Essay #2 Draft


Experiencing something new, is always an adventure for a person. The main character of We, by Yevgeny Zamayatin, D-503 has that happen to him. D-503 is a model citizen, he is well respected and is the driving force behind building the Integral, which is a massive space ship in the book. He follows the word of the One State to the T and truly believes that is what is expected of him. D-503 doesn’t stray away from the path that has been laid out for him in any way, until he meets I-330, the secondary main character of the book, and that is when his world is turned upside down. D-503 begins to experience emotions he has never had, and this cause him to stray away from what he has known and has him going against everything the One State has taught him.

Claim 1
The first encounter that D-503 has with I-330 there is a brief exchange to which we see the first sign of his change from his normal behavior.

“For some odd reason, I felt embarrassed and tired, in a rather stumbling manner, to explain my laughter to her logically. (6)”.

Claim 2
Further along in the book, once D-503 meets with I-330, he is yet again experiencing doubts about his beliefs.

“That brazen mocking tone. I definitely felt: now I hate her again. But why the “now”? I have hated her all the time (56).”

Claim 3
Towards the end of the book, D-503 has lost all sense of reason as he’s full embraced his infatuation with I-330.

” ‘Well, you are sick, you jave commited crimes because of me-has it not been a torment to you? ANd now, the Opertion-and you willcure yourselfof m. And that means-farewell.’
‘No,’ I cried out.
A pitlessly sharp, dark triangle on white:
‘What? You don’t want happiness?’
My head was splitting; two logical trains collided, climbing upon each other, crashing, splintering… (185)”

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