Le Guin

The first story I read was “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omealas” which I would say is a complicated story based on the way the people lived Omealas which at first glace is the perfect world. Ursala Le Guin used a lot of descriptive word withing this story to perfectly analyse how characters felt and the stances they felt of the perfect world. The beautiful city in which they lived in that from the outside would look like sadness didn’t exist and ¬†nothing within is wrong. Everyone is satisfied and happy because everything is there for them even tho it might not be the latest in technology. but one thing is left to remind them what misery looks like to teach them that happiness is simple and only those who learn of satisfaction and to let go would know happiness , which is the ten year old child locked in a closet that never sees daylight. from the outside its is a city that everyone one wants to go to because everything is perfect but ones inside the true darkness is shown. They depict that with only one sacrifice is needed for the the whole city would be happy. those that chose to leave are the ones who realize that there really is no such thing as a happy and perfect world so they leave the city. In a sense this story reminds me a lot about Buddhism which is taught that letting go is all we need in order to find happiness and greed is the cause to pain. Those that are willing to let go would reach Nirvana.

The second story was “The Day Before the Revolution” ¬†also by Le Guin this story like the first gave a lot of description of the characters. But the plot is definitely more confusing in the way the story is written. It is sort of depressing in a sense but most of it is almost like a sad story of Laia and all things she goes through. The thought that death in a sense no longer ever mattered and even to the end things are not always explained such as the reference to the flowers. But the way Laia was portrayed was that she knew when to let go and not be desperate in how certain things may turn out and just be worry free even with all the things she went through such as the death of her husband and even the though of her own death. she doesn’t like to hinder others with her problems. In a sense she knows when to be satisfied. The generation gaps of the new society don’t realize the struggles in which he old generation had to go through. So people don’t know how certain things are taken for granted.Which in most cases are true such as today how people would complain about everything bust never realized that they were already living in luxury that people in that past didn’t have or even some of people of the 3rd world.

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