Brave New World Film 1980 response

The Brave New World film we watched in class played out a little different from the book when it came to many things. It was still a good movie but not perfect because nothing is perfect. I do feel the film could have been better. Film is kind of a low production compare to the movies that are shown in the movie theater so I can understand how this movie was not the best. Reading a book can seem to be good because you are using your imagination to fill in the missing pieces and it can be anything. It can be anything you picture in your mind because there are no images to tell you what is and what it not. Watching a movie tells you what is true and don’t give you the ability to imagine things.


The part of the movie that first made me think what was going to happen next is the beginning before the movie actually start. There was a clip of the film where they show a continue ride through the train tunnel. It seem like the train was moving through the tunnel but it was the actually camera showing the view as if a train going to different train stops. This view the camera has set up was interesting for me because I did not know when it was going to end. This scene of the tunnel with the sound playing in the background felt like it would never stop and there was unlimited time giving itĀ a futuristic feel for the theme. A futuristic theme for a society with powerful technology. In the book Brave New World their society was all about technology so when seeing this part itĀ made me think all about technology.


The only thing that show things uniformed in the movie was the scene with all the lower caste system people working together wearing uniforms. I think it was good that they did this because if they did not then the feeling for how powerful the World State is would decrease. There was a lady voice playing over a loud speaking saying “ending is better than mending, new things are being than old things”. This quote is basically sayingĀ if something turns old throw it away andĀ get a new one. They believe in only using what is new.Ā The voice seem to be a tool in order to control the people working in a uniformed fashion. No one look like they had any control of what they were doing. All these people looked like robots who have no freedom of thoughts. People were working as one unit with uniforms to feel identical but were not identical face wise.


Bernard and Lenina goes to the Savage Reservation and meets Linda and John. The way they got there was funny because the helicopter crashed and it was funny because of the way the person filmed the movie. Also this part was something that was not in the book but was quiet interesting. After crashing they ran into some so called thugs we would call it now a days in modern society. Those thugs were trying to messĀ or kill Bernard and lenina. It was funny acting that made me giggle and was definitely fun to watch. When a boy came and save them both from the thugs he brought them to his house for safety. When John mother said to Bernard that they are the most civilized people she has seen in a long time clues started to pop in my head that the lady was Linda. As Linda begun to speak more and more I was hundred percent sure that it was her and the boy was John.


One of the most passionate and interesting part of the movie is what John says before he dies by falling off the cliff. John ran away from the World State into a abandon light house so he can escape from the rules of society. As he stays there he got a plenty visitors who were from news channels. Reporters from the TV news channels came to ask question about why he left probably. John got to escape from a few day by day but finally he could not escape anymore. He asked the news reporters what do they want from him? They did not answer and he begun to say ” I want freedom, love, and pain because they don’t value these things. John want all the things they don’t have. His tone of voice mad these words powerful in meaning and it touched me. John was near a cliff because he was backing up from all the news reporters who have been chasing him, then he suddenly fell. Everyone looked down the cliff and John was dead. It was surprising to see him die that way in the film. Everyone laugh because they were happy he died. They were allĀ condition by geneticsĀ to have no feelings so when he died they laughed and laughed showing no sense of care for another being.


I think over all the movie was fun to watch because it is always fun to watch how a movie will try to interpret the same thing in a book. Things could have been directed a little more different but due to whoever made it, soĀ this is the way it came out. There are plenty ideas I have that would make the movie way better as in terms of showing how powerful the World State suppose to be. I would of try to make people identical looking because reading the book that was the imagination I got out of it.




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