D-503 Abnormality

D-503 is the narrator who is telling the story from first point of view. D-503 is viewed to me and probably by others to be abnormal. He is abnormal because he always alone and seem to be at places he is not suppose to be at the moment due to the Table of Hours. The Table of Hours is a schedule on how things should be hourly and who does what. Something D-503 said himself that proves that he is different from everyone who follows the rules all the time is when he said “I felt I lived apart from everyone, alone, behind soft wall that muted outside sounds. And here, behind this wall – my world”(102). That quote to me sounds like he does not feel the same emotions everyone feels in the One State. He has his own way of thinking about things on his spare time. In the quote it says that he has his own world and that is saying that he has his own way of thinking where most people might not understand him. D-503 has his own imaginary/space he lives in. He seem to be a puzzled individual who does not know what and why he is thinking about things sometimes. He is always questioning himself on wether if he is right or wrong about something happening.


In the story there are several times D-503 talks about himself being sick/ill from some disease. I am not sure if he is actually sick for real or if it is just a act. I do not know if he is saying he has a disease so that people take in consideration for his behavior. A part of the story I feel that D-503 actually has a disease is when in the text it states “obeying the doctors instruction (I sincerely, most sincerely want to get well) , I wandered for two hours along the glass deserts”(103). That quote sounds like he actually got something from the doctor to help him from his disease making it real and not made up. Other parts of the story where D-503 speak about something then suddenly talks about his sickness as if his disease got him acting the way he do. In the text where is describe this action of him bringing up his disease problem as a excuse because he is unsure on why something is happening. The story states him saying “why, then, was this gray little spot now like a cloud, turning everything darker, more leaden? Or was this again my “soul”(105). In the book soul is referred as disease. He clearly sounds like he don’t understand what is going on then figures that oh maybe it is disease that caused him to think this way.


Another abnormal behavior of D-503 is that he always seem to be dreaming. He tend to day dream and imagine about things that are actually not happening at the moment but inside his head. For example of this is when he was walking home and spotted a chair in the street that was from ancient time because it was made out of wood. The chairs that was modern of his time period was glass chairs. As he saw the chair the text states “It ran up to my bed, climbed into it, and I made love to the wooden chair. It was uncomfortable and painful”(124). The description is a little weird because it says that the chair climbed into his bed and he made love to it. How can a chair climb into his bed? This weird description can show how different D-503 is from normal people of the One State. Him also description he made love to the chair and it was uncomfortable, painful is too weird for me because isn’t love suppose to feel good.



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