Lost and confused

I haven’t blogged about this story at all and as we finish this story I find it, as it was when we started, difficult to blog about it. This was a really confusing story to follow for me personally. As I read the last words in 40th entry two feelings ran over me. One was relief. I was elated that this story was finally over! The next feeling was pure confusions! What just happened? What did I Just read? The only clear thing was the book was finally over!

The final entry, which to me was the clearest entry, explained that D-503 under went the operation and confessed all his crimes to the Benefactor, and name everyone involved. It seemed to me that after the surgery he did not know who I-330 was, as if she was erased from his memory. He was returned to the same obedient, law abiding citizen he was in the beginning of the book. Which I for one was glad that he was. The new, corrupted, confused D-503 made no sense to me and it made for a difficult to read to follow his story.

I-330 was being, for a lack of better words, tortured, to tell the truth and admit her crimes but she refused too do so, she remained silent the entire time. For me I was glad she was finally brought to justice, because I think she was using D-503 from the beginning. I think it was mentioned that this was true when D-503 went to the Benefactor’s office. I have this whole conspiracy theory about her evil intentions with D-503.
I believe that D-503 Guardian, S, was in cahoots with I-330 from the beginning and set the whole thing up. I believe he knew that I-330 was planning this for lack of better terms again, “revolution”, and he also knew that D-503 was the builder of the integral. I also feel that he knew D-503 was weak minded and easy to manipulate. I feel he knew that I-330, as beautiful and cunning as she was could easily manipulate D-503 into do what she wanted.¬†I¬†think¬†that he knew that D-503 would never turn in I-330 and if¬†for¬†some reason he was to turn her in he would turn her into himself,¬†s, and therefore their secret would¬†be safe.

The whole story to me, started off ok, then¬†it became interesting once I-330 came in the picture then it just got weird, and confusing. There were several entries where I didn’t know if he was dreaming or if it was actually happening.¬† This book¬†really made me appreciate Brave New World, and I’m kind of disappointed I took it for granted. It was a much simpler read and easier to follow along. The character plots were easier to follow and dissect and the storyline seemed to flow effortless. I found that We was way more challenging, which made me less enthused to read it and it became more of a task, something I had to do as appose to¬† something I wanted to do.


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