D-503 a murderer?

One of the most surprising events to me was D-503s lust to kill. He wanted to kill and the thought of it made him act almost like a dog who salivates when he/she is about to be fed. He says “Crushing her skull with something-it gives me a strange sensation of something sickeningly sweet in the mouth……and my mouth is dry” (Zamyatin Pg 205). The event was still confusing to me I wasn’t sure exactly why he wanted to kill her. His intent to was definitely there but in the end he did not kill her. He also asks U if she named someone. I speculated that he was referring to I-330 but I’m not sure who he was referring too.

Throughout the final entries we see a lot of the devotion D-503 has towards I-330. As if the great profound feelings he has for her just allow him to do anything she asks of him. He says to I-330 “And for one foolish action-for what you did the other day during the walk-I love you still more, much more” (Zamyatin Pg 132). D-503 likes I-330 because of all her rebellion and differences yet at the beginning of the book that was the very thing that repelled him from her. D-503 seems to not be all about the One State anymore but more all about I-330.

We do see hesitation throughout the book from D-503. He seems unsure of whether or not to follow with I-330 but his love for her makes him continue to follow her. He does have a discussions it’s her where he disagrees with her about the revolution against the One State. He says to her “But I-330, you must understand-this was exactly what our forebears did during the Two Hundred Years War” (Zamyatin Pg 175). I-330 is trying to explain the revolution to D-503 but he seems to not understand it. As he also doesn’t understand the reason why there has to be a revolution. He believes in that the Two Hundred Years War was the last revolution and that there could be no others.

Sadly at the end of the book we see D-503 go through “The Operation” which caused him to forget his feelings and pretty much revert back to the D-503 we met at the beginning of the book. He confesses everything he knew to the Benefactor and all the plans that were made. We also learn that I-330 did not and would not say anything. They put her through the torturous gas chamber more then twice and she would not speak. D-503 also does not recall her and has no feelings toward what she is being out through. The last line of the book was a very interesting one. I felt like it gave the book a very dramatic effect. As it says “Because Reason shall prevail” (Zamyatin Pg 232). The way the word reason was capitalized in that sentence made me feel like it was capitalized for a reason. It wasn’t the beginning of the sentence so it was definitely done to give the word more emphasis.

Last but not least I definitely enjoyed reading Brave New World more than I did this book. I felt like the book really dragged as opposed to Brave New World. It was harder for me to want to read this book and actually do it.

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