Brave New World Film 1980 response

The Brave New World film we watched in class played out a little different from the book when it came to many things. It was still a good movie but not perfect because nothing is perfect. I do feel the film could have been better. Film is kind of a low production compare to the movies that are shown in the movie theater so I can understand how this movie was not the best. Reading a book can seem to be good because you are using your imagination to fill in the missing pieces and it can be anything. It can be anything you picture in your mind because there are no images to tell you what is and what it not. Watching a movie tells you what is true and don’t give you the ability to imagine things.


The part of the movie that first made me think what was going to happen next is the beginning before the movie actually start. There was a clip of the film where they show a continue ride through the train tunnel. It seem like the train was moving through the tunnel but it was the actually camera showing the view as if a train going to different train stops. This view the camera has set up was interesting for me because I did not know when it was going to end. This scene of the tunnel with the sound playing in the background felt like it would never stop and there was unlimited time giving it a futuristic feel for the theme. A futuristic theme for a society with powerful technology. In the book Brave New World their society was all about technology so when seeing this part it made me think all about technology.


The only thing that show things uniformed in the movie was the scene with all the lower caste system people working together wearing uniforms. I think it was good that they did this because if they did not then the feeling for how powerful the World State is would decrease. There was a lady voice playing over a loud speaking saying “ending is better than mending, new things are being than old things”. This quote is basically saying if something turns old throw it away and get a new one. They believe in only using what is new. The voice seem to be a tool in order to control the people working in a uniformed fashion. No one look like they had any control of what they were doing. All these people looked like robots who have no freedom of thoughts. People were working as one unit with uniforms to feel identical but were not identical face wise.


Bernard and Lenina goes to the Savage Reservation and meets Linda and John. The way they got there was funny because the helicopter crashed and it was funny because of the way the person filmed the movie. Also this part was something that was not in the book but was quiet interesting. After crashing they ran into some so called thugs we would call it now a days in modern society. Those thugs were trying to mess or kill Bernard and lenina. It was funny acting that made me giggle and was definitely fun to watch. When a boy came and save them both from the thugs he brought them to his house for safety. When John mother said to Bernard that they are the most civilized people she has seen in a long time clues started to pop in my head that the lady was Linda. As Linda begun to speak more and more I was hundred percent sure that it was her and the boy was John.


One of the most passionate and interesting part of the movie is what John says before he dies by falling off the cliff. John ran away from the World State into a abandon light house so he can escape from the rules of society. As he stays there he got a plenty visitors who were from news channels. Reporters from the TV news channels came to ask question about why he left probably. John got to escape from a few day by day but finally he could not escape anymore. He asked the news reporters what do they want from him? They did not answer and he begun to say ” I want freedom, love, and pain because they don’t value these things. John want all the things they don’t have. His tone of voice mad these words powerful in meaning and it touched me. John was near a cliff because he was backing up from all the news reporters who have been chasing him, then he suddenly fell. Everyone looked down the cliff and John was dead. It was surprising to see him die that way in the film. Everyone laugh because they were happy he died. They were all condition by genetics to have no feelings so when he died they laughed and laughed showing no sense of care for another being.


I think over all the movie was fun to watch because it is always fun to watch how a movie will try to interpret the same thing in a book. Things could have been directed a little more different but due to whoever made it, so this is the way it came out. There are plenty ideas I have that would make the movie way better as in terms of showing how powerful the World State suppose to be. I would of try to make people identical looking because reading the book that was the imagination I got out of it.




D-503 & I-330 Going Beyond The Green Wall

The book is still a true puzzle for me on some things and not everything. Entry 27th is the most interesting part of the last few chapters I read and I want to talk about a particular part because it was more clear to me on what was happening. I am going to talk about the reaction of D-503 and what he saw beyond the Green Wall. I knew this part was going to come in the book when someone goes beyond the Green Wall and was just waiting for it to happen.

D-503 and I-330 went beyond the Green Wall together and D-503 is more excited than her. He is so surprised he has come this far with her and did not even notice. D-503 said “I  was stunned by it all, I gasped, I gagged-perhaps this is most accurate word”(155). He is clearly happy to be there with I-330. I-330 does not seem like be excited because they are not supposed to be there and she follows the rule so she is probably thinking about how much trouble she might get in. She said “Oh, no! We’ve simply come out beyond the Green Wall”(154). That quote to me sounds like she is in horror and wants to get out before anything bad happens to her and D-503. This world beyond the Green Wall is different from the One State because as describe in the text there was nature.

Another thing that caught D-503 attention was the people he saw who was dressed different. He describe the women in that world as being similar in face to the women in the One State. He said “The female had faces exactly like those of our women: delicately rosy and free of hair”(156). He was shocked because this was his first time seeing the type of people who live beyond the Green Wall. I can imagine D-503 being like a baby and learning new things. Everything he saw there was new and exciting for him. D-503 stated “all this was so incredible, so unexpected”(156). The text describe everyone who lived beyond the Green Wall had no clothing on. I can imagine the life beyond the Green Wall was not developed like the One State with technology. I would say that beyond the Green Wall that it might be compared to some third world country where some people don’t really have cloths too wear but they just put piece of cloth over their private parts. I can see that their they hunt animals for food and don’t cook food on a stove or have a refrigerator home to keep food longer. I can see the One State having some modern day technology things. Also people living beyond the Green Wall don’t have nice house or have any form of civilized society like the One State where they have someone high in power. Beyond the Green Wall is almost like when the earth first had humans, and not so populated like it is now.

Literary Arts Festival Response

The Literary Arts Festival was something that I expected to not be entertaining, yet I expected it to be boring because it involves english. I think majority of people would think any event that deals with the subject english would be boring. I was wrong about my assumption that this festival was going to be boring. It turn out that the half an hour I spent there was exciting and I wanted to see more.

I was in the Namn building talking to a few friends and then I left because I was trying to get about half and hour of material covered by the Festival. The festival started at 5:30pm and my class started at 6pm so I was able to catch thirty minutes of observations in the Midway building of City Tech where the Literary Arts Festival took place. I normally have classes in the Midway building and when I entered, I was wondering what floor this event will be on because on the flyer it was not stated. I enter the wrong way of the Midway building to the auditorium then the security guard told me to head to the other door I was not familiar with. As I enter the unfamiliar door, the atmosphere felt good with everybody smiling and looking like they were happy to be there. Everybody smiling made me smile as well and the second thing that made me smile even more was seeing food. I was not greedy to get food as soon as I got there so I walked through the door that seem to have a crowd of 300 people sitting.

I sat down and wondered the whole time what was going to happen and how. As I looking around in my seat I just absorb everyone’s movement because their was nothing else to do until the event start and everybody was sitting. I remember this lady was walking pass all the rows including mine asking in a soft voice if their were any award winning students. She wanted to know if they were sitting in the wrong spot so she can point them into the right direction probably. I also saw a security guard friend of mine who works at City Tech but did not bother to say hi because he was speaking to someone.

The Festival did not start exactly at 5:30pm because I believe that was the time to gather everyone before starting. My mind wondered more and more then finally at 6pm there was a video playing at the front of the auditorium. The video was very interesting and the first thing that came to my mind was Utopian/dystopian because the video editing made everything look so futuristic. It gave me a vibe that the society was uniform like the book called The Brave New World And The Brave New World Revisited. The video showed the outside of City Tech then my idea of them showing a utopian fiction changed. A little more into the video they showing the videographer recording different students from City Tech and asking them if they are excited about this year Literary Arts Festival. All the students had a sense of humor that made me laugh. This part of the video that I watch caught my interest and I wanted to see what was going to happen next but I decided to leave and head to class. Before I left the building I manage to get some free food.

D-503 Abnormality

D-503 is the narrator who is telling the story from first point of view. D-503 is viewed to me and probably by others to be abnormal. He is abnormal because he always alone and seem to be at places he is not suppose to be at the moment due to the Table of Hours. The Table of Hours is a schedule on how things should be hourly and who does what. Something D-503 said himself that proves that he is different from everyone who follows the rules all the time is when he said “I felt I lived apart from everyone, alone, behind soft wall that muted outside sounds. And here, behind this wall – my world”(102). That quote to me sounds like he does not feel the same emotions everyone feels in the One State. He has his own way of thinking about things on his spare time. In the quote it says that he has his own world and that is saying that he has his own way of thinking where most people might not understand him. D-503 has his own imaginary/space he lives in. He seem to be a puzzled individual who does not know what and why he is thinking about things sometimes. He is always questioning himself on wether if he is right or wrong about something happening.


In the story there are several times D-503 talks about himself being sick/ill from some disease. I am not sure if he is actually sick for real or if it is just a act. I do not know if he is saying he has a disease so that people take in consideration for his behavior. A part of the story I feel that D-503 actually has a disease is when in the text it states “obeying the doctors instruction (I sincerely, most sincerely want to get well) , I wandered for two hours along the glass deserts”(103). That quote sounds like he actually got something from the doctor to help him from his disease making it real and not made up. Other parts of the story where D-503 speak about something then suddenly talks about his sickness as if his disease got him acting the way he do. In the text where is describe this action of him bringing up his disease problem as a excuse because he is unsure on why something is happening. The story states him saying “why, then, was this gray little spot now like a cloud, turning everything darker, more leaden? Or was this again my “soul”(105). In the book soul is referred as disease. He clearly sounds like he don’t understand what is going on then figures that oh maybe it is disease that caused him to think this way.


Another abnormal behavior of D-503 is that he always seem to be dreaming. He tend to day dream and imagine about things that are actually not happening at the moment but inside his head. For example of this is when he was walking home and spotted a chair in the street that was from ancient time because it was made out of wood. The chairs that was modern of his time period was glass chairs. As he saw the chair the text states “It ran up to my bed, climbed into it, and I made love to the wooden chair. It was uncomfortable and painful”(124). The description is a little weird because it says that the chair climbed into his bed and he made love to it. How can a chair climb into his bed? This weird description can show how different D-503 is from normal people of the One State. Him also description he made love to the chair and it was uncomfortable, painful is too weird for me because isn’t love suppose to feel good.



John Visiting His Mother

John Visit his mother in the hospital because she is ill and is going to die anytime soon. There is a nurse who escorts John to the room Linda was in and for some reason the nurse was blushing at John and I have no Idea why. To proof that the nurse was blushing at John it says it right here in the text, “Still blushing, she led the way down the ward.” That quote tells us that while the nurse showed John the direction to Linda room she blushed at him.


When the nurse ask John If he was ill is because he seemed upset that his mother was going to die and she isn’t use to seeing people care for others like John dud. In the text that proves that the nurse feel this way it says, “she was not accustomed to this kind of thing in visitors”(181). Also after the passage describe John pale face representing that he was upset, the nurse asked if he was ill because of his face expression. She probably knew that he was upset about the news of his mother. John showed a sense of care for his mother and the nurse never saw that happen before. The nurse herself probably don’t even show love/care for others so when seeing John react this way she was confused. The reason for the nurse not caring for others is because the World State did not raise people to care for one another but the reason John feel that way is cause he was living in the Savage Reservation.


I notice as John was looking at his mother in this ill state on the bed he wanted to cry because she was not in good condition. In the book it says, “He felt the hot tears welling up behind his eyelids as he recalled the words and Linda’s voice as she repeated them”(182). The quote basically talks about how John remembers all the good times he had with his mother in the past. He remembers all the things and begin to cry as he keep remembering because it hurts him emotionally. Linda is very ill and what shows that in the book is when the author tells us that ever time Linda seem to wake up she falls right back to sleep illustrating that she drained out of energy and cant do anything for herself. John had to watch his mother and take in pain on how bad it looks to see his mother in this condition.


The part that shocked me was the death of Linda because from the beginning of the story I would have never figure out that she was going to die after she got introduced to the story from the section of the Savage Reservation. It was clearly stated that Linda was dead because after John ran to the nurse he told her that he think he have killed her even though it was not his fault because she was already ill. I guess he said that because he was with her when she was alive then suddenly she died and feel it was his fault for some odd reason. Here is a quote that proves my point on the death of Linda, “by the time they were at the end of the ward Linda was dead.” It is sad to hear the character Linda had to die because we all can relate to John when his loved one died.


The most shocking part for John visit to see Linda was after she died and he was weeping.  John was upset and shocked that his mother was really dead. He probably couldn’t believe it when he first ran to the nurse for help. John probably thought by calling the nurse she can help bring her back to life but she couldn’t. The book says that John say his mother dead and was in silence for a second then fell to his knees and start crying with hands over his face. John must think oh my what just happen and what am I going to do now with no mother alive. As he was crying loud he brought attention to him in the ward and the condition kids that are condition by the world state is seeing him crying but wonder why he is crying. The nurse notice this crying which shows he cared for a mother the kids never had was a bad look and can decondition the kids so she taps him on the shoulders saying, “Can’t you behave?” in a low angry voice. The nurse wants John to stop because it is a bad example for the kids that are condition in the World State mindset don’t need to be expose to this kind of behavior from John so she tried stopping him. Before he stopped she try to distract the kids by offering them chocolate and it was successful. A few kids got to get near John and asked him if Linda was dead but he did not answer to them because I am guessing he was mad and also know that it was bad for them to know what was going on so he pushed the kid out the way then walks away.

Linda Taking Soma and her Appearance (chap.11)

In this chapter the first thing that caught my attention was the description of Linda appearance. They spoke about her as being ugly and no one wanted to see her. To me it look like no one wanted to be around Linda/see her because she was fat and old. The text says “Finally-and this was by far the strongest reason for people’s not wanting to see poor Linda – there was her appearance.” The text over exaggerate that Linda made people sick when seeing her. They explain as if she was really bad looking. In the text it says this about Linda, “you simply couldn’t look at her without feeling sick, yes, positively sick. I guess the people at the World State did not want to see her no where in sight because Linda appearance changed since she was living in the Savage reservation for a few weeks, months or years. Linda used to live in the World State but got left behind there when visiting and ended up living at the Savage Reservation. Linda is now returning to the World State society and that description of her is basically telling us that she is dirty, old looking and fat compare to the usual World State citizens who are clean, not fat, and don’t smell as bad as Linda. As discuss in class, Linda once used to be the Director lover the woman he loved so much. A sentence quote that shows proof that Linda was returning to the World State, a place where she once used to live says “The return to civilization was for her the return to soma.” The quote means that Linda is returning to a place where they use the drug call soma that help make you happy and take away your bad emotions/thoughts and since now she is back, she can also take the soma if she wants because unlike the Savage Reservation where she used to live did not have the soma to help benefit her emotions and make her not feel pain.


In the Savage Reservation there was pain to be felt because they did not have any drug or advance technology to help you take that pain away. The World State had the drug soma for you to get rid of pain. Linda returning to the World State from the Reservation meant there was no more pain and suffering to be felt because of the powerful drug called soma. Here is a quote from the text stating that this is true, “The return to civilization was for her to  return to soma, was the possibility of lying in bed and taking holiday after holiday, without ever having to come back to a headache or a fit of vomiting.” This quote is saying that Linda would not have to worry another day about getting headaches or vomiting again because she is back.


This chapter talks about Linda taking a lot of soma but it is bad for her and also good for her at the same time. It is good for because you don’t get to see her upset and screaming mad all the time as told from the doctor name Dr. Shaw. He said these words from the book to John who was objecting for her to not take so much soma, “Well, of course, if you prefer to have her screaming mad all the time.” The soma helps her from not yelling but also is damaging her internally. It is bad because it can kill you in a overdose form. I am not sure exactly what it does to your body but I do know it will lead to death if too much is used.


I am sure that Linda was very happy to return back to the World State because there was no pain and suffering. She probably didn’t want to feel pain in the Reservation anymore but she could not find her way out so she had to stay there. Linda finally got the chance to leave with Lenina when Lenina was visiting the Savage Reservation with Bernard. There was a part in the book where Linda was happy to see a civilized face meaning someone from outside the Savage that was from the World State who are considered to be civilized. The civilized face was Lenina.



Brave New World Chapter 6 – 9

It is clear now that Lenina takes soma to make her feel better when things are going bad at the moment. Almost every time the story talks about soma being taken it is swallowed by Lenina. To prove that there is a part in chapter 7 where her and Bernard was on the mountain in Malpais. She didn’t like the place because it seem so different from things she seen in the World State. In the World State things are perfect and people are old but not as old they are in Malpais. Lenina said this in the text ” We ought not to have come here.” She wanted to leave and probably go back to the World State. I think Lenina was really disgust by how the old indian man was compare to the old people in the World State. After seeing how old the Indian guy was she reached into her pocket for soma but she didn’t have it so I am sure she was even more upset about that. The emphasize on how old the guy Lenina saw was incredibly old. I am sure the poor conditions on this civilization contributed to the way the old guy looked in Lenina eyes because they aren’t as evolved as the World State where they have technology to make people more healthier looking and also a clean environment. Another thing she didn’t like at Malpais was a woman breast feeding her baby. She is not used to seeing that because the World State don’t allow that, humans are produced by machine and it raised without a mother. Lenina don’t know what it is to have a mother or to be one. She probably thinks that seeing this scene is bad for her eyes and is not opened to keep looking so she looks away. Lenina really don’t like this place because she begs Bernard to leave and in the text it says “Lets go away,”she begged. “I don’t like it.” Basically there was a tour guide person showing Bernard and Lenina around the Pueblo of Malpais and as they are being toured around, they see how the people there live compare to the way they normal live in the World State. The true reason Lenina does not like this place Pueblo of Malpais is because it is described as being not civilized, and has dirty conditions. In the text Bernard tells Lenina that the people here at Malpais is not civilized. Bernard said “But these people have never heard of Our Ford, and they aren’t civilized. The proof I have from the text that states that the people at this place Bernard and Lenina visit is dirty says this in the text ” The dirt, to start with, the piles of rubbish, the dust, the dogs, the flies”. The description to me says that the place is dirty like nothing they have seen since they are used to cleanliness in the World State. Right after that quote in the next sentence emphasize how stink it was by the action of Lenina. The text says “Her face wrinkled up into a grimace of disgust. She held her handkerchief to her nose”. This particular part in the story shows you that Lenina did not respond quiet well to the environment condition.


Another part I want to touch on in these chapters i read is that part when Bernard was talking about freedom. He spoke to Lenina about being free. Lenina did not comprehend anything he was saying. Bernand said everyone is happy now adays but would like to be happy in some other way besides what is happiness for him in the World State. He wants to feel a different type of happiness through freedom to do anything he want. Part of Bernand knows that the way he is living in the World State isn’t the way he want to live. He feels happy but not as happy as you think. Here what Bernand said from the story in the book, “what would it be like if i would, if i were free – not enslaved by my conditioning.” That quote from the text to me means that Bernard feels like a slave because he notice that maybe everyone is being controlled by the society he is in and rather be different. Due to the so called accident that fanny which is Lenina friend sat that alcohol got into Bernard blood surrogate so that is the reason for him being different from all the people in the World State that wants to do something not close to the policy they follow. I do srongly believe the accident cause Bernard to explore and act different in the way the Director would not be pleased. Him being free means that he want to try new things besides working in the World State and seeing repetition of activity he is involved in.


I kind of feel like Bernard in this story when it speaks about freedom. I know we have more freedom in our society to do what we want to do but we are still limited to certain things especially because of financial problems or because of the rules and regulation. We still have to do what society wants us to do, for example, we have to go to school or go find a job. There is nothing wrong with both of them but there is certainly more aspect to what society want us to do that I will not talk about. In order for society to be civilized and go on and to grow is that one or more system must be in higher power to control what is right and what is wrong. The government in our world has high power and control things for us to follow and if we don’t follow then their will be consequences. It is not like I want to do bad things so lets get rid of all the rules but there is specific things you have to do in order to receive other things which sometimes are not fair. Just for you to know is that I sometimes feel like Bernard even though my conditioning for where society wants me to act or not do certain things is not bad as him.

Chapter 1-5 Brave New World

In this book for chapter one it seem to be kids on a tour of some sort inside the London Hatchery that has a factory lab that produces human beings. They is surgery that removes ovaries to make ova that are fertilize. The use of the ova to create human clones. Page 17 in the book at the last paragraph I got the idea that they make humans by cloning. It says “One egg, one embryo, one adult normality. From eighty to ninety six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full sized adult. Making ninety six human beings grow where only one grew before”. That sound like it is saying it take one real human being to create how many they want. The director spoke about mass production applied to biology to the kids on the tour. This meaning he has to technology to mass produce human beings and not just products like our society today. On page 19 the director told the kids that there was a technique call Podsnaps that accelerate the ripen process to make sure at least a hundred n fifty mature eggs within two years. This machine has a process to producing these humans that can take up to months to years but seem to be long but really isn’t because when it is finally done there will be so many identical sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers at the same age.

Le Guin (The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas) post

This story was confusing and I don’t understand what was going on. The author in all these Utopia stories I have read so far are good with describing one thing to another thing so is not clearly comprehend well unless you analyze what the hints in the story are. At the beginning of this story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”. I had no idea what the author was describing. The hint using the word summer told me that it was summer time and there was a festival going on. The author talked about what the town was like what telling us “In the streets between houses with red roofs and painted walls, between old moss-grown gardens and under avenues of trees, past great parks and public buildings, processions moved.” In the beginning the author also try to describe what the people were like but not much was giving. The city of Omelas was surrounded by several mountains because the text said Far off to the north and west the mountains stood up half encircling Omelas on her bay. Omelas seem to be a nice place of happiness when describing the summer and how the people were happy but then when I read there was a kid in a room being abused I did not know what to think because how can those people be happy and some of the people were kicking the child in the dark room. My mind changed from a happy setting to a sad emotion state thinking about how bad the child was treated in the dark. I find there was a lot of words I did not know the definitions to and I find it a problem because I constantly was looking for the meaning. There was some point in the story where the author asked questions about the joy of the people in Omelas. I was lost on whether the people was happy or unhappy. In the story I got the full idea that this story was about a horse race. I got that idea when i read the part of the story with these words “As if that little private silence were the signal, all at once a trumpet sounds from the pavilion near the starting line. The settings change all the time so I could never know what I should set my mind on. There is a part in the story where they describe a skinny child in a dark room being abussed by visitors kicking him/her. The child suppose to be ten years in age and looks like 7 years old because of malnutrition. The story says that mostly kids around 12 come to see the child in that room. To me I feel that the child being in that room let others be happy for not being in that situation. Them not being in that room themselves makes them happy but sad to see how terrible the child suffers. I don’t know why this is a part of their society and is clearly a part of their culture because the adults would not let their children see the child in that condition for fun.

My Utopia World

I dont know any Utopia stories so I will just write about my own life and how I would like it to be in a Utopia world. In my utopian world there would be no violence, such as wars and domestic violences. I would like peace within this world. No more arguments with one another because then someone might have a different opinion and want to try change my world like what Kuno wanted to do in the story The Machine Stops. I would want this world of mine to be hot all year around but not too hot passing the hundreds. The weather should be about 70-90 degrees. The two images I attached is a mixture on how I would like my Utopia world to look like because I like hot weather and city landscapes. If I could get both that would be perfect.

Caribbean-hotel city-of-the-future-hd-wallpaper


My utopia world will treat everyone with respect and not leave anyone out. Everyone will definitely have equal opportunity on getting a job and in this population it is not going to be over populated since there are not unlimited resources in the world. I want everyone to be working and earning for their families. In this utopia world I sure want my dream job which is to be a photographer or a graphic design so I can be happy to go to work everyday. There is no such thing as pain and suffering. I want everyone to be socially active and not shy so they can interact with each other to share love and happiness. With love and happiness the society can grow strong because of good communication skills and the wonder jobs they create and have. The education system in this utopia world will be good enough so everyone graduating college can get a job and not be out of luck. The expenses for things will not be too expensive or too cheap depending on what product because they will have money to purchase almost anything they want with the money they earn from their  jobs. This world will be no littering on the floor to keep a clean environment. Also there will be no homelessness so people wouldn’t have to ask for money cause their less fortunate. This utopia society will not have diseases for people to get sick and if that was not possible then they are going to have great doctors who know what they are doing a hundred percent at all times. The population is not too big so I will like for people to like for twice or 3 times longer in their life time than ours. My utopia world will go on for years and centuries growing and growing because of its wealth in love, resources, and good knowledge. In Utopia stories things tend to be so perfect and still have a down fall to something, so I am guessing as perfect as my world sounds, their can be a down fall to something so perfect.