Literary Arts Festival Response

The Literary Arts Festival was something that I expected to not be entertaining, yet I expected it to be boring because it involves english. I think majority of people would think any event that deals with the subject english would be boring. I was wrong about my assumption that this festival was going to be boring. It turn out that the half an hour I spent there was exciting and I wanted to see more.

I was in the Namn building talking to a few friends and then I left because I was trying to get about half and hour of material covered by the Festival. The festival started at 5:30pm and my class started at 6pm so I was able to catch thirty minutes of observations in the Midway building of City Tech where the Literary Arts Festival took place. I normally have classes in the Midway building and when I entered, I was wondering what floor this event will be on because on the flyer it was not stated. I enter the wrong way of the Midway building to the auditorium then the security guard told me to head to the other door I was not familiar with. As I enter the unfamiliar door, the atmosphere felt good with everybody smiling and looking like they were happy to be there. Everybody smiling made me smile as well and the second thing that made me smile even more was seeing food. I was not greedy to get food as soon as I got there so I walked through the door that seem to have a crowd of 300 people sitting.

I sat down and wondered the whole time what was going to happen and how. As I looking around in my seat I just absorb everyone’s movement because their was nothing else to do until the event start and everybody was sitting. I remember this lady was walking pass all the rows including mine asking in a soft voice if their were any award winning students. She wanted to know if they were sitting in the wrong spot so she can point them into the right direction probably. I also saw a security guard friend of mine who works at City Tech but did not bother to say hi because he was speaking to someone.

The Festival did not start exactly at 5:30pm because I believe that was the time to gather everyone before starting. My mind wondered more and more then finally at 6pm there was a video playing at the front of the auditorium. The video was very interesting and the first thing that came to my mind was Utopian/dystopian because the video editing made everything look so futuristic. It gave me a vibe that the society was uniform like the book called The Brave New World And The Brave New World Revisited. The video showed the outside of City Tech then my idea of them showing a utopian fiction changed. A little more into the video they showing the videographer recording different students from City Tech and asking them if they are excited about this year Literary Arts Festival. All the students had a sense of humor that made me laugh. This part of the video that I watch caught my interest and I wanted to see what was going to happen next but I decided to leave and head to class. Before I left the building I manage to get some free food.

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