D-503 & I-330 Going Beyond The Green Wall

The book is still a true puzzle for me on some things and not everything. Entry 27th is the most interesting part of the last few chapters I read and I want to talk about a particular part because it was more clear to me on what was happening. I am going to talk about the reaction of D-503 and what he saw beyond the Green Wall. I knew this part was going to come in the book when someone goes beyond the Green Wall and was just waiting for it to happen.

D-503 and I-330 went beyond the Green Wall together and D-503 is more excited than her. He is so surprised he has come this far with her and did not even notice. D-503 said “I  was stunned by it all, I gasped, I gagged-perhaps this is most accurate word”(155). He is clearly happy to be there with I-330. I-330 does not seem like be excited because they are not supposed to be there and she follows the rule so she is probably thinking about how much trouble she might get in. She said “Oh, no! We’ve simply come out beyond the Green Wall”(154). That quote to me sounds like she is in horror and wants to get out before anything bad happens to her and D-503. This world beyond the Green Wall is different from the One State because as describe in the text there was nature.

Another thing that caught D-503 attention was the people he saw who was dressed different. He describe the women in that world as being similar in face to the women in the One State. He said “The female had faces exactly like those of our women: delicately rosy and free of hair”(156). He was shocked because this was his first time seeing the type of people who live beyond the Green Wall. I can imagine D-503 being like a baby and learning new things. Everything he saw there was new and exciting for him. D-503 stated “all this was so incredible, so unexpected”(156). The text describe everyone who lived beyond the Green Wall had no clothing on. I can imagine the life beyond the Green Wall was not developed like the One State with technology. I would say that beyond the Green Wall that it might be compared to some third world country where some people don’t really have cloths too wear but they just put piece of cloth over their private parts. I can see that their they hunt animals for food and don’t cook food on a stove or have a refrigerator home to keep food longer. I can see the One State having some modern day technology things. Also people living beyond the Green Wall don’t have nice house or have any form of civilized society like the One State where they have someone high in power. Beyond the Green Wall is almost like when the earth first had humans, and not so populated like it is now.

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