Changes in the One state

I must say, throughout these chapters many things were thrown at us. I felt as if these entries were the main part of the whole book, from what I read so far. From entires 17 to 26 many things are spoken of, such as D-506 way of thinking, I-330 real plan in. The One state, and the chaos that was revealed in the last entires. Chaos not only was happening in the life of D-506, but also for the One State.


It’s crazy how the main character is this story, which is also the narrator, telling us the story. Is changing his mind of viewing the One State. From what I’ve observed he is also looking and admiring everything around him. But in these chapters he can’t think well. And there’s one person doing this to him. I-330. She has impacted his life so much, D-506 didn’t like her at first. The more she spoke to him, the more he supposedly would hate her more. In entry 17 we notice, after I-330 and D-506 had their intimate moment, she left him wanting him wanting her even more. He wasn’t thinking right, everyone notice it around him. He was in love. “I called quietly, “I-330 Are you here?” Then, still more quietly, with eyes closed, scarcely breathing, as though I were already on my knees before her, “Darling!” (94) he only had her on his mind. While all this is happening we notice  O-90 was also in love with D-506. It got to the point where she begged him, to have his baby. This all was new to me. It kind of changed my views of D-506, it was as if he had lost his identity. He only cared of being with I-330. I saw a whole new side of D-506. What love does.


While D-506 was in his own world trying to find his true love, she was in other things, when I-330 had intimacy with him, I felt as if she had introduced a whole new world to D-506. He didn’t know what she was doing, he just followed and did what every she wanted him to do…..most of the times. Throughout the chapter we didn’t get to really see what she was up to, because she had disappeared for a while. When we finally do see her, she acts weird. D-506 wanted to be with her in a reunion and she declined his invitation. I was wondering why, and we later find out that she was planning to rebel against what was going on in the One State.


“Who is against?”……. I saw thousands of hands swing up—”against”….. I saw the pale, cross-marked face of I-330, her raised hand. Darkness fell on my eyes.(143) it’s crazy how fast the story has got, but what happens here is that there’s changes that many were not use to. When it was Election Day, everyone must vote for their ruler, but usually everyone agrees that’s the end of story, but this time around things change, many start going against it, and D-506 notices things aren’t the way they normally are. After that incident, everything changed.

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