A Little Bit of Me


Hello my name is Kali Mai, I am 20 years old . My major is Hospitality management  I  am in my 4th semester here in the New York City  College of Technology.  I am hoping to get my bachelors in Hotel Management.

The reason I choose this major is because  it allows me to interact with  alot of  people of  different backgrounds and learns things I never knew before.  It also holds a key to the things i love whether its my love for food or to travel it gives me great insight of things i would like to do with my life.

Currently I work at Starbucks in Manhattan  as an Barista in hopes to not only get experience but also to learn about coffee which I have a passion for.  My Hobbies includes cooking , baking,  surfing the net, listening to music and also reading.  One of the things i wish to be able to do one day is to travel the world . I haven’t really been to much places so it would really inspire me to learn new things whether it is language, culture or history.  I like to visit places such as going to museums, and  parks just to look at the arts and scenery and even learn a few things.

I Strengths and weakness when it comes to reading and writing is the i can read really fast  but  it really does take me to have an interest in the topic for me to really want to continue on .  If its  a topic i normally don’t like i get bored of it so i tend to never finish it.  I am honestly not that great of a writer,  i have a lot of mistakes  when it comes to writing. such a vocabulary and grammar . I like tyo read in general with topics that help open my imagination to think about the storyline in  which  keeps my curiosity to continue reading in hopes for it to turn in to the way i want it to be. My knowledge for technology is a little bit higher than average because i do like to surf the net so while I do that i tend to learn a lot about things i could do whether its software or things I cud do with certain programs. My knowledge on Utopias aren’t that great i have learned about it a bit in middle school as a concept of the perfect world, a way in which everyone is seen as equals in a sense everybody almost  even look the same. On the other hand I’ve have never learned about Dystopias at all.  The reason im taking this corse is because it is  a required class as an L/A/P but this  class has caught my interest with the way we learn about the different topics in literature

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