Brave New World

This book is very weird, but interesting at the same time. The author starts of in the Central London hatchery. In this part we see a man giving a group of students a tour of the factory that makes human beings. I was a little surprised by what I was reading. As soon as I read that, it got my mind thinking a lot, one movie that came up to my mind was a movie call the matrix. Where technology is was takes care of the three humans bodies. The guy giving the tour spoke that humans don’t reproduce children anymore. That instead it’s done in a different form, involving technology and science. Chapter one explains that the fetus is given a place in the world state and that depending where it goes, it’s given a punishment. There words that put you to think are Community, Identity, stability.Also in this chapter we’re introduced to a few characters such as, Lenina and Mr. Henry Foster who explain to the group of what they do.

In chapter two this chapter was so incredibly confusing. What I mean by that is that :/ this chapter the group is taken to the infants nurseries to observe what they do to eight months old babies. The kids are playing in the floor and some nurses come and present the babies with books and flowers, and make it provocative so it can grab the baby’s attention and go for it. You’d think it would be nice but when the baby goes for it, an alarm is turned on and the babies receive a eclectic shock! I was so bothered by that because it’s so wrong what they are doing to them. They are teaching the babies terror at such a young age! After the babies receive the electric shock, they are scared to approach the books and flowers. The director explains that after the babies have gone through that process 200 times! The baby have a hatred for both things. They explain they do that to them, so they can not be intrested in reading stuff and get any ideas of changing things. Nor does the director want them wasting time reading, when they can be working. The flowers were a bit more complicated for me to get. But it’s really unfair what they do to them. This reminded me of the short story “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” in this story they mistreat a child just so the whole community can live a good life. In both stories kids are mistreated in really bad ways! 

In Chapter Three they take us to a scene where children are running outside naked. In this world children are encourage to participate and its seen as a normal thing to do. The director explains to the group that this activity was seen not normal before. Then we’re introduced to another character named Mustapha Mond the Resident controller for Western Europe. This character talks to the group and tells them of knowledge he knows , and the Director gives him like a warning sign not to talk to them about what he knows. It’s like the Director doesn’t wamt them to get their minds contaminated. 

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