An Interesting Turn of Events

The final chapters of We, to me seemed like a giant roller coaster of emotion. Everything began to spiral down and become unwound, with events fluctuating between calm and chaotic. This is essentially why I believe the ending is really well written. The statement
“Because Reason must prevail.” (We .232) is so powerful, that upon reading it, I put the book down and just “Wow.”

D-503’s down fall was that he was infatuated with I-330. This new sensation caused him to lose focus on what he began doing at the beginning of the book. As the book progressed and he delved deeper into this emotion, he began to act without reason and on impulse only due to his feelings. Now, I am not condoning the fact that he was operated on to lose those feelings, as I truly believe at times it’s good to act on a whim (in a controlled situation of course, not in the downfall of your society), but the book does have a moral to it. I was truly not expecting that ending.

We, was very much a book that took you down the rabbit hole. I think it really does a great job at capturing raw, human emotion. The beginning was a bit rough for me, but towards the middle I began to feel more comfortable with it, as it turned more into the perspective of someone wrestling with his feelings, and that is something I can relate to. One of these days I will definitely give it another read through, as I feel the second time around, it will hold much more subtle little hints about the end than on the first, but for now, I must say, I am quite content with what I read and definitely will recommend it to someone.

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