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In the book brave new world Bernard was about to be cast out of town just as this was happening he bring Linda back from the savage world and to find out he father a son with her when John came in and start to call the director father he was lost for word (1) because he was not expecting to see Linda or John. What crazy the whole time I was reading I thought that they were in love , now that the director has left Bernard has taking over his ego has sky rocket ,he thinks that he the man , but all long the god mustafa mond wanted him gone as well he jus don’t know it. This is because he didn’t keep his word about the visitor seeing the savage now everyone is looking at him different. Now when bernard is giving Ms. Kenate a tour he start to find her attractive he even goes as far as trying to make a date with her , to me he sounds like the director when he was telling his story about his sex life. This whole world is really twisted and what seem to me is that anyone who want to be happy or have some type of love for someone else they are sent to Iceland. Now Linda is starting to have feeling for John but at tha same time she thinks he gay or something because he won’t look at her or even try to make a move like tha other man i the story. My question is if they were to get together what will happen to her because John is proclaimed as a savage as well i also think that Linda is get addicted to the soma because every time something goes wrong this is her outlet. These few chapter has made a big twist in the read cus at first I was not sure what was going on but now it seem if u don’t want to follow the rules then being cast out of town and sent to the other world to make example for other

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  1. I am honestly appalled and your minuscule and obscure interpretation of this creditable piece of literary work. Have you the minimal levelheadedness to genuinely read what is asked of you? Every single aspect of this so called encapsulated interpretation explains absolutely nothing. I have no idea how you made it this far. Everyone who has read this “writers” piece is now dumber. In addition, please work on your grammar skills. It is quite atrocious.

    • Well I’m sorry that I don’t write to your liking but when you are being force to read a book that read is so far off it hard to explain what really happened, but the next time I have to write something I’m going to make sure that u proofread it for me since you have English all down pat

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