Essay 2 Pre Draft


In the book “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin, character development is essential to the plots overall development. D-503’s development throughout the story is important because it is influenced by a certain person, I-330. After meeting I-330, D-503 goes through many changes and experiences things that are abnormal to that of the One State’s Ideals and is distracted from his original plans in the beginning of the book and this can be seen through his journal entries.

Claim 1 – D-503’s feeling of “sickness” is a sign of him drifting from the ways of the One State.  “My mathematics- until now the only firm and immutable island in my entire dislocated world- has also broken off its moorings, is also floating, whirling.”(101).

Claim 2 – After meeting I-330, D-503 starts to question many things of that of the One State.    “Does it mean, then, that this preposterous “soul” is as real as my unif, as my boots, although i do not see them at the moment? And if the boots are not a disease, why is the “soul” a disease?”(102)

Claim 3 – After meeting I-330, D-503 is following more of his instincts and less of Reason and towards the end, he goes back to Reasoning. “Because Reason must prevail”(232).

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