell on my eyes. (143)”.

Claim 3

D-503 falling in love for 1-330 makes him leave behind everything he once believed good of the One state.

“Well, you are sick, you have committed crimes because of me… And now, the Operation-and you will cure yourself of me…Well, im waiting. Make your choice: the Operation…or… ‘ I cannot…without you. I want nothing without you (185)”.

Changes in the One state

I must say, throughout these chapters many things were thrown at us. I felt as if these entries were the main part of the whole book, from what I read so far. From entires 17 to 26 many things are spoken of, such as D-506 way of thinking, I-330 real plan in. The One state, and the chaos that was revealed in the last entires. Chaos not only was happening in the life of D-506, but also for the One State.


It’s crazy how the main character is this story, which is also the narrator, telling us the story. Is changing his mind of viewing the One State. From what I’ve observed he is also looking and admiring everything around him. But in these chapters he can’t think well. And there’s one person doing this to him. I-330. She has impacted his life so much, D-506 didn’t like her at first. The more she spoke to him, the more he supposedly would hate her more. In entry 17 we notice, after I-330 and D-506 had their intimate moment, she left him wanting him wanting her even more. He wasn’t thinking right, everyone notice it around him. He was in love. “I called quietly, “I-330 Are you here?” Then, still more quietly, with eyes closed, scarcely breathing, as though I were already on my knees before her, “Darling!” (94) he only had her on his mind. While all this is happening we notice  O-90 was also in love with D-506. It got to the point where she begged him, to have his baby. This all was new to me. It kind of changed my views of D-506, it was as if he had lost his identity. He only cared of being with I-330. I saw a whole new side of D-506. What love does.


While D-506 was in his own world trying to find his true love, she was in other things, when I-330 had intimacy with him, I felt as if she had introduced a whole new world to D-506. He didn’t know what she was doing, he just followed and did what every she wanted him to do…..most of the times. Throughout the chapter we didn’t get to really see what she was up to, because she had disappeared for a while. When we finally do see her, she acts weird. D-506 wanted to be with her in a reunion and she declined his invitation. I was wondering why, and we later find out that she was planning to rebel against what was going on in the One State.


“Who is against?”……. I saw thousands of hands swing up—”against”….. I saw the pale, cross-marked face of I-330, her raised hand. Darkness fell on my eyes.(143) it’s crazy how fast the story has got, but what happens here is that there’s changes that many were not use to. When it was Election Day, everyone must vote for their ruler, but usually everyone agrees that’s the end of story, but this time around things change, many start going against it, and D-506 notices things aren’t the way they normally are. After that incident, everything changed.

The Savage’s Last experience in the World State

It’s crazy that I finished reading this book already. It was an unusually book to read, I wouldn’t have guessed I would have read a book like this one. Reading the last chapters were good. I felt as if our main character which was Bernard is not the main character anymore, now I feel that John is the main character. Some things occurred, and I honestly didn’t expect the ending to be the way it did. Throughout the last chapters we saw the death of Linda, Johns reactions to it,the experience John had before he also killed himself.

As I was saying before, the main character ended up being John. This whole time I expected Bernard to be the one mainly getting focused on but, by the end of the book, Bernard ended up being another simple side character. And all the attention was given to John. and it all started when his Mother was dying slowly . We see that As soon as John received the news that his mother was about to die he went to the hospital. In this scenery, they show us the way a person from the savage reservation acts and the way a individual from the world state acts. “Oh, look,look!” ‘They spoke in low, scared voices.’ “Whatever is the matter with her? Why is she so fat? (Huxley, 183)” for us this would be really rude, for a kid to walk up to a person that is about to die and start asking random question of her appearance. But in this book, this is normal and of course John being all sad and for him to hear this from a child, he’s going to get angry and because of this I guess he hit a child and The nurse got mad at him. “The Savage’s voice was trembling with indignation. ‘What are these filthy brats doing here at all? It’s disgraceful’ (Huxley, 184)” this was what John told her and instead of trying to quietly take the kids away she started arguing to him that he was interfering with their conditioning. “They’re being death-conditioned (Huxley, 187) meaning they were Showing the children at young age that Death wasn’t a sad thing, but a non emotional thing. But when they saw the way John got when he noticed Linda wasn’t responding to him, he reacted hysterically and started weeping his mothers death. “The nurse stood irresolute, looking now at the kneeling figure by the bed ( the scandalous exhibition!) and now (poor children!) at the twins who had stopped their hunting of the zipper and were staring from the other end of the ward, (Huxley, 187) ” the nurse instead of understanding the reacting John ahead taken , she felt bad for the children that had witness this.

Before Linda died there was a sort of fight going on between John and Linda, ” Her lips moved. ‘Pope’ she whispered again, and it was as though he had had a pailful of ordure thrown in his face. (Huxley, 185)” this was really sad. It gave me pity for John, not only was he the only one there for Linda, but She didn’t even notice it he was. He got angry at this because out of all people, the only name she kept repeating was Pope’s name. But when she noticed who he really was, it was too late She had passed away.  After this John got even more bad news, Bernard and Helmhontz where being send to two different islands , and when he wanted to go as well, the controller denied it, and told him he wanted to continue with the “experiment”. Now it seemed as if everything close to John was slipping out of his hands slowly. He decided to isolate himself and for some reason, he felt as he wasn’t wordy of living, as the author said : “but who was he to be pampered  with daily and hourly sight of loveliness? Who was he to be living in the visible presence of God? All he deserved to live in was some filthy sty, some blind hole in the ground. (Huxley, 219)” he later started to whip himself and some reporters started to asked him why he did it, he didn’t want anyone near him , and later one it got worse, more people decided to come and asked for the whip. And what happens later one is that it’s turns into a whole orgy-porgy thing and many saw this as a fun thing to do, but John was doing it to punish himself and the others turned it into this whole other thing. The next day….. He wasn’t happy with what was left in his mind and he hanged himself up. Such tragedy to see what happen to this innocent and curious guy. There were other points throughout the chapters but I felt these were points I got more Intrigued by.

Bernard’s Other Half

Reading these chapters this story got really interesting. In these chapters there’s many characters involve, such as Bernard, the director, Linda, John, Lenina, Helmholtz. Through the three chapters they go back and forth with all of them. Several things occurred. The director’s leaving, Bernard’s change in society and with himself, Lenina felling rejected by John, and it’s crazy I but Linda appears in the beginning of chapter 10 and chapter 12 ends with her, she also was having conflicts, but it wasn’t with someone but a thing. Soma.

As soon as Chapter 10 starts , we discover the director was going to send Bernard to Iceland , and to make an example out of him, he was going to do it in front of a crowd. But the predator quickly became the pray when the Director asked : “can you show any reason why I should not now execute the judgement passed upon you? (Huxley, 139)” when the director said that, that was when he future was written down, because then  Bernard came in with a woman and he said “There he is’, pointing at the Director. ‘Did you think I didn’t recognize him?’ Linda asked indignantly; then, turning to the director, ‘of course I knew you; Tomakin,’ (Huxley, 139)” And everyone was disturbed to see the appearance the woman had, that was walking in. And of course this woman was no other than the Woman that the director had left back in the Savage reservation and he had thought he had lost her there. And what was more shocking was He left her pregnant. And right away John comes in and kneels to the director/his father and cried out Father! Everyone burst in laughter if course because the action John took to the director. After this, there was no way the director could remain in charge so he renounced at his place. And it seemed like Bernard was able to stay.

Bernard bringing John to The world state bought popularity to him making him change he was of being. Bernard had gotten the attention of so many. He was finally getting accepted into society. “Bernard now found himself for the first time in his life, treated not merely normally, but as a person of outstanding importance. There was no more talk of alcohol in his blood..(Huxley, 144) ” Everyone wanted to be with him, he was started to spark interest in a Chief , a Director and other important people. We then notice he started to change drastically, he wasn’t the same person we had seen at the beginning. The popularity and the attention was changing him. He started to talk to his very close friend Helmholtz about his sex life, and how it changed and he was having so many girls come up to him. Helmholtz of course wasn’t amused to hear this, and Bernard noticed it and just thought he was Jealous of the many girls he was getting. “Helmholtz shook his head. ‘I’m rather sad, that’s all.’ He answered. (Huxley ,145)” Helmholtz had a point in being like that, Bernard wasn’t the same after the trip he had taken. Instead noticing he was wrong (Bernard) he just walked away and said “never would he speak to Helmholtz. (Huxley, 145)” I felt as if that was the moment in which Bernard embraced this side of him.

We later find out in chapter 13 that Lenina is another character going through some changes as well. In this cheater they mostly focus on her and her feelings and her thoughts of John. And she admits she can’t let him go.  In chapter 11 she took him on a taxi ride in a helicopter, which is called a taxicopter while being there they watched this movie and John didn’t like it one bit. After getting to Lenina’s house, Lenina expected John to go into her room and have sex with her, but she was shocked to get the total opposite. John left in the helicopter leaving her Alone. After this , it left her obsessed with him , and she wanting to be with him was even more now. She explained this to her friend Fanny and she said : “well. You must persevere,(Huxley, 171)” she later also said “Nothing can be achieved without perseverance. (Huxley, 171)” Basically telling her to not give up on him, to go and get what she wants. She tries to seduce him, but he doesn’t want that, he loves her but he doesn’t just want to sleep with her. He wants there to be a relationship between them. Marriage. When he tried to explain it to Lenina she of course freaked out and said what a horrible idea that was. He tried to explain Marriage, he said : “For always. They make a promise to live together for always…….it’s like that in Shakespeare too. ‘If thou dost break her virgin knot before all sanctimonious ceremonies may with full and holy rite……’ (Huxley, 174)” He even bought up Shakespeare to her, even though she wasn’t going to understand it,mi felt as if he wanted to let out what he felt. The Shakespeare book has a lot of meaning for the savage or John. I feel as if its a guide for him, he wants what the characters in the book feel , the emotions they feel, Love. But even after this whole explanation he gave her, she just wanted to be with him in that moment . And John really didn’t like that, he started calling her a whore, and started getting really violent with her and threaten her , he would kill her. She was trembling of the way he was acting, she locked herself in the bathroom and wanted to wait until he left, and for some weird reason he left unexpectedly.

Linda was a victim of of mescal and Soma. These two things are similar in so many ways and we noticed that since chapter 7 , she couldn’t live without soma and so when she was stuck at the savage reservation she looked for something similar to Soma and she found Mescal. Her daily routine was to drink mescal. And now that she returned “home” to the world state, she demanded soma! As the book said “Greedily she clamoured for ever larger, evermore frequent doses. (Huxley 143)” She missed it a lot , and that wasn’t a good thing. “The return to civilization was for her the return to soma,(Huxley, 142)” she only had eyes for soma. But there was a problem, the doctor started explaining to Bernard what was happening to Linda: “One day the respiratory centre will be paralyzed. No more breathing. Finished. (Huxley, 143) ” She is going to die soon. Going back to the situation with Lenina and John in the room, right when John was really furious at Lenina, the reason why he left unexpectedly was because he received a call and it was concerning His Mother.

Brave new World chapters 6-9

Thought out these three chapters there were a few things taking place. For starters , they start in then beginning of chapter six, with Lenina wondering whether to go with Bernard to the savage reservation, she was doubtful in going because she was thinking of how “odd” Bernard was, and if it was worth going with him, Or to go to the North Pole with another guy.  I felt the reason why she choose to go with Bernard was mostly because , for people to actually get a permit to go to such a place was rare, and she didn’t want to let the opportunity go. After this There’s this weird moment in which Bernard and Lenina was in a helicopter ride of a little adventure that Bernard and Lenina had in a helicopter. It seems that Bernard wanted to try out something, and that he wanted to observe the ocean was at a very close view. He wanted to stop the propeller and be very close to the waves. And of course Lenina was freaked out by this, and she was very shocked at what he was doing. After this incident I felt as if the main focus was on a characters past, which was the directors or Thomas as they named him. I felt as we got a view of a secret he had. He had explained of the adventure he had gone on with a girl he was with at the time. He mentioned her hair being Yellow. He explained that for some reason he had gone to sleep and she as well, but she went for a walk and got lost. Afterwards he woke up and tried finding her but no use. She had disappeared. I felt as The Director was telling his story he got carried away and as soon as he noticed what he had told Bernard about himself, he got angry at himself for saying such a personal story for himself. I felt as if he was covering something. “Don’t imagine,’ he said, ‘that I’d had any indecorous relation with the girl. Nothing emotional, nothing longdrawn. It was all perfectly healthy and normal.(Huxley, 95)” As the story went on, Bernard and Lenina were at the savage reservation. And from what I saw Lenina couldn’t believe what she was seeing, the dirtiness she was seeing and she couldn’t stand it , so she decided to use the Soma as a way to not feel the change so drastic. After this they go to a ritual and we see they start to wipe a child and Lenina was so horrified by it. Lenina was so horrified by it that she said: “Too awful! That blood! Sjphe shuddered. Oh , I wish I had my soma.(Huxley, 110) ” She wants the soma so she doesn’t feel any emotions. They then meet this Guy named John. Bernard then asked to tell him about himself and what catches Bernard’s attention is that John starts to mentioned about his mother and how she wasn’t from this place, she had come with a Guy to visit the Savage reservation and She ended up wondering off on her own on the Mountains and Bernard hearing this got him really interested. He said while she was walking and she fell hitting her head. People later found her and she couldn’t remember Who Thomas was. Now Linda was going through some hard things because she started living there, and she did the things she used to do in the Other place, where she was from. For example sleep with other men , she thought it was normally fine to do that, but for the women that lived there, they didn’t. That was a wrongful thing to do. Throughout the chapter we see, it has been hard for Linda. She was used to drinking soma, but since she didn’t have it anymore she started drinking something similar to that, Mescals was the name of it. It was similar but the difference was that Mescals left you with a sick feeling the next day. It hasn’t been easy for Both John and Linda.

Brave New World

This book is very weird, but interesting at the same time. The author starts of in the Central London hatchery. In this part we see a man giving a group of students a tour of the factory that makes human beings. I was a little surprised by what I was reading. As soon as I read that, it got my mind thinking a lot, one movie that came up to my mind was a movie call the matrix. Where technology is was takes care of the three humans bodies. The guy giving the tour spoke that humans don’t reproduce children anymore. That instead it’s done in a different form, involving technology and science. Chapter one explains that the fetus is given a place in the world state and that depending where it goes, it’s given a punishment. There words that put you to think are Community, Identity, stability.Also in this chapter we’re introduced to a few characters such as, Lenina and Mr. Henry Foster who explain to the group of what they do.

In chapter two this chapter was so incredibly confusing. What I mean by that is that :/ this chapter the group is taken to the infants nurseries to observe what they do to eight months old babies. The kids are playing in the floor and some nurses come and present the babies with books and flowers, and make it provocative so it can grab the baby’s attention and go for it. You’d think it would be nice but when the baby goes for it, an alarm is turned on and the babies receive a eclectic shock! I was so bothered by that because it’s so wrong what they are doing to them. They are teaching the babies terror at such a young age! After the babies receive the electric shock, they are scared to approach the books and flowers. The director explains that after the babies have gone through that process 200 times! The baby have a hatred for both things. They explain they do that to them, so they can not be intrested in reading stuff and get any ideas of changing things. Nor does the director want them wasting time reading, when they can be working. The flowers were a bit more complicated for me to get. But it’s really unfair what they do to them. This reminded me of the short story “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” in this story they mistreat a child just so the whole community can live a good life. In both stories kids are mistreated in really bad ways! 

In Chapter Three they take us to a scene where children are running outside naked. In this world children are encourage to participate and its seen as a normal thing to do. The director explains to the group that this activity was seen not normal before. Then we’re introduced to another character named Mustapha Mond the Resident controller for Western Europe. This character talks to the group and tells them of knowledge he knows , and the Director gives him like a warning sign not to talk to them about what he knows. It’s like the Director doesn’t wamt them to get their minds contaminated. 

The Machine Stops

The story “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster is a very engaging story , right from the beginning it starts making you imagine things in your head, it opens to a whole new world. The Story involves two main characters. A mother and a son , their names were Vashti and Kuno. They live completely opposite from each other. In this world the author created Humans aren’t able to live above the earth’s surface, they live underground. The whole living civilization underground. But thanks to the technology that they have many have been able to live for so long. In this Story, technology starts looking like a good thing , like a great tool that human rely on. The story explains the life Vashti lives, and her lectures and talks she has with other people, but in this world thanks to technology they dnot have to physically see each other in other to talk, now it’s rare when people physically see each other. It’s like instant messaging but they can see each other virtually. I feel like it’s like a virtual thing where you see the person, you hear them, but you can’t literally touch them. And the story says Vashti has a conversation with her Son. But the conversation quickly gets serious when her son has to tell her something. He explains it’s something really serious and that he can’t say it through the way they were communicating. She asked why, if she could see him and hear him, but he didn’t feel it was good enough. She didn’t want to travel. This this underground world , it’s really rare when someone travels, so she really didn’t want to travel. Many have gotten used being in their cells, since it provides them with anything they need. Her son got mad but at the end she ended up going . While she traveled she had so many difficulties and she wasn’t happy about it. When she got to him , she argued to him all she had gone through. But he didn’t care and just explained he was going to die. It was a shocking part for me because of a simple thing he didn’t follow , it was unfair to me!  If people don’t do things the way it is to be, it’s bad , so basically you can’t do things in your own type of way. This then turns into an argument , she doesn’t support in the things her son does,he compared her to the committee, that she reacted the same, what he told her was really shocking to me . “You are beginning to worship the Machine, He said coldly (Forster pg 11).” He was explainging that she was making the Machine as a god. she denied it, but honestly everyone except this kid Kuno is worshiping the Machine. It bothered me a little because people nowadays can’t be without their phones. If I panic when I loose my phone for a minute, imagine the world in a few years. Is this story some how a reflection of how our world might turn out to be.

Le Guin and her unusual stories.

Reading this author way of writing stories was really difficult to understand at first. This author explains things in a way that isn’t easy to understand. She uses a variety of vocabulary words. When I first read these stories I felt discouraged to continue reading them because of the high use of vocabulary words, but once you start knowing what those words mean, the stories actually get really interesting. One of the stories Guin talks about is a woman, at first you can’t tell if she’s young or old, but we later find out shes an elderly woman. This author explained the things this elderly woman achieved while being young. The author tries to make us see from the elderly’s woman point of view, of what she sees, and  how she used to be someone really important and she started observing get life and seeing that she was in a prison. It wasn’t meant literally, but she felt like it was, she barely went outside to walk around. The reason she didn’t do this was because if a stroke she had had a while ago. After that she was traumatized to walk outdoors again. She then Noticed something had to changed, she wanted to go see what was outside. At the end I feel as if she was dying slowly, she didn’t want anyone to notice where she was, I felt rather sad what what this woman went through. At the end it left me thinking with what was left at the end : “the dry white flowers nodded and whispered in the open fields of evening. Seventy-two years and she had never had time to learn what they were called(Le Guin Pg 14)”. That phrase left me thinking of what is really important in life. I felt like she did without knowing what was really important in life, she missed the big details in her life, when she thought It wasn’t important.

The author Le Guin wrote another short story called “The Ones Who walk away from Omelas. This story starts with the author trying to explain to us of a “perfect world” with no problems of any kind. The story starts really good, demonstrating this great Utopia. Place. But later on in the Story, as I read, I started getting a bit confused, it explained that in order for this town to remind as the “perfect world” that it is , a child either boy or girl must be kept in some sort of captivity and live in very terrible conditions. This boy/girl is the reason why the Whole town can have this Happy, and perfect world . This scene or section of the story really bothered me. As I read this: “They all know it is there, all the people of Omelas…..They all know that it has to be there (Le Guin page 5)”. This section demonstrated they treat the child, that is in captivity as an Object! They don’t even treat it as a human being. This child would cry “help me!” And no one can help him. If they helped  him, their perfect world would be destroy. I see this as a sacrifice that has to be done in order for other to live in a perfect world. “the beauty of their city……….the health of their children…..even the abundance of their harvest and kindly weathers of their skies, depend wholly on this child’s abominable misery (Le Guin page 5) .” So they consider this child that is treated badly as an Object, Yet, all Goodness depends upon he’s misery.