Clashing of of Two Worlds

Reading chapter 10-13 of “Brave New World” you could see all the changes that are happening through out the story and the clashing of values that are happening. The changes many of the characters are going through such as the director whom is shown to be very prideful for his work as leading the World state but suddenly shown in shame with a blink of an eye (138). and Bernard who in a way over through the director by bringing Linda and John back to world state to reveal his doings of fathering a child. With this he rises to fame and is shown to slowly absorbing his fame that he is receiving by using john. He is shown to even be desperate for attention by even begging john to go in chapter 12. He even says the phrases of “Just to please me”, “won’t you come to please me”, and “but what should we do”(158). He went from not believing in using soma to almost taking numerous amounts of it to escape from reality. He is constantly shown getting ahead of himself. His character is slowly changing from the loner he once was for his individuality to just like all the people of World State with the concepts of how they should live. I think he is slowly losing himself of what he truly believe in as an individual.

As we read we also see a role reverse in Lenina starting to like John. She is constantly shown trying to advance on him and trying to seduce him but rejected due to the difference in values. John wants love while she still is stuck under lust but is shown to really like him. You can see how confused John is in which he battles desire and old world values such as when he brought up the idea of marriage to Lenina and his conservative view on sex. With this he is seen to constantly call her a whore and a strumpet which truly did in turns hurt Lenina due to her still not understanding the concept of love as it is an taboo to her being raised within World State (177).

These few chapters is what i think of is the climax f the book in which all the twist and turns are happening as you can see the people of World State is changing with all the plot twist of the one the was leading it turned out couldn’t even follow his own concept of what shame is. By the director trying to get rid of his threat of Bernard it actually brought him to his own end. The book is definitely getting interesting by being able to pull me in to read even more to find out to what happens to each character. The one that really catches my attention is John in how he is now stuck in the conflict of 2 worlds being raised in the outside world but brought into world state you can see the things he is stuck in between. But interestingly enough he is shown to be able to stand by his values so far even with the allure of Lenina.


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