Bernard’s Newfound Popularity

I couldn’t help but notice Bernard’s new popularity throughout these chapters. There were also new actions and a new attitude shown by Bernard. You might even say he has actually become like everyone else.

I definitely noticed his new attitude when he was boasting away to Helmholtz. In the text it states ” Helmholtz listened to his boasting a in a silence so gloomily disapproving that Bernard was offended” (Huxley Pg.145). We see that Helmholtz is disapproving Bernard’s actions. Why is he disapproving now when they were actually two very good friends in the beginning?

Then we see the path Bernard has started to take. He has become a popular man because of John “The Savage”. Everyone now sees Bernard as this greater because of the savage. He was being sought out by the most important people. As it also states in the text ” At the same time, he genuinely liked being a success and having all the girls he wanted” (Huxley Pg.145). This is definitely a change in Bernard’s attitude as we see he now enjoys being with more than one person.

People do say nothing lasts forever and it seemed that way for Bernard’s newfound popularity. Soon enough Bernard was going to be the same way he was before. You may call it normal but it would be different it would set him apart from everyone else. Bernard was so afraid to go back to his old ways he begged the savage to come out for his dinner.

Bernard says to the savage ” Won’t you come to please me?” (Huxley Pg. 158). Almost as if he gave himself an importance in the savages life. Maybe all the popularity was going to his head and he thought he would do this just to please him. John chooses not to go and everyone is left to think that Bernard is a joke. At the end of the dinner we see that Bernard takes a soma.

We see that Bernard starts going back to his old ways. He doesn’t get noticed by people anymore and no one sees him as this greater being for having brung the savage to the civilized world. He’s just Bernard again. Bernard goes back to Helmholtz to ask him for his friendship again after their disagreement. In the text it says ” Helmholtz gave it; and gave it without a reproach, without a comment, as though he had forgotten that there had ever been a quarrel” (Huxley Pg.164).

We also see in this chapter Bernard becoming jealous. He becomes jealous of the relation ship that is starting to form between Helmholtz and John. They both seem to really get along especially when it comes to writing. John tells Helmholtz parts of Shakespeare’s plays. This allows for Helmholtz to come up with ideas. Not exactly the one he wants to come up with but it’s helping.

Bernard was starting to take vengeance on Helmholtz and John because of their connection. He would interrupt them. As it states in the text ” In the course of their next two or three meetings he frequently repeated this little act of vengeance” (Huxley Pg.167). Interrupting them as they would speak saying things such as orgy porgy. This did annoy Helmholtz. To the point he threatened to kick him out. I wonder now what’s going to happen with their friendship.

Clashing of of Two Worlds

Reading chapter 10-13 of “Brave New World” you could see all the changes that are happening through out the story and the clashing of values that are happening. The changes many of the characters are going through such as the director whom is shown to be very prideful for his work as leading the World state but suddenly shown in shame with a blink of an eye (138). and Bernard who in a way over through the director by bringing Linda and John back to world state to reveal his doings of fathering a child. With this he rises to fame and is shown to slowly absorbing his fame that he is receiving by using john. He is shown to even be desperate for attention by even begging john to go in chapter 12. He even says the phrases of “Just to please me”, “won’t you come to please me”, and “but what should we do”(158). He went from not believing in using soma to almost taking numerous amounts of it to escape from reality. He is constantly shown getting ahead of himself. His character is slowly changing from the loner he once was for his individuality to just like all the people of World State with the concepts of how they should live. I think he is slowly losing himself of what he truly believe in as an individual.

As we read we also see a role reverse in Lenina starting to like John. She is constantly shown trying to advance on him and trying to seduce him but rejected due to the difference in values. John wants love while she still is stuck under lust but is shown to really like him. You can see how confused John is in which he battles desire and old world values such as when he brought up the idea of marriage to Lenina and his conservative view on sex. With this he is seen to constantly call her a whore and a strumpet which truly did in turns hurt Lenina due to her still not understanding the concept of love as it is an taboo to her being raised within World State (177).

These few chapters is what i think of is the climax f the book in which all the twist and turns are happening as you can see the people of World State is changing with all the plot twist of the one the was leading it turned out couldn’t even follow his own concept of what shame is. By the director trying to get rid of his threat of Bernard it actually brought him to his own end. The book is definitely getting interesting by being able to pull me in to read even more to find out to what happens to each character. The one that really catches my attention is John in how he is now stuck in the conflict of 2 worlds being raised in the outside world but brought into world state you can see the things he is stuck in between. But interestingly enough he is shown to be able to stand by his values so far even with the allure of Lenina.


Bernard’s lost ways and Lenina’s new found love

These chapters were really the turning point of the book and probably the most intense part. The big secret is finally revealed and some characters go through some changes. It seems to me that the Director uses fear to get what he wants but the intention of using fear is not actually mentioned. The Director gathers the workers at the factory to make a public announcement of him banishing Bernard to Iceland. We can see him using fear in a way and of him exerting his power in chapter 10 on page 137, he says, “It is better than one should suffer than that many should be corrupted. Murder kills only the individual and after all, what is an individual? We can make a new one with the greatest ease, as many as we like.” To me this shows that he is not hesitant to kill off any of the people to create new ones to more benefit the World State. It’s kind of his way of saying, you mess up and I’ll have you gone.

After the Director is shamed by Bernard, revealing his son to the factory, he finds new fame and kind of a new identity for himself. Although he was of upper class, he was not noticed as much. After he became John’s official guardian, he suddenly becomes popular and this fame gets into his head and the way I see it, makes him lose his ways. At first it seems like Bernard’s only intention with John was to expose the Director but now he is just using him as a tool to make him popular. I also say he is losing his way and that the fame is getting to his head is because he is ignoring what he cherished as a person before, his purity and justice he had.

In page 145 we can see a example of him and Hemholtz talking and Helmholtz hints at Bernard that he is losing his way. It says, “And I had six girls last week, he confided to Helmholtz Watson. One on Monday, two on Tuesday, two more on Friday, and one on Saturday. Helmholtz listened to his boasting in a silence so gloomily disapproving that Bernard was offended. You’re envious Bernard says. Helmholtz shook his head. I’m rather sad, that’s all.” Helmholtz realizes his change of ways and is disappointed of him. Back then in the earlier chapters, the idea of being with more than one women or man was absurd to him and disgusted him.

I also found this part of the book interesting because we kind of see a change in Lenina. She was never really satisfied with one man and always had multiple relationships. With John however, it is completely different. She feels that he is the only one that can distract her and to me it seems that the more he rejects her, the more she wants him, kind of how a player is in real life. On page 157, we see that Lenina is not used to his rejection and is so torn by this, that she has to take soma to relieve herself. It says, “Drying her eyes, Lenina walked across the roof to the lift, On her way down to the twenty seventh floor she pulled out her soma bottle. One gramme, she decided, would not be enough.”

Brave New World Response #5

After reading these four chapters, I was more interested in the story. At the beginning of the book, I wasn’t so fond of it. But now I guess it got a little easier to understand, and I’m enjoying it.

In chapter 10 I found it ironic how the Director was going to fire Bernard and send him away to exile because of his weird actions. When all along the director was the one that committed something that their people were completely against. He made someone a mother, something that their people were foreign to. Being parents was laughed at among their people. Instead of him firing Bernard, he quit because of his embarrassment and his disloyal ways to what his people stand for.

One thing that caught my attention within these four chapters was the relationship between Lenina and John. Lenina seems to have strong feelings for John. In chapter 13 Lenina is talking to her friend Franny. She states “but he’s the one I want” (pg.171). Franny then says “Don’t think about him….take soma” (pg.171). “I do…But in the intervals I still like him. I shall always like him” (pg.171) states Lenina. But she is not alone. John seems to have feelings for her as well. Although, they are both unsure if the other likes them back as well. In this chapter Lenina goes to see John to confess how much she likes him. She takes half a gramme of soma upon arriving at John’s room. When she arrives, he seems to not look happy to see her. It’s because he was expecting someone else. Nevertheless he is happy, because now he can confess his love for her. Lenina tries to kiss John, but instead he starts talking about proving his worth to her. By this he wants to bring her the skin of a mountain lion. Lenina is confused to why he is acting this way. He’s pretty much telling her he would do anything to show her how much he loves her. He starts talking about marriage, how where he’s from people get married. “For always. They make a promise to live together for always” (pg.174) stated John. At this point Lenina is horrified by the idea. But she still likes him, and continues to throw herself on him. At this point Lenina is trying to seduce him by taking off her clothes and trying to touch on him. Now John is the one that’s horrified. He’s confused at her weird actions, so he calls her a whore. Obviously Lenina and John come from different worlds. Where certain things are acceptable, and others aren’t. For Lenina, in her world if you like someone you then express it through sex. For John, in his world if you like someone you prove your worth then you get married. That why when they would try to “seduce” each other, the other was confused to why they would take that kind of action.

I found it funny that when Bernard finally started to get a good reputation, he allowed it to go to his head. He bragged about how many women he had within a week. He didn’t think much of his new found popularity. He thought that being John’s “guardian” would help his popularity stay afloat. But in the end, John was behind the reason why his popularity didn’t last long.

Star thoughts

In the book brave new world Bernard was about to be cast out of town just as this was happening he bring Linda back from the savage world and to find out he father a son with her when John came in and start to call the director father he was lost for word (1) because he was not expecting to see Linda or John. What crazy the whole time I was reading I thought that they were in love , now that the director has left Bernard has taking over his ego has sky rocket ,he thinks that he the man , but all long the god mustafa mond wanted him gone as well he jus don’t know it. This is because he didn’t keep his word about the visitor seeing the savage now everyone is looking at him different. Now when bernard is giving Ms. Kenate a tour he start to find her attractive he even goes as far as trying to make a date with her , to me he sounds like the director when he was telling his story about his sex life. This whole world is really twisted and what seem to me is that anyone who want to be happy or have some type of love for someone else they are sent to Iceland. Now Linda is starting to have feeling for John but at tha same time she thinks he gay or something because he won’t look at her or even try to make a move like tha other man i the story. My question is if they were to get together what will happen to her because John is proclaimed as a savage as well i also think that Linda is get addicted to the soma because every time something goes wrong this is her outlet. These few chapter has made a big twist in the read cus at first I was not sure what was going on but now it seem if u don’t want to follow the rules then being cast out of town and sent to the other world to make example for other

Linda Taking Soma and her Appearance (chap.11)

In this chapter the first thing that caught my attention was the description of Linda appearance. They spoke about her as being ugly and no one wanted to see her. To me it look like no one wanted to be around Linda/see her because she was fat and old. The text says “Finally-and this was by far the strongest reason for people’s not wanting to see poor Linda – there was her appearance.” The text over exaggerate that Linda made people sick when seeing her. They explain as if she was really bad looking. In the text it says this about Linda, “you simply couldn’t look at her without feeling sick, yes, positively sick. I guess the people at the World State did not want to see her no where in sight because Linda appearance changed since she was living in the Savage reservation for a few weeks, months or years. Linda used to live in the World State but got left behind there when visiting and ended up living at the Savage Reservation. Linda is now returning to the World State society and that description of her is basically telling us that she is dirty, old looking and fat compare to the usual World State citizens who are clean, not fat, and don’t smell as bad as Linda. As discuss in class, Linda once used to be the Director lover the woman he loved so much. A sentence quote that shows proof that Linda was returning to the World State, a place where she once used to live says “The return to civilization was for her the return to soma.” The quote means that Linda is returning to a place where they use the drug call soma that help make you happy and take away your bad emotions/thoughts and since now she is back, she can also take the soma if she wants because unlike the Savage Reservation where she used to live did not have the soma to help benefit her emotions and make her not feel pain.


In the Savage Reservation there was pain to be felt because they did not have any drug or advance technology to help you take that pain away. The World State had the drug soma for you to get rid of pain. Linda returning to the World State from the Reservation meant there was no more pain and suffering to be felt because of the powerful drug called soma. Here is a quote from the text stating that this is true, “The return to civilization was for her to  return to soma, was the possibility of lying in bed and taking holiday after holiday, without ever having to come back to a headache or a fit of vomiting.” This quote is saying that Linda would not have to worry another day about getting headaches or vomiting again because she is back.


This chapter talks about Linda taking a lot of soma but it is bad for her and also good for her at the same time. It is good for because you don’t get to see her upset and screaming mad all the time as told from the doctor name Dr. Shaw. He said these words from the book to John who was objecting for her to not take so much soma, “Well, of course, if you prefer to have her screaming mad all the time.” The soma helps her from not yelling but also is damaging her internally. It is bad because it can kill you in a overdose form. I am not sure exactly what it does to your body but I do know it will lead to death if too much is used.


I am sure that Linda was very happy to return back to the World State because there was no pain and suffering. She probably didn’t want to feel pain in the Reservation anymore but she could not find her way out so she had to stay there. Linda finally got the chance to leave with Lenina when Lenina was visiting the Savage Reservation with Bernard. There was a part in the book where Linda was happy to see a civilized face meaning someone from outside the Savage that was from the World State who are considered to be civilized. The civilized face was Lenina.



Lenina’s insecurities

In these few chapters we read this week, it’s been overwhelmingly focused on Bernard and his rapid rise and fall from power, that we may overlook another character’s plight in these chapters. Lenina is extremely insecure and sad and dare I say not the happy go lucky soma can cure everything well conditioned model citizen that she has been portrayed to be in earlier chapters and I find it quite interesting.

After returning from the savage reservation she, along as Bernard becomes a celebrity of sorts. She’s been “had: by a number of important people The Resident world Controller’s second security, the Ford Chief Justice and the Deputy-Governor of the bank of Europe just to name a few. I would suspect that is very good company to be in, being that she is a Beta. A lot of people know who she is and her popularity has increased a great deal. “Lenina was lucky……..lucky in reflecting from her insignificant person the moment’s supremely fashionably glory………. Had she not already appeared in the Freelytone News- visibly, audibly, and tactually appeared to countless millions all over the planet?” ( Huxley page 152).

Even with all her new found celebrity and higher social standing, she is I believed deeply saddened because the Savage, John, rejects her. She’s used to being had by most guys, even Bernard had her, but John wont touch her. She has been in his company several times and been on a number of dates with her, but he won’t have her, he wont touch or at times even look at her. On page 152 she even states that he even goes as far as leaving the room when she walks in. I think his actions towards her are not only confusing but I think it’s really screwing with her psyche. She’s not emotionally equipped to handle the rejection.

Growing up through adolescence and early adulthood we learn through life lessons, the pain and struggles of heart ache and rejection. The sadness of having your crush be with someone else, not having a date for the dance, or even worse having your first love break your heart into a million pieces and thinking you’ll never get over it, but eventually we all do. Lenina never went through these trials and tribulations of romance, and she was conditioned and programmed to believe everyone belongs to everyone. This rejection is new to her and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

In chapter 12 Bernard throws a party and John refuses to attend and Lenina assumes it’s because of her. “‘Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t like me,’ she said to herself. And at once this possibility became an established certainty: John had refused to come because he didn’t like her. He didn’t like her” ( Huxley page 160). That is some deep, misguided, depressive thinking! I think she is so used to popping soma to not feel bad, that she doesn’t know to process her emotions and she is reaching to the most outlandish and far out conclusion about the situation, because as we read early one John not coming to the party has nothing to do with her. As we read later on the chapter she is so distraught she seems out of it, that she unwillingly and almost mechanically leaves the party with the Community- Songster. This is such a big deal, that this very important person wants her, but she is so distraught and so overcome with melancholy that she doesn’t recognize the importance of this invitation. She even in a sense drags her feet and is slow in coming with him to the lift gates. She even stares at the moon, which in earlier chapters  she refused to do and annoyed when Bernard wanted to do the same activity with her when they were alone in the helicopter.

The dynamic in Chapter 13 between John and Lenina is also very, very interesting and it’s the climax I feel between their relationship and I can write a whole blog just on that, so I will end my blog and with only commenting on the earlier chapters. I can’t wait to read the following chapters and see what happens next.



Berand conflicts.

In this part of the story all the characters seem to be experiencing different kinds. One way or another they have  conflicts with each other ( man vs man ), with themselves (man vs self) , and with World State ( Man vs self). Bernard is the protagonist who seems to experience all three kinds of conflict, but most important it seems that he has been the trigger to all the other conflicts too. Bernard’s different way of thinking and feeling makes him the outcast. He seems to want things or choose things no body else in World State want, like being able to feel independent. Bernard can be seem as the rebel of the story. Once he meets John he find his perfect opportunity to change things for himself. I believe that Bernard probably thinks t

Bernard’s Rise and Destruction

These next few chapters are pretty ironic , or at least that’s how I see.Chapter 10 starts off with the humiliation of the Director.Bernard uses Linda and John as leverage over his imminent exile to Iceland.He shows to everyone in the fertilization center that the highly respectable Director shows love and affection to one person and even had a “Child” and made Linda the “mother” of John. I feel that since the realization of Linda being that long lost woman that the Director went with to the savage reservation Bernard used it as revenge. I believe Bernard might have planned it from the very start.

“for the first time in his life , treated not merely normally ,but as a person of outstanding importance.” pg 144 – third paragraph.Bernard feels important again in his caste ( society in general ). There were no more rumors being spoken about alcohol being added to his test tube or the fact that he is smaller and uncomparable to the other Alphas. Moreover people became friendlier to him and people seeked him out. Those who despised him and disliked him became his good friends. He was praised from high figures in the World State such as the Chief Bottler , the Director of Predestination and Deputy Assistant Fertolizer-Generals. He began to meet more women , ” and i had six girls last week” he states on pg 145.His self esteem was reborn anew .This is ironic because we all knew him as the individual who wanted nothing to do with others. He disliked taking soma and participating in events with others , for example wanting going out on a date with Lenina walking alone with her at a park.But his self glory of bringing a savage (John) over to be studied by the World State has gotten the best of him. His best friend Helmholtz did not care at all about his glory.I find this ironically amusing to see him become what he hated the most.

In between this Bernard wrote a report to Mustafa Mond . He writes to Mond agreeing with John that civilized infantility is too easy , or not expensive enough. Mond becomes enraged and then laughs , if anyone understood what happened here please do explain.

Now we reach the total destruction of Bernard Marx. He promises to everyone to attend his party and they get to meet John. John is , from what I believe , disgusted and angry with Bernard. It seems that John has caught on that Bernard might not have any interest in him as a friend but as a tool to impress others.Bernard wails and pleads to John to come out and meet his guests.After futile attempts Bernard gives the bad news to the guest of John’s attendance.His guests become enraged and feel they have been lied to all along . Bernard’s standing in his caste and society has now crumbled to nothing , back to the same state he was in the beginning of the book.He tries to apologize but no one listens.i believe he always wanted to be liked by his fellow caste members. The reason why he felt so different or why he did things differently was because of the constant mockery that the other Alpha’s ensued on him.I kind of felt bad for Bernard all he wanted was to fit in with the rest of the caste.I can’t wait to see what becomes of Bernard after this event.

The Behavior Change of Bernard and the Misdirection of Love

Chapters 10-13 was fascinating stuff to read and visualize the scenes that were unraveling right in front me. The battle between ego, love, disconnect completely collide between Bernard’s new found meaning of life, Lenina’s lovestruck with John, and John’s discovery of how cruel and backstabbing this “perfect” civilization is. The first thing I want to talk about in my blog is the “new” Bernard and how much he’s changed from the beginning of the book. I really enjoyed how Bernard was able to throw the Director’s own history with love right back in his face and made him quit and disappear. That was freaking cool how he had Linda and John waiting behind him at the moments notice when the Director tried to put Bernard on the spot in front of everyone in the lab. I could just visualize the look of horror on the face of the Director when Linda steps in, not to mention John who calls him out to be his father in front of everyone!

Talk about not practicing what you preach. After this whole scene, Bernard goes through a major behavior change in his mood and his overall look on life.

“And I had six girls last week,” he confided to Helmholtz Watson. “One on Monday, two on Tuesday, two more on Friday, and one on Saturday. And if I’d had the time or the inclination, there were at least a dozen more who were only too anxious…”. (Huxley 145)

Bernard becomes someone of importance to everyone and the women are crawling at his feet. While Bernard getting the last laugh against the Director was cool and all, my opinion on Bernard really started to take a turn after it. He starts becoming egotistical and is so enthralled by all this attention he’s getting that his philosophy from earlier chapters is now completely gone. The “I wish were free” Bernard looks to be long gone. During this, he manages to lose a friend in Helmholtz and manages to piss off Mustapha Mond with his letter to him about John. His ignorance during the scene where he’s showing John one of the labs with Miss Keate, but was more interested in getting personal with Miss Keate than spending any time with John. I couldn’t believe how arrogant, and egotistical Bernard had become and how he’s treated John after he essentially saved him from being transferred to Iceland and publicly embarrassed in front of his peers/or brothers. Throughout this whole change of character for Bernard, the book also focuses on how Lenina has been dealing with her love life after Bernard has basically become “the man” to everyone else. This once shy, emotionless guy is no more and Lenina is struggling with her own problems.

She becomes incredibly in love with John (the salvage). It’s interesting to read how contrast their personalities are, but yet how curious they both are to experience one another. Lenina, this civilized woman who goes on a date with John the salvage, how exactly can this relationship work? On page 152, Lenina confesses her love for John to Fanny. It’s the first time where I can see how different Bernard and John’s relationships with Lenina are. Bernard with Lenina was mostly bored, soulless, and ready to move on. While John is described to have actually puppy love feelings for Lenina, something he may not have experienced while living as a salvage. Lenina may have something really special with John, but she’s in the mind state that all men are alike because they all want sex on the first night, and when she comes to realize that this “fact” isn’t entirely true, everything completely backfires on her. John isn’t like other guys she’s been with, mostly Bernard, he becomes offended after a date and leaves her hanging on the top of the roof of her apartment building, an awful familiar place for Lenina. Heartbroken, pale faced, and confused, she’s right back where she’s started and Bernard is in a much happier, sexually active place now. The tides have been turned!