D-503 ‘s sickness cured

Throughout the last entries we were told to read, the story got really good. We are also introduced to what is call “the Great Operation”. No one knew at first what it was but we find out what it is, and it’s interesting the way they announce this news. At the beginning of these chapters D-503 is demonstrating that he is  all for I-330, but the decision he takes at the end was unexpected. Throughout the last chapters the Decision that D-503 makes is influenced fully by the truth behind I-330 and her plans.

The entries  begins with I-330 and U coming into D-503’s room, I-330 came in asking D-503 if he had given U permission to guard him from her. U persisted it is her duty, D-503 orders her out and she leaves. After this I-330 tells him that all auditoriums are closed as medics set up tables in them, she didn’t know what or why they were doing this but we soon find out, what was going on. “REJOICE! For henceforth you shall be perfect! Until this day, your own creations—machines—were more perfect than you(179)”. It was called the Great Operation. They made it seem that the machines were prefect and that humans had the opportunity to be just like them. “Prefect” the way how they made the announcement sound as if the citizens of the One state were sick. It was such an interesting way they used it, it got me thinking towards the end of how important this quote was. “historians of the One State ask for retirement so that they need not record disgraceful events. But this is not your fault—you are sick. The name of this sickness is IMAGINATION……This is the last barricade on our way to happiness.Rejoice, then: this barricade has already been blown up.The road is open”(179).  This was basically the solutions to all the rebels that were trying to go against the Benefactor. This was the “cure” for the citizens of the One State. It was a solution for the Benefactor. It’s funny how the citizens were also fooled by they thought was a cure. “Run upstairs! They’ll cure you, they’ll stuff you full of rich, fat happiness, and, sated, you will doze off peacefully, snoring in perfect unison”(207).

At the beginning of the entries 28-30 we see that D-503 is with the rebellious group. It’s seems as if he has cleared up his mind of what he thought was right and now is all for I-330. The love he has for I-330 was what made him go against what he once believed was right and do things he normally wouldn’t do. “I must kill U. Kill her, and then go to the other and say, “Now you believe?”… killing is somehow messy, primitive. Crushing her skull with something—it gives me a strange sensation of something sickeningly sweet in the mouth(205)”. He was basically going to kill her to please I-330. It’s crazy how far D-503 went since the beginning of the book. At the end of the book, D-503 is crushed to hear the news that the only reason why I-330 looked for him was because he was the engineer of the the integral. “There we were tied to the tables and subjected to the Great Operation. On, the following day, I, D-503, went to the Benefactor and told him everything I knew about the enemies of happiness. How could it have seemed so difficult before? Incredible. The only explanation I can think of is my former sickness (the soul)(232)”. Although this quote was long, I felt this quote was of great significance because it demonstrated the real truth behind the “Great Operation”, this was the solution for the Benefactor for all those who tried to rebel against the One State. They had no more individuality, no more soul. They were walking zombies, not living life.


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