Finally over! But confused

I have to say, I am extremely happy to be finished with this book. This book was the hardest thing for me to try to blog about. I found this novel very hard to comprehend. I was seriously confused reading this novel from beginning to end. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what happened throughout the whole story.

The purpose of the character D-503 journal was for unknown outside readers beyond his world. For them to understand The One State way of living, and to subject them to happiness. Throughout the story D-503 struggled with staying on topic with his writing. D-503’s interaction with the character I-330 turned his writing into his infatuation with her. In the beginning of the story D-503 was trying to avoid her. I believe that he knew that something wasn’t right with her, but quickly fell into her trap. I didn’t really understand how he fell for her as quickly as he did.

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