D-503 lost his purpose

I am relieved to have finished We. I thought this book was just very confusing. The few beginning entries were okay but as We progressed I completely lost interest. D-503’s emotions towards I-330 caused him to lose his whole purpose and main reason for writing these journal entries. I feel that once D-503’s love situation was introduced, thats where I began to lose interest and became confused. I thought there were too many things going on.



In D-503’s Thirty-second Entry, he writes “do you believe that you will die? Yes, man is mortal, I am a man: hence … No, this is not what I mean. I know you know this. I am asking: have you ever really believed it; believed it totally, not with your mind, but with your body; have you ever felt that one day the fingers holding this very page will be icy, yellow…” (187)   This creeped me out and it was weird, it seemed as if D-503 was directly speaking to the reader and trying to get a message across. This doesn’t have much significance, I just felt like sharing how I felt about that particular paragraph.

Although I didn’t really enjoy We,  the final few entries gave meaning to the whole story. It shows how much of an impact one person can have on your life, something positive or negative. D-503 met I-330 and his life completely changed. His whole purpose was to write these journal entries so they can be passed onto others so they could learn about One State. D-503’s infatuation of I-330 is where he lost his focus on what he was supposed to be doing. The final entries showed that D-503 was realizing that he lost the main purpose of writing the entries. He became too caught up in his own feelings for I-330 that he wasnt putting much effort into the journal, and used it just for his own purposes. I think D-503 knew that he wasnt following exactly what he should have done, occasionally D-503 would question things that he sees or does.


I found it hard to write a blog on this reading. I disliked this book, it was hard for me to readbecause I was so uninterested and that I found myself just reading but not fully understanding what I was reading. That made me miss important events that went on throughout We.  Because of this I had to reread a lot. I feel like Zamyatin switched up the story too much for my liking. One situation is D-503 and I-330 happy together, than D-503 is without I-330 and he is questioning everything. 

Now that I’ve read both Brave New World and We, I do see that there are many similarities between the two. I enjoyed Brave New World more. I thought it was much easier to comprehend and I liked the format and the characters of Brave New World.






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