Brave New Ending?

Watching the 1998  movie version of Brave New world we see a new plot almost with all the tweaks they did. But it did help understand the book as a story a lot better how things were. The movie in a sense  sugar coated the actual book be cause they took out a lot of the events which were  considered tragic and what made it set as a dytopias They ended it with a happy ended which I though was nice but weird since reading all about dystopias we are used to the tragic endings which no one wins, They did make the story more like-able as there was less of what set one state apart from the savage world. They did take out the core of the society though like fordism. which really in a sense made everyone almost seem expendable  They did make high emphasis on the part which everyone belonged to everyone though which was the core of the story which the individual was looked down upon.

Things they kept still was how people interacted with each other like the causal sex no attachment, the high use of Soma every time a character feels stressed out they would turn to the drug to erase it. Bernard in the movie still in a way kept to his character by barely eating it but he had his own agenda in the movie which he just did what ever he wanted. He made things to just go his way. He was never really a loner in the movie as he acted as one with the society compared to the book. Parts of the movie they changed are such as how John was really treat by Linda. In the book we know she hated john almost because of her background of being born from one state but in the movie she actually like him a lot but it was because they made it so she was actually born from the savage world. They made it so John is a lot less hated. The movie also took out the character of Helmholtz whom I though was important as he was the fundamental reason Bernard was able to see his change but to make up for it we did not really see the change in Bernard it was more of a change in Lenina.

The most important thing I though that changed in the movie which was really different  from the book was defiantly the ending. They did not just end it with the death of John (which i though was weird that they changed the way he died too) They ended it with a happy ending in which Bernard and Lenina have their child and actually raised the baby together as a family and as parents which as we all know is highly looked down upon in the society of world state but this was what made the movie less tragic and i liked it more.This made me realize that it really was pretty much a story of its own.



Reading the new chapters of seventeen to twenty-six we see a new side of D-503 where he is slowly realizing his own emotions for I-330. He is shown to even be unable to control his emotions and slowly let jealousy get to him so much that it shocked him self where he is shown to attack R (Zamayatin pg¬†144). This really was a shocker for me because up till now he is show to be calm to his emotions where the idea of “we” is more important then the individual. As much as I know he was in love with I-330 it really never occurred to me that he would actually attack him I though he would just walk away or just keep it to himself of how he felt cause we slowly started seeing the distance between the two of them.

We really are able to see how his writing is turning more into his private journal where he is confessing his actual feelings fir like how much he realizes that he loves her he’s given up the relation he has with O-90 and telling every daily detail of his day over talking about One State as a society. Though at the same time you can see the conflict he has over his emotion because he is constantly talking about the benefactor. He is questioning his values as whether loving I-330 is even driving him crazy. Then you also see him talking about the concept of soul which I would say is the debate of his emotions coming through him. She made him realize that she was no longer just a number to him but actually an individual which went against everything he believed in as the individual is look down upon in a society which “we” is the concept and everybody belonged to everyone else which is also why they have that coupon system setup.

My though on these few chapters were they were very confusing such as when he was going through the apartments and the green wall in entry seventeen. It felts as if he was talking about one thing then he jumped to another. Though I would say that the story line is getting better because he is starting to turn more human with his new developed emotions compared to when he just kept talking about One State and his math and geometry logic for comparison to everything else which did get annoying to me. To me it feels as of his world is shattering as he goes through these debates because he is really lost of what he really should believe in ” he is shown to as the question himself of many things in entry twenty-five of “But then who are ‘they’? and who am I? ‘they’, ‘we'”¬†(Zamayatin pg 145-146). You could tell his values are changes and even his priority such as how the society was in a way everything to him to how much I-330 started to mean to him where it was all he could think about.

The World of Numbers

Reading the new book ¬†We¬†by Yevgeny Zamyatin¬†we enter a world where people are named after letters and numbers where every other one is just a tag or a label. Within this world we see the main character named D-503 whom is a mathematician. The place is called One State and takes place within the future. reading it does remind me a lot about the story “The Machine Stops” and at the same time “Brave New World” as it does bring up many of the same concepts of reducing the intensity of relationships. Words are also censored such as when he mentioned the girl O-90 he doesn’t really even have a name for their relationship (page 8). The ideas of parenting are also rejected as the idea of your own child from the moment they are born they are given to the state such as within “The Machine Stops”(page 2). The idea of individuality is once again looked down upon as they have a motto of “Long live the One¬†State, long live the numbers, long live the benefactor” (page 2). Society is also put first before everything.You could tell by reading that there is definitely a lot of uniformity within society just by the names where everyone pretty much looks alike. The way the story is written it relates a lot to the idea how sex is used for only pleasure as commitment and monogamy isn’t as important as you see how they view relationships.

It does get confusing to remember all the names as it is all numbers so it feel like i’m remembering codes. The book is not that interesting at the moment as it talks a lot about him and his thoughts and belief as he believes in the concept of how One State functions. He doesn’t really question it as he likes how it worked until he met I-330 which made him question whether if society was really right. With her he broke his belifs (page 79)


As we finally reach the last few chapters 14- 18 of the end of the book “Brave New World” I am stuck with the question of whether pride and belief is really worth it sometimes. Its a concept in which I know everyone values but to the extent in which john actually commits suicide I think would be a little too much (page 234). As much as I liked how he didn’t just give into desire it made me feel like hes a bit extreme with the inner conflict he has from traveling from two different worlds which is the reservation and world state. I felt he held onto his values too much although it is understandable when it came to Lenina and soma.

With 18 the final Chapter we see how much john really struggles where hes actually at the point of being driven almost mental and even self abuse by locking himself in a secluded lighthouse and whipping himself (page 227). This chapter gave me alot of mixed feelings of the kind of extremist john is. As much as it is understood he did not like nor understood the values of world state I think there could have been better options for him. and his lust and desire for Lenina made it almost impossible for him to think right. I felt like his values were too righteousness when it came to her. Although I highly respect him in the sense whee is able to hold on to his vales where most would have just did it like Bernard even though he would tell himself no.

I feel John’s biggest conflict with him self was with the loss of Linda he realized that he didn’t really have no one else to turn to even though we know she wasn’t much of a mother to him. But one thing we knew was john still love her very much especially when she dies in chapter 14 (page 182).

As much as it contradicts the idea of why world state is bad it in a sense did prove relationships and attachments are bad because in the end it was attachments which led to the dead of john he couldn’t handle the way things were turning and it made him feel horrible so he killed himself. But if tables were turned in the world state of mind John would have lived. he would have just done everything and had no pain and went on with it. he would have had no attachments to anyone then again we would know there would have been no story. But in a sense the world states theory would have worked because it would have caused john to have no pain or all the confusion with desire for Lenina.

This book was still very confusing till the end although it did take a few tries to understand with all the new vocabularies it did turn out to be a spectacular story. It showed many possibilities of what different societies could view each other just because of differences and what one considered savage might actually be normal towards another.

Clashing of of Two Worlds

Reading chapter 10-13 of “Brave New World” you could see all the changes that are happening through out the story and the clashing of values that are happening. The changes many of the characters are going through such as the director whom is shown to be very prideful for his work as leading the World state but suddenly shown in shame with a blink of an eye (138). and Bernard who in a way over through the director by bringing Linda and John back to world state to reveal his doings of fathering a child. With this he rises to fame and is shown to slowly absorbing his fame that he is receiving by using john. He is shown to even be desperate for attention by even begging john to go in chapter 12. He even says the phrases of “Just to please me”, “won’t you come to please me”, and “but what should we do”(158).¬†He went from not believing in using soma to almost taking numerous amounts of it to escape from reality. He is constantly shown getting ahead of himself. His character is slowly changing from the loner he once was for his individuality to just like all the people of World State with the concepts of how they should live. I think he is slowly losing himself of what he truly believe in as an individual.

As we read we also see a role reverse in Lenina starting to like John. She is constantly shown trying to advance on him and trying to seduce him but rejected due to the difference in values. John wants love while she still is stuck under lust but is shown to really like him. You can see how confused John is in which he battles desire and old world values such as when he brought up the idea of marriage to Lenina and his conservative view on sex. With this he is seen to constantly call her a whore and a strumpet which truly did in turns hurt Lenina due to her still not understanding the concept of love as it is an taboo to her being raised within World State (177).

These few chapters is what i think of is the climax f the book in which all the twist and turns are happening as you can see the people of World State is changing with all the plot twist of the one the was leading it turned out couldn’t even follow his own concept of what shame is. By the director trying to get rid of his threat of Bernard it actually brought him to his own end. The book is definitely getting interesting by being able to pull me in to read even more to find out to what happens to each character. The one that really catches my attention is John in how he is now stuck in the conflict of 2 worlds being raised in the outside world but brought into world state you can see the things he is stuck in between. But interestingly enough he is shown to be able to stand by his values so far even with the allure of Lenina.


Brave New World 6-9

As many of the other students have said chapter 6-9 of brave new world is definitely where most of the conflict begins though it is a bit confusing with the way the wording is. But reading it you see it the chapters mostly talk about Lenina and how society within the World State is portrayed. Then you get the conflicts such as Bernard’s own personal thoughts on individuality.

You can see within this chapter the way she is trying to understand Bernard but gives up also. The way he tries to reject how society runs and more of thinking to him self of what he truly wants in chapter 6. He is seen with the struggle of wanting to be with Lenina for more then just sex. He wants to actually be with her where he can just enjoy which confuses her because she is used to the society idea of having no attachment that is played through out the story because attachment makes them animals. He mentioned with in the chapter “I though we’d be more… more together here-with nothing but the sea and moon. More together than in that crowd, or even in my rooms. Don’t you understand that?” (Page 91). You can see him struggling to explain that he is actually in love with her but she doesn’t understand it so she brushes him off with the lines “why don’t you take soma when you have theses dreadful ideas of yours” (page 91)

Reading it you see how a big part soma plays into the story especially with Lenina when she couldn’t handle reality its her drug to escape like when she she saw the 7 mother feeding her baby on chapter . The natural relationship made her feel indecent and dirty. as she says a lot “Its terrible” and also “its awful” (page 106).

The more I read the book the more captivating it gets with how the twist and turns the story get although it does get confusing with rumpling back and forth between all the characters and new conflict so it does need a lot of rereading to really understand what is truly going on within the story. I really enjoy the character of Bernard because he is willing to think for himself instead of conforming with society like Lenina. Hes willing to jump out of his bounders and not care for judgement even if it meant him getting in trouble. But the character i can say i felt really bad for the most would be Linda. She is constantly abused and made fun of by the people around her and treated as an outcast no matter where she went. She had world state ideas and because of this it made her unable to blend in with the though of the people in the reservation. The taboo relation she had with the Director made it even harder for her to return because it lead to her pregnancy with john. Her lost of soma on the reservation made her abuse Mescal which shows how deep soma effected the people of world state and there dependence on soma as a drug which they use to relive them of pain and all unnecessary deemed though.


Brave New World 1-5

As I’m reading “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley¬†I get a lot of imagery with the first few pages that describes a very futuristic world. It was narrated by third person so there wasn’t really a protagonist at this point. The science fiction¬†story¬†takes place in Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre of the future.¬†People are no longer produced naturally by sexual reproduction but instead asexually produced almost as phrase test tube babies. They are produced in a way which they are almost all the same which goes with the theme of dystopian. The whole society within is controlled heavily by government by an caste system in which they are classified by their qualities.Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon are the five categories in which they are in. They are made in a why they each would perform the task the same way. My reactions toward is that as simple they make it seem to have everybody perform the same things it is highly unstable to really put them in a caste system to really make them equals so in a sense I think it is ironic to level them as equals but not really equals. They are useless unless they are performing the task given and mobility to a higher class is utterly impossible. It makes me feel like this society is balanced by fake happiness. Where people are almost probed to feel happy when they don’t really even know how they are really feeling because they are programmed to feel a certain way.¬†They removed basic emotions such as love by taking away even the simplest relationship man can have which is family. They are programmed to think¬†embarrassment. when the idea of parents comes up and everybody is “born” the same ways as twins so they are all already¬†family in a sense but without the feelings of attachment.¬†They use this as a way to form uniformity within the society. They are programmed to not feel emotions in a way because as they think for themselves they feel embarrassed because of societal views and restrictions which is shown within chapter¬†2 they demonstrate a big societal control on even babies from the moment they are born by electroshock them so they will think a certain way into hating things that would give them feelings and emotions to¬†create though other own as said by the ¬†director “They’ll grow up with what the psychologist used to call an instinctive hatred of books and flowers. reflexes unalterably conditioned. they’ll be safe from books and botany all their lives”(30). ¬†It was the directors way to enforce control from early so when they see books it creates a repellent to get near them so that they would never really create ideas of their own from the future with education they get from reading.

This story is very complex on the relationships people have between each other because they are told from the begin of birth how to feel and think to the point the idea of even thinking for them selves is frowned upon such as education they feel ridiculous.

The Machine Stops

This week we are reading the story called “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster. The first paragraph starts with a descriptive introduction to where we are within the story setting. Based on this paragraph along I get an image of a very gloomy room almost in a sense like a jail cell with no ventilation the way it was phrased was “there are no apertures for ventilation, yet the air is fresh. Then finally the main character is presented whom is Vashti.

What I got from the story was it took place within the future and everything is based on these machines that basically is almost a god. Their livelihood in even the way their families worked was based on them and the book. The machine guided them of how everything in the civilization to function. The machine basically took away all human feelings from the people. People were really allowed to even think fro themselves because even when they have a question they would have to look it up in the book. This book not only gave answers but also ordered them in how they should function.

Within this work everybody is also dependent on these machines almost like our current society today with computers but a worse obsession. Within our society today technology we use computers nonstop to the point some wouldn’t even walk out the door almost like the main character. She could never find the time to visit her son and she would just keep making up excuses. ¬†She made it seem almost like an addition problem with denial of how obsessed she was. She would defend it when her son criticized it. The people within that civilization were very much alike when it came to the machine’s they depended everything on them basically the machines is the way to utopia. The machines gave orders and controlled how everything functions even things like if they could have children they need permission. To show the perfect world from how ¬†their own earth compared to looked upon as unhappiness. It was seen as dark and ugly because they are humans that don’t use the machines.

Kuno on the other hand is a rebel that wants to break away from the machines he wants to feel more human to the point in which he travels to earth but is captured and threatened with homelessness by the machines. He wants to see how human live seeing the stars and breathe with his very own. He is the only one within the civilization that remembers that it was made by man compared to all that worships it.

 This story made me think really deeply on also how our society slowly also is dependent on machines. as much as easier it provides us it is taking us over. people cant live without their phones, computer. and even doing basic task no more due to the dependence as much as it is suppose to make our lives easier. I cant help to think that one day our society might just turn similar to the story. It perfectly displayed utopia of how happiness is viewed and everyone being the same.

Le Guin

The first story I read was “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omealas” which I would say is a complicated story based on the way the people lived Omealas which at first glace is the perfect world. Ursala Le Guin used a lot of descriptive word withing this story to perfectly analyse how characters felt and the stances they felt of the perfect world. The beautiful city in which they lived in that from the outside would look like sadness didn’t exist and ¬†nothing within is wrong. Everyone is satisfied and happy because everything is there for them even tho it might not be the latest in technology. but one thing is left to remind them what misery looks like to teach them that happiness is simple and only those who learn of satisfaction and to let go would know happiness , which is the ten year old child locked in a closet that never sees daylight. from the outside its is a city that everyone one wants to go to because everything is perfect but ones inside the true darkness is shown. They depict that with only one sacrifice is needed for the the whole city would be happy. those that chose to leave are the ones who realize that there really is no such thing as a happy and perfect world so they leave the city. In a sense this story reminds me a lot about Buddhism which is taught that letting go is all we need in order to find happiness and greed is the cause to pain. Those that are willing to let go would reach Nirvana.

The second story was “The Day Before the Revolution” ¬†also by Le Guin this story like the first gave a lot of description of the characters. But the plot is definitely more confusing in the way the story is written. It is sort of depressing in a sense but most of it is almost like a sad story of Laia and all things she goes through. The thought that death in a sense no longer ever mattered and even to the end things are not always explained such as the reference to the flowers. But the way Laia was portrayed was that she knew when to let go and not be desperate in how certain things may turn out and just be worry free even with all the things she went through such as the death of her husband and even the though of her own death. she doesn’t like to hinder others with her problems. In a sense she knows when to be satisfied. The generation gaps of the new society don’t realize the struggles in which he old generation had to go through. So people don’t know how certain things are taken for granted.Which in most cases are true such as today how people would complain about everything bust never realized that they were already living in luxury that people in that past didn’t have or even some of people of the 3rd world.

A Little Bit of Me


Hello my name is Kali Mai, I am 20 years old . My major is Hospitality management  I  am in my 4th semester here in the New York City  College of Technology.  I am hoping to get my bachelors in Hotel Management.

The reason I choose this major is because  it allows me to interact with  alot of  people of  different backgrounds and learns things I never knew before.  It also holds a key to the things i love whether its my love for food or to travel it gives me great insight of things i would like to do with my life.

Currently I work at Starbucks in Manhattan ¬†as an Barista in hopes to not only get experience but also to learn about coffee which I¬†have a passion for. ¬†My Hobbies includes cooking , baking, ¬†surfing the net, listening to music and also reading. ¬†One of the things i wish to be able to do one day is to travel the world . I haven’t really been to much places so it would really inspire me to learn new things whether it is language, culture or history. ¬†I like to visit places such as going to museums, and ¬†parks just to look at the arts and scenery and even learn a few things.

I Strengths and weakness when it comes to reading and writing is the i can read really fast ¬†but ¬†it really does take me to have an interest in the topic for me to really want to continue on . ¬†If its ¬†a topic i normally don’t like i get bored of it so i tend to never finish it. ¬†I am honestly not that great of a writer, ¬†i have a lot of mistakes ¬†when it comes to writing. such a vocabulary and grammar . I like tyo read in general with topics that help open my imagination to think about the storyline in ¬†which ¬†keeps my curiosity to continue reading in hopes for it to turn in to the way i want it to be. My knowledge for technology is a little bit higher than average because i do like to surf the net so while¬†I do that i tend to learn a lot about things i could do whether its software or things¬†I cud do with certain programs. My knowledge on Utopias aren’t that great i have learned about it a bit in middle school as a concept of the perfect world, a way in which everyone is seen as equals in a sense everybody almost ¬†even look the same. On the other hand I‚Äôve have never learned about Dystopias at all. ¬†The reason im taking this corse is because it is ¬†a required class as an L/A/P but this ¬†class has caught my interest with the way we learn about the different topics in literature