After finally finishing the book I realized how short it was and how it ended on a strong point, unlike Brave New World. The plot developed so nicely as we see D-503 at the end of the book reverting back to his original self, before meeting I-330. I still have many questions though for the author. If I had the chance, I would like him to confirm if I-330 was in fact in love with D-503, or was she merely using him because of his knowledge of the One State. There are times where it sounds like she is crazy in love with him but I feel like it doesn’t convince the reader that she is because even though it is just a reading, you would feel the emotion. An example of this can be seen in the twenty eighth entry where I-330 and U talk to D-503 about O-90, “I know you will believe me, not the thousand. Because, after what happened yesterday, I am open to you-all of me, to the very end, just as you wanted. I am in your hands, you can – at any moment..”(161). After hearing this, D-503 is blushing so much that he can’t seem to talk straight. I can’t help but to feel that she is saying this with no meaning and it is just words to get D-503 to become more attached to her. I also can’t help but to feel that their initial meeting in the beginning of the book was all planned to use him for the plan to take down the One State.

When the Great operation was announced on the Gazette, D-503 was relieved and grateful because this would help him fix his “sickness” hes been feeling. I found this interesting because I would think that he would be against it because of his changed self after meeting I-330. I thought after all his new thoughts on the soul and everything would help me see things differently in the One State. After receiving the Great Operation, D-503 is “Claimed” by the One State once more and snitches out I-330 and her organizations plan to take down the great wall . Although they were sentenced to the end and the ending of the book seemed gloomy, I think it is a ignition of something. A light that will eventually mark the end of the One State. There are starts of rebellion in the One State and some people from the other side of the wall get into the One State. It looks like I-330 and her organization had failed but the truth is their plan on manipulating D-503 worked to their favor and got their plan started to overthrow the One State. I think it’s sad to see D-503 go back to the way he was but I think it’s good for him now he is finally out of I-330’s palms and is living the way he was meant to, even if it might be the wrong way.

We can see his disbelief of his own feelings at the end of the book, “Can it be true that I, D-503, have written these two hundred pages? Can it really be true that I once felt or imagined that I felt-all this?”(231). It also seems that after the Great Operation, he forgot his memories of I-330 as he does not remember her as she is being tortured. Overall I think the book did a good job on the overall plot and the characters development. I would definitely recommend this book, of course, to someone who likes to read about dystopias.



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