D-503 seems to be obsessed with I-330. Most of his entries have turned about her in one way or another. What i dont understand is, if I-330 feels the same way, because of the letter he received from her. That part confused me alot with the pink slip, and then O-90 waiting for him where he lives.

D-503 seems to be a rebel in many ways in the beginning of our assigned readings in his diary entry titled “Through the Glass I Am Dead Corridor” he kind of questions his happiness “And a question stirred within me : What if he, this yellow-eyed creature, in his disorderly, filthy mound of leaves, in his uncomputed life, is happier than we are?”. Although D-503 still seems to be loyal to One State, and believes there is no other place like One State. We see this constant “what if” throughout out the reading, but strangely it only happens when he feels some type of way due to I-330. Its almost as if being unable to be with I-330 has made him feel. Not necessarily good, but he feels now, he feels desperate for her he wants her really bad. D-503 keeps bringing up the idea of a soul i form of a question mark. He thinks of himself as sic because he dreams and feels. I believe that just like in every place good or bad there will always be that person who just doesn’t’ fit just like Bernard. Maybe D-503 isn’t exactly like Bernard but he is getting to the point where he seems to be and also feels different than everyone else. He is catching strong feelings and believes to be gaining the sensation of having a soul. We also see D-503 following her orders of the pink coupon. He does it a couple of times and yet she does not even appear to give him an explanation. I-330 has never really showed him a very big interest but D-503 seems to be giving up his sanity for the way she makes him feel or as he calls it ” the incident of the closet, my temporary death, and so on.” pg 118. I-330 seems to be different, very different to the point where she is full of secrets and reveals this when she talks to D-503 on page 134.

To be honest this novel has been really hard to understand. There are some things that are pretty straight forward which are very clear to understand, but other event really confuse so I am not really sure if what i am reading is the correct interpretation of the text. There are a couple of parts in the text where children are brought up. These parts especially in his entry novel “The Infinitesimal of The Third Order A Scowling Glance Over the Parapet”. In this entry O-90 is D-503 home and she asked him for a child after the letter he had send her. I am really anxious to actually discuss the novel tomorrow in class. Its really hard to read and like something that keeps confusing you. His constant back and forth of not even finishing the sentence drives me insane.


The first diary entries of the book “We” by Yeveny Zamyatin we really confusing , until the third entry. When D-503 explains a little more in depth of what is taking place in the novel.  Although some of the entries were hard to understand i did catch on to a few similarities from “Brave New World.” One of the first ones i was able to see was the fact that where D-503 lives is called “One State” while in brave new world it was called “World State”. The world state probably has a very big meaning to these name to these place. When i wen further on to looking up the definition of the actual word “State” , the definition was “the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time” (google). It made a lot of sense that these places had incorporated the word within there name, because of the setting and also how each book created there settings.

Another things i also found similar to World State is how in One State they also have assemblies where they sing  and kind of get together. Just how in world state they had those gathering where they would take soma and have orgys. In One State they also worship one thing as a whole. In World State it was Ford, and here its math and music; but mostly math. The word savage is very commonly use through the diary entries of D-503. One State’s setting in located away from earth and everything that they there refer to savage is mostly people in the old times.

What i find strange about this place is how they are all sort of like robots and are numbered instead of named, how we would find normal. Although this seems like a very strict and tight run society, they also seem to have a bit more freedom than World State. This society is definitely more controlled because here they all wake up, eat, go out and got to sleep at the same time.  The way they use time is more of a at 21, or at 22 etc. This is military time, which can be seen as a symbol of strictness just like in the military everyone awakes, eats, and goes to sleep all at the same time without other options.

It seems like in every utopian theme book or story the idea of sex being very common is never lost. We are able to experience this agin in this story with the Sexual Department pg 22. The characters of this novel seem to have more knowledge of life and our current life than the characters of Brave New World, who seemed ignorant to everything except World State.

There are still many ideas from the book that i don’t seem to quite understand like when D-503 talks about the X in the eyes of I-330. But in general its very easy to see what many believe a utopia is like. Technology a lot of rules or at least strictly run, and  equality.

Berand conflicts.

In this part of the story all the characters seem to be experiencing different kinds. One way or another they have  conflicts with each other ( man vs man ), with themselves (man vs self) , and with World State ( Man vs self). Bernard is the protagonist who seems to experience all three kinds of conflict, but most important it seems that he has been the trigger to all the other conflicts too. Bernard’s different way of thinking and feeling makes him the outcast. He seems to want things or choose things no body else in World State want, like being able to feel independent. Bernard can be seem as the rebel of the story. Once he meets John he find his perfect opportunity to change things for himself. I believe that Bernard probably thinks t

Brave New World 6-9

I am not sure how off i can be in my comparison. But i was thinking that Huxley name Bernard Marx with a purpose to kind of relate to the famous philosopher Karl Max, who was a big sociolist. Karl Max’s theory of class struggle, is similar to the classes they have in this society. Where some are less than others, they work more and get less. Then they have the superior class like the Betas and Alphas. Who even look better. In this society you are pretty much marked by the class you are chosen to be in. The famous Karl Marx always struggles in accepting this way of society lived around him. Just how Bernard lives, some what frustrated in his society and the way everything is handled.

The moment John and Bernard met in the story is probably the climax of the book. Because all this time Bernard has felt lost in this society. Feeling like he has no control. He feels like everyone is so brainwashed in the way things are designed in World State, that no one will ever see what he see’s and he will always be the outcast. But once he meets John everything changes because now he had something against the Director so he is not sent to iceland. This is probably when there is going to be more of a downhill of events occurring. Now things will be more in conflict since a member of the society had the experience of being a mother, and has probably experienced emotions and attachment, which are all things World State has tried to get rid of. The idea of having not real emotions towards each other or attachments has allowed them to prevent many conflicts, and have more control of there society.  John and Bernard have similar problems. They have many things in common ,but the main thing is that neither one fits in where they live. John is seen as an outcast in the reservation because of his mother promiscuous behaviors and her natural  way of being.SInce she really isn’t from their she is use to World State ideology of life.   Bernard is seen as an outcast because of his looks, and also because he is somewhat a rebellious.

The fact that Huxley Allows us to view both side World State and the reservation. We can see that the ideals ways of life are really created by how your are raised to be. The people from the reservation will always see John and his mother as outsiders. Her ideals of life are frown upon. Especially the idea of her sleeping with so many different men in the reservation. While in World State this is considered normal. When things like these are presented the idea of utopia being accomplished is to proved to be impossible. Not everyone agrees with the way World State runs their society. Since being a mother in this society was frown upon and now Linda is going to be a big conflict in her society. She is going to be a reason why many others might start to have questions.

Brave New World.

The book “Brave New World” reminds me of something i have read in the past or maybe it was the same book, am just not sure.

All the  short stories that we have read so far and the first 5 chapters of this book all have a similarities. Like soma, the drug soma was also mentioned in Le Guin, also the idea of sexuality and orgys were also mentioned in one of Le Guin’s short stories. While i made this observation, i thought about how most of these utopia created places have all of this. When we think of a utopia, the most common idea would be perfect. But in my opinion the world in this novel is horrible. The way human life is controlled to the point where, they make you as smart or dumb as they choose or think u belong in. In the first chapter the way they treat human life or think of it is pretty much inhumane. They make humans sound like machines especially when they speak about the gametes producing ninety-six identical twins designed to manage identical machines.

Another part that also impacted me was how they put alcohol when the process of fertilization is going on to control the smartness of the human. And when they shock the babies with electricity to make them scare of books and flowers so when they grow old they ever read to gain knowledge. The method they use to make babies scare of books, and flowers was used in real life by an actual psychologist. In this society everything and everyone is so controlled by the superiors. The way they are born, where your born, how you look, what your life is like.  The government has a tight control over everyone including the economical part. Referring back to the part where they would shock babies when they would touch a flower so they could grow fear for flowers. The only reason why they would do that was to control the economic expenses these babies would make when they were older. Its kind of the way you train a dog to do tricks. In this novel technology has taken over the world so much that human life is no longer valued. So far we know about humans being born from test tubes in control places, to be born a certain way.

I think the biggest theme in this utopian dystopian novel is perfection. Machines tend to do everything to perfection. Just because they are designed to do one thing and one thing only. Just how all these babies where being created they had a purpose even before they were born. This “perfect” is controlled by its superiors. The controversial thing the author did her though was introduce a character like Bernard. Who unlike everyone else is a misfit in many ways. He looks different and thinks different. He is like an outcast among his own group. Its very hard to create a utopia with human, because we are all so different and have different ideas of whats good for us.

The Machine Stops

I enjoyed this short story by E.M Foster. Its a story that can be related to in many ways. Foster creates this story that is full of technology and new inventions. Its very scary but yet fascinating to see how similar it is to our society now. We can see a big message already just in the first part of the story when Kuno tries to communicate with his mother. She used the term “isolate myself” when she actually went on to speak to him. The way she isolated herself was by turning of her lights, and “isolating” herself from all her technology. Shouldn’t it be the opposite. Just in the begging of the story with this use of idea Foster lets us know how important technology is for the characters of the story. In our current society we usually “isolate” ourselves when we are going to be far away from human life. But due to all this technological equipment we acquire daily we have lost a lot of our social interactions with one another.Just in the begging of the story a true current life situation catch my attention. I agree completely and although we have no yet gotten to that point like Kunos mother in my belief we are a short step from living like that. Day my day we dig ourselves to text, receive emails, play on our phones and have technology due many things for us. Most of our work involves a mechanical equimpent . Its like we are already falling under the power of technology. Although we may not realize this we probably text more than we talk to someone on the phone or in person.

Another interesting idea that also shows how from 1990 to know we have actually turned into that world that Foster wrote about. When Kuno speaks to his mother about visiting the surface of the earth. His mother refers to the earth as the horrible “brown earth, and sea, and the starts”. With all the machinery that we have and all the new factories our earth has fallen apart. It has gone from beauty to destruction. Foster predicted in the “The machine Stops” how our life would turn into know due to the technology advancement. Creating a misfortune for us, when in our belief we only though i would make our life better and easier.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Le Guin has a similar patter for both “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas and “The Day Before the Revolution”. This pattern is very descriptive imagery. In Omelas the first paragraph is pure description of the setting. The author uses strong words to allow the reader to experience a more vivid imagery like “The rigging boats in harbor sparkle with flags”( paragraph 1). The way she uses sparkle gives the sentence a different feel. It seems more colorful, bright and full of life. The way she uses her words to describes the scenery is very interesting and also very easy to imagine. Le Guin also uses a lot of description in Revolution also for the setting. She describes the crowds and how the character struggles to get in between all the people “only the booming and the bodies pressed one behind the other”. In this sentence she doesn’t directly say it is crowded, but she gives more of a feeling especially when she says bodies pressed one behind the other. This gives a more vivid feeling and picture of whats happening.

Although her imagery is very vivid and very easy to view and feel, when she gets further into her story everything gets more complicated to understand. In the story Omelas i started to feel very confused after the narrator spoke about technology. i didn’t really understand what they meant with that line. Also the fact that they say “people of Omelas are happy people”(paragraph 4). But before they had mentioned in the beginning of paragraph three  ” we do not say the words of cheer much anymore”. It makes me loose the point of the story. How can you the people of Omelas me happy people but not be able to express it. Throughout the whole story their is a big message or idea of happiness being repeatedly mentioned. But it seems like the narrator has a hard time describing it because they keep contradicting themselves. The pattern and the way the story is told seems really confusing in general. The way they mention drooz, being a sort of drug. If this is such a happy place why do only some people take the drug? The story doesn’t really explain a real reason on why they take the drug. It only describes the feeling the drug gives, but not enough on why do they take the drug. The setting of the place seems bright enough so why do some like to take but not all?

From what i have read from Omelas, I get the feeling that the people from Omelas aren’t really happy people. They take drooz to feel brilliance to their minds and bodies. Also a very important change to the story when the narrator is speaking about the wonders of Omelas an its festival. Then unexpectedly a change of mood occurs when the child in the basement is described. Its like the ironic part of the story. Throughout the whole beginning of the story we hear of sparkles and happiness. But then more deep into their is this switch in which the child lives the complete opposite of happiness. What is the real message that Le Guin tries to send?

About me.

My name is Gisell. I am 20 years old. Something interesting about me is that unlike many i was born at home because my mom didn’t make it to the hospital on time. I come from a colombian background. I live in queens with my mother and my two dogs.  I am an only child love animals. I love to play sports. When i was in high school i was in the soccer, indoor and outdoor track team. This is my second year at City tech. Originally my plan was to join the airforce but my plans changed. Although my plans changed, my goal of becoming a nurse have stayed the same . I enjoy knowing and learning about the human body. I also like that a career in nursing can offer economic stability and give me many options within the career itself. My path towards nursing hasn’t been easy itself. I have struggled with some classes ,competition  and discouragement from others. Over all i always set big goals and standards for myself. I love to travel and try new things especially new foods. I hope one day to be able to visit many different places around the world. Normally during every end of semester i try to go on a trip with my mother. I am very close to my mom. She raised me on her own and due to this I am a strong believer of women being equal to men. I am very opened minded. I like learning about new ideas concepts and mentalities of life.


My two biggest weaknesses in writing are spelling and grammar. I have always had trouble with this, but i try my best an revise my work many times before handing it in. I have to admit am not a big reader. Although when I do read I enjoy fictional stories, one of my favorite books is The Great Gatsby. A weakness in reading would definitely be reading things in old fashion english, it just bores me to death. Its very confusing for me, it makes me feel like I am not even reading english. It hard to enjoy something you really don’t understand.  My technology background doesn’t go any further than using a phone or the basic computer. Even though my mother is big on technology and my house is full of it sometimes i like things old fashion.  What i know about Utopia is that its a world considered to be “perfect”. Its where things are very organized and controlled. In Utopia there is no individuality because everyone is the same. I also read the book The Giver when i was in high school. Many of my ideas of Utopia come from what the book demonstrated. In my opinion a Utopia is never going to word and end up in distopia due to the fact that we all thing differently and believe different things. What may seem perfect to some can be horrible to others.  I am taking this course because it is a requirement.