Brave New World 1-5

As I’m reading “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley I get a lot of imagery with the first few pages that describes a very futuristic world. It was narrated by third person so there wasn’t really a protagonist at this point. The science fiction story takes place in Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre of the future. People are no longer produced naturally by sexual reproduction but instead asexually produced almost as phrase test tube babies. They are produced in a way which they are almost all the same which goes with the theme of dystopian. The whole society within is controlled heavily by government by an caste system in which they are classified by their qualities.Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon are the five categories in which they are in. They are made in a why they each would perform the task the same way. My reactions toward is that as simple they make it seem to have everybody perform the same things it is highly unstable to really put them in a caste system to really make them equals so in a sense I think it is ironic to level them as equals but not really equals. They are useless unless they are performing the task given and mobility to a higher class is utterly impossible. It makes me feel like this society is balanced by fake happiness. Where people are almost probed to feel happy when they don’t really even know how they are really feeling because they are programmed to feel a certain way. They removed basic emotions such as love by taking away even the simplest relationship man can have which is family. They are programmed to think embarrassment. when the idea of parents comes up and everybody is “born” the same ways as twins so they are all already family in a sense but without the feelings of attachment. They use this as a way to form uniformity within the society. They are programmed to not feel emotions in a way because as they think for themselves they feel embarrassed because of societal views and restrictions which is shown within chapter 2 they demonstrate a big societal control on even babies from the moment they are born by electroshock them so they will think a certain way into hating things that would give them feelings and emotions to create though other own as said by the  director “They’ll grow up with what the psychologist used to call an instinctive hatred of books and flowers. reflexes unalterably conditioned. they’ll be safe from books and botany all their lives”(30).  It was the directors way to enforce control from early so when they see books it creates a repellent to get near them so that they would never really create ideas of their own from the future with education they get from reading.

This story is very complex on the relationships people have between each other because they are told from the begin of birth how to feel and think to the point the idea of even thinking for them selves is frowned upon such as education they feel ridiculous.

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