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My name is Gisell. I am 20 years old. Something interesting about me is that unlike many i was born at home because my mom didn’t make it to the hospital on time. I come from a colombian background. I live in queens with my mother and my two dogs.  I am an only child love animals. I love to play sports. When i was in high school i was in the soccer, indoor and outdoor track team. This is my second year at City tech. Originally my plan was to join the airforce but my plans changed. Although my plans changed, my goal of becoming a nurse have stayed the same . I enjoy knowing and learning about the human body. I also like that a career in nursing can offer economic stability and give me many options within the career itself. My path towards nursing hasn’t been easy itself. I have struggled with some classes ,competition  and discouragement from others. Over all i always set big goals and standards for myself. I love to travel and try new things especially new foods. I hope one day to be able to visit many different places around the world. Normally during every end of semester i try to go on a trip with my mother. I am very close to my mom. She raised me on her own and due to this I am a strong believer of women being equal to men. I am very opened minded. I like learning about new ideas concepts and mentalities of life.


My two biggest weaknesses in writing are spelling and grammar. I have always had trouble with this, but i try my best an revise my work many times before handing it in. I have to admit am not a big reader. Although when I do read I enjoy fictional stories, one of my favorite books is The Great Gatsby. A weakness in reading would definitely be reading things in old fashion english, it just bores me to death. Its very confusing for me, it makes me feel like I am not even reading english. It hard to enjoy something you really don’t understand.  My technology background doesn’t go any further than using a phone or the basic computer. Even though my mother is big on technology and my house is full of it sometimes i like things old fashion.  What i know about Utopia is that its a world considered to be “perfect”. Its where things are very organized and controlled. In Utopia there is no individuality because everyone is the same. I also read the book The Giver when i was in high school. Many of my ideas of Utopia come from what the book demonstrated. In my opinion a Utopia is never going to word and end up in distopia due to the fact that we all thing differently and believe different things. What may seem perfect to some can be horrible to others.  I am taking this course because it is a requirement.





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