As we finally reach the last few chapters 14- 18 of the end of the book “Brave New World” I am stuck with the question of whether pride and belief is really worth it sometimes. Its a concept in which I know everyone values but to the extent in which john actually commits suicide I think would be a little too much (page 234). As much as I liked how he didn’t just give into desire it made me feel like hes a bit extreme with the inner conflict he has from traveling from two different worlds which is the reservation and world state. I felt he held onto his values too much although it is understandable when it came to Lenina and soma.

With 18 the final Chapter we see how much john really struggles where hes actually at the point of being driven almost mental and even self abuse by locking himself in a secluded lighthouse and whipping himself (page 227). This chapter gave me alot of mixed feelings of the kind of extremist john is. As much as it is understood he did not like nor understood the values of world state I think there could have been better options for him. and his lust and desire for Lenina made it almost impossible for him to think right. I felt like his values were too righteousness when it came to her. Although I highly respect him in the sense whee is able to hold on to his vales where most would have just did it like Bernard even though he would tell himself no.

I feel John’s biggest conflict with him self was with the loss of Linda he realized that he didn’t really have no one else to turn to even though we know she wasn’t much of a mother to him. But one thing we knew was john still love her very much especially when she dies in chapter 14 (page 182).

As much as it contradicts the idea of why world state is bad it in a sense did prove relationships and attachments are bad because in the end it was attachments which led to the dead of john he couldn’t handle the way things were turning and it made him feel horrible so he killed himself. But if tables were turned in the world state of mind John would have lived. he would have just done everything and had no pain and went on with it. he would have had no attachments to anyone then again we would know there would have been no story. But in a sense the world states theory would have worked because it would have caused john to have no pain or all the confusion with desire for Lenina.

This book was still very confusing till the end although it did take a few tries to understand with all the new vocabularies it did turn out to be a spectacular story. It showed many possibilities of what different societies could view each other just because of differences and what one considered savage might actually be normal towards another.

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