Brave New Ending?

Watching the 1998  movie version of Brave New world we see a new plot almost with all the tweaks they did. But it did help understand the book as a story a lot better how things were. The movie in a sense  sugar coated the actual book be cause they took out a lot of the events which were  considered tragic and what made it set as a dytopias They ended it with a happy ended which I though was nice but weird since reading all about dystopias we are used to the tragic endings which no one wins, They did make the story more like-able as there was less of what set one state apart from the savage world. They did take out the core of the society though like fordism. which really in a sense made everyone almost seem expendable  They did make high emphasis on the part which everyone belonged to everyone though which was the core of the story which the individual was looked down upon.

Things they kept still was how people interacted with each other like the causal sex no attachment, the high use of Soma every time a character feels stressed out they would turn to the drug to erase it. Bernard in the movie still in a way kept to his character by barely eating it but he had his own agenda in the movie which he just did what ever he wanted. He made things to just go his way. He was never really a loner in the movie as he acted as one with the society compared to the book. Parts of the movie they changed are such as how John was really treat by Linda. In the book we know she hated john almost because of her background of being born from one state but in the movie she actually like him a lot but it was because they made it so she was actually born from the savage world. They made it so John is a lot less hated. The movie also took out the character of Helmholtz whom I though was important as he was the fundamental reason Bernard was able to see his change but to make up for it we did not really see the change in Bernard it was more of a change in Lenina.

The most important thing I though that changed in the movie which was really different  from the book was defiantly the ending. They did not just end it with the death of John (which i though was weird that they changed the way he died too) They ended it with a happy ending in which Bernard and Lenina have their child and actually raised the baby together as a family and as parents which as we all know is highly looked down upon in the society of world state but this was what made the movie less tragic and i liked it more.This made me realize that it really was pretty much a story of its own.


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