Bernard’s Newfound Popularity

I couldn’t help but notice Bernard’s new popularity throughout these chapters. There were also new actions and a new attitude shown by Bernard. You might even say he has actually become like everyone else.

I definitely noticed his new attitude when he was boasting away to Helmholtz. In the text it states ” Helmholtz listened to his boasting a in a silence so gloomily disapproving that Bernard was offended” (Huxley Pg.145). We see that Helmholtz is disapproving Bernard’s actions. Why is he disapproving now when they were actually two very good friends in the beginning?

Then we see the path Bernard has started to take. He has become a popular man because of John “The Savage”. Everyone now sees Bernard as this greater because of the savage. He was being sought out by the most important people. As it also states in the text ” At the same time, he genuinely liked being a success and having all the girls he wanted” (Huxley Pg.145). This is definitely a change in Bernard’s attitude as we see he now enjoys being with more than one person.

People do say nothing lasts forever and it seemed that way for Bernard’s newfound popularity. Soon enough Bernard was going to be the same way he was before. You may call it normal but it would be different it would set him apart from everyone else. Bernard was so afraid to go back to his old ways he begged the savage to come out for his dinner.

Bernard says to the savage ” Won’t you come to please me?” (Huxley Pg. 158). Almost as if he gave himself an importance in the savages life. Maybe all the popularity was going to his head and he thought he would do this just to please him. John chooses not to go and everyone is left to think that Bernard is a joke. At the end of the dinner we see that Bernard takes a soma.

We see that Bernard starts going back to his old ways. He doesn’t get noticed by people anymore and no one sees him as this greater being for having brung the savage to the civilized world. He’s just Bernard again. Bernard goes back to Helmholtz to ask him for his friendship again after their disagreement. In the text it says ” Helmholtz gave it; and gave it without a reproach, without a comment, as though he had forgotten that there had ever been a quarrel” (Huxley Pg.164).

We also see in this chapter Bernard becoming jealous. He becomes jealous of the relation ship that is starting to form between Helmholtz and John. They both seem to really get along especially when it comes to writing. John tells Helmholtz parts of Shakespeare’s plays. This allows for Helmholtz to come up with ideas. Not exactly the one he wants to come up with but it’s helping.

Bernard was starting to take vengeance on Helmholtz and John because of their connection. He would interrupt them. As it states in the text ” In the course of their next two or three meetings he frequently repeated this little act of vengeance” (Huxley Pg.167). Interrupting them as they would speak saying things such as orgy porgy. This did annoy Helmholtz. To the point he threatened to kick him out. I wonder now what’s going to happen with their friendship.

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