John Visiting His Mother

John Visit his mother in the hospital because she is ill and is going to die anytime soon. There is a nurse who escorts John to the room Linda was in and for some reason the nurse was blushing at John and I have no Idea why. To proof that the nurse was blushing at John it says it right here in the text, “Still blushing, she led the way down the ward.” That quote tells us that while the nurse showed John the direction to Linda room she blushed at him.


When the nurse ask John If he was ill is because he seemed upset that his mother was going to die and she isn’t use to seeing people care for others like John dud. In the text that proves that the nurse feel this way it says, “she was not accustomed to this kind of thing in visitors”(181). Also after the passage describe John pale face representing that he was upset, the nurse asked if he was ill because of his face expression. She probably knew that he was upset about the news of his mother. John showed a sense of care for his mother and the nurse never saw that happen before. The nurse herself probably don’t even show love/care for others so when seeing John react this way she was confused. The reason for the nurse not caring for others is because the World State did not raise people to care for one another but the reason John feel that way is cause he was living in the Savage Reservation.


I notice as John was looking at his mother in this ill state on the bed he wanted to cry because she was not in good condition. In the book it says, “He felt the hot tears welling up behind his eyelids as he recalled the words and Linda’s voice as she repeated them”(182). The quote basically talks about how John remembers all the good times he had with his mother in the past. He remembers all the things and begin to cry as he keep remembering because it hurts him emotionally. Linda is very ill and what shows that in the book is when the author tells us that ever time Linda seem to wake up she falls right back to sleep illustrating that she drained out of energy and cant do anything for herself. John had to watch his mother and take in pain on how bad it looks to see his mother in this condition.


The part that shocked me was the death of Linda because from the beginning of the story I would have never figure out that she was going to die after she got introduced to the story from the section of the Savage Reservation. It was clearly stated that Linda was dead because after John ran to the nurse he told her that he think he have killed her even though it was not his fault because she was already ill. I guess he said that because he was with her when she was alive then suddenly she died and feel it was his fault for some odd reason. Here is a quote that proves my point on the death of Linda, “by the time they were at the end of the ward Linda was dead.” It is sad to hear the character Linda had to die because we all can relate to John when his loved one died.


The most shocking part for John visit to see Linda was after she died and he was weeping.  John was upset and shocked that his mother was really dead. He probably couldn’t believe it when he first ran to the nurse for help. John probably thought by calling the nurse she can help bring her back to life but she couldn’t. The book says that John say his mother dead and was in silence for a second then fell to his knees and start crying with hands over his face. John must think oh my what just happen and what am I going to do now with no mother alive. As he was crying loud he brought attention to him in the ward and the condition kids that are condition by the world state is seeing him crying but wonder why he is crying. The nurse notice this crying which shows he cared for a mother the kids never had was a bad look and can decondition the kids so she taps him on the shoulders saying, “Can’t you behave?” in a low angry voice. The nurse wants John to stop because it is a bad example for the kids that are condition in the World State mindset don’t need to be expose to this kind of behavior from John so she tried stopping him. Before he stopped she try to distract the kids by offering them chocolate and it was successful. A few kids got to get near John and asked him if Linda was dead but he did not answer to them because I am guessing he was mad and also know that it was bad for them to know what was going on so he pushed the kid out the way then walks away.

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