Bernard’s Other Half

Reading these chapters this story got really interesting. In these chapters there’s many characters involve, such as Bernard, the director, Linda, John, Lenina, Helmholtz. Through the three chapters they go back and forth with all of them. Several things occurred. The director’s leaving, Bernard’s change in society and with himself, Lenina felling rejected by John, and it’s crazy I but Linda appears in the beginning of chapter 10 and chapter 12 ends with her, she also was having conflicts, but it wasn’t with someone but a thing. Soma.

As soon as Chapter 10 starts , we discover the director was going to send Bernard to Iceland , and to make an example out of him, he was going to do it in front of a crowd. But the predator quickly became the pray when the Director asked : “can you show any reason why I should not now execute the judgement passed upon you? (Huxley, 139)” when the director said that, that was when he future was written down, because then  Bernard came in with a woman and he said “There he is’, pointing at the Director. ‘Did you think I didn’t recognize him?’ Linda asked indignantly; then, turning to the director, ‘of course I knew you; Tomakin,’ (Huxley, 139)” And everyone was disturbed to see the appearance the woman had, that was walking in. And of course this woman was no other than the Woman that the director had left back in the Savage reservation and he had thought he had lost her there. And what was more shocking was He left her pregnant. And right away John comes in and kneels to the director/his father and cried out Father! Everyone burst in laughter if course because the action John took to the director. After this, there was no way the director could remain in charge so he renounced at his place. And it seemed like Bernard was able to stay.

Bernard bringing John to The world state bought popularity to him making him change he was of being. Bernard had gotten the attention of so many. He was finally getting accepted into society. “Bernard now found himself for the first time in his life, treated not merely normally, but as a person of outstanding importance. There was no more talk of alcohol in his blood..(Huxley, 144) ” Everyone wanted to be with him, he was started to spark interest in a Chief , a Director and other important people. We then notice he started to change drastically, he wasn’t the same person we had seen at the beginning. The popularity and the attention was changing him. He started to talk to his very close friend Helmholtz about his sex life, and how it changed and he was having so many girls come up to him. Helmholtz of course wasn’t amused to hear this, and Bernard noticed it and just thought he was Jealous of the many girls he was getting. “Helmholtz shook his head. ‘I’m rather sad, that’s all.’ He answered. (Huxley ,145)” Helmholtz had a point in being like that, Bernard wasn’t the same after the trip he had taken. Instead noticing he was wrong (Bernard) he just walked away and said “never would he speak to Helmholtz. (Huxley, 145)” I felt as if that was the moment in which Bernard embraced this side of him.

We later find out in chapter 13 that Lenina is another character going through some changes as well. In this cheater they mostly focus on her and her feelings and her thoughts of John. And she admits she can’t let him go.  In chapter 11 she took him on a taxi ride in a helicopter, which is called a taxicopter while being there they watched this movie and John didn’t like it one bit. After getting to Lenina’s house, Lenina expected John to go into her room and have sex with her, but she was shocked to get the total opposite. John left in the helicopter leaving her Alone. After this , it left her obsessed with him , and she wanting to be with him was even more now. She explained this to her friend Fanny and she said : “well. You must persevere,(Huxley, 171)” she later also said “Nothing can be achieved without perseverance. (Huxley, 171)” Basically telling her to not give up on him, to go and get what she wants. She tries to seduce him, but he doesn’t want that, he loves her but he doesn’t just want to sleep with her. He wants there to be a relationship between them. Marriage. When he tried to explain it to Lenina she of course freaked out and said what a horrible idea that was. He tried to explain Marriage, he said : “For always. They make a promise to live together for always…….it’s like that in Shakespeare too. ‘If thou dost break her virgin knot before all sanctimonious ceremonies may with full and holy rite……’ (Huxley, 174)” He even bought up Shakespeare to her, even though she wasn’t going to understand it,mi felt as if he wanted to let out what he felt. The Shakespeare book has a lot of meaning for the savage or John. I feel as if its a guide for him, he wants what the characters in the book feel , the emotions they feel, Love. But even after this whole explanation he gave her, she just wanted to be with him in that moment . And John really didn’t like that, he started calling her a whore, and started getting really violent with her and threaten her , he would kill her. She was trembling of the way he was acting, she locked herself in the bathroom and wanted to wait until he left, and for some weird reason he left unexpectedly.

Linda was a victim of of mescal and Soma. These two things are similar in so many ways and we noticed that since chapter 7 , she couldn’t live without soma and so when she was stuck at the savage reservation she looked for something similar to Soma and she found Mescal. Her daily routine was to drink mescal. And now that she returned “home” to the world state, she demanded soma! As the book said “Greedily she clamoured for ever larger, evermore frequent doses. (Huxley 143)” She missed it a lot , and that wasn’t a good thing. “The return to civilization was for her the return to soma,(Huxley, 142)” she only had eyes for soma. But there was a problem, the doctor started explaining to Bernard what was happening to Linda: “One day the respiratory centre will be paralyzed. No more breathing. Finished. (Huxley, 143) ” She is going to die soon. Going back to the situation with Lenina and John in the room, right when John was really furious at Lenina, the reason why he left unexpectedly was because he received a call and it was concerning His Mother.

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