Brave New World 6-9

As many of the other students have said chapter 6-9 of brave new world is definitely where most of the conflict begins though it is a bit confusing with the way the wording is. But reading it you see it the chapters mostly talk about Lenina and how society within the World State is portrayed. Then you get the conflicts such as Bernard’s own personal thoughts on individuality.

You can see within this chapter the way she is trying to understand Bernard but gives up also. The way he tries to reject how society runs and more of thinking to him self of what he truly wants in chapter 6. He is seen with the struggle of wanting to be with Lenina for more then just sex. He wants to actually be with her where he can just enjoy which confuses her because she is used to the society idea of having no attachment that is played through out the story because attachment makes them animals. He mentioned with in the chapter “I though we’d be more… more together here-with nothing but the sea and moon. More together than in that crowd, or even in my rooms. Don’t you understand that?” (Page 91). You can see him struggling to explain that he is actually in love with her but she doesn’t understand it so she brushes him off with the lines “why don’t you take soma when you have theses dreadful ideas of yours” (page 91)

Reading it you see how a big part soma plays into the story especially with Lenina when she couldn’t handle reality its her drug to escape like when she she saw the 7 mother feeding her baby on chapter . The natural relationship made her feel indecent and dirty. as she says a lot “Its terrible” and also “its awful” (page 106).

The more I read the book the more captivating it gets with how the twist and turns the story get although it does get confusing with rumpling back and forth between all the characters and new conflict so it does need a lot of rereading to really understand what is truly going on within the story. I really enjoy the character of Bernard because he is willing to think for himself instead of conforming with society like Lenina. Hes willing to jump out of his bounders and not care for judgement even if it meant him getting in trouble. But the character i can say i felt really bad for the most would be Linda. She is constantly abused and made fun of by the people around her and treated as an outcast no matter where she went. She had world state ideas and because of this it made her unable to blend in with the though of the people in the reservation. The taboo relation she had with the Director made it even harder for her to return because it lead to her pregnancy with john. Her lost of soma on the reservation made her abuse Mescal which shows how deep soma effected the people of world state and there dependence on soma as a drug which they use to relive them of pain and all unnecessary deemed though.


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