The World of Numbers

Reading the new book  We by Yevgeny Zamyatin we enter a world where people are named after letters and numbers where every other one is just a tag or a label. Within this world we see the main character named D-503 whom is a mathematician. The place is called One State and takes place within the future. reading it does remind me a lot about the story “The Machine Stops” and at the same time “Brave New World” as it does bring up many of the same concepts of reducing the intensity of relationships. Words are also censored such as when he mentioned the girl O-90 he doesn’t really even have a name for their relationship (page 8). The ideas of parenting are also rejected as the idea of your own child from the moment they are born they are given to the state such as within “The Machine Stops”(page 2). The idea of individuality is once again looked down upon as they have a motto of “Long live the One State, long live the numbers, long live the benefactor” (page 2). Society is also put first before everything.You could tell by reading that there is definitely a lot of uniformity within society just by the names where everyone pretty much looks alike. The way the story is written it relates a lot to the idea how sex is used for only pleasure as commitment and monogamy isn’t as important as you see how they view relationships.

It does get confusing to remember all the names as it is all numbers so it feel like i’m remembering codes. The book is not that interesting at the moment as it talks a lot about him and his thoughts and belief as he believes in the concept of how One State functions. He doesn’t really question it as he likes how it worked until he met I-330 which made him question whether if society was really right. With her he broke his belifs (page 79)

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